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No Thank You!

Once upon a time, only about two years ago, a guy and I were talking.
It was a good conversation.
And somewhere in the middle of the conversation, the guy said to me that I spoke English really well.
(I’m not that good really. Especially not at talking. He was probably- unconsciously- referring to that time I edited a letter we were supposed to send to someone or something— I’m fuzzy on the details.)

And here’s the thing, I have this habit that whenever somebody tells me something I already know or something somebody has told me before, I tend to tell them that.
I say “I know”.

Sometimes, if I’m excited about the topic, it’s the Monica style “I know!”
(who am I kidding? I’m always excited!)


It is not that I want to be rude, or act like a know-it-all or something.
It is usually that when I have acquired the knowledge about something, I tend to ignore those things when I see/ hear about them a second time. Or a third.
Either I brush it off with an “I Know” or my brain simply doesn’t register that fact a second time (Totally unrelated to this post, I had begun to write a post about this entire phenomenon, but I’m just too bored to explain it. Because I already know about it, so I don’t want to actually write about it and explain it again.
Also, other reasons).
It’s just a thing with me.

(No, I’m not giving an excuse. Just rambling about it for some reason.
But what’s new there?)

I have been, on quite a few occasions, told that my English language related skills are good.
It is probably relative. Because I’m usually around people who’ve never heard of a diphthong (*insert a thong joke here*).

So, getting back to the topic at hand, guess what I said to the guy after he complimented me?

I said “I know”.
Which was fine. Because I didn’t even realize it. Nor did he, probably.
Then I said to him that he spoke English really well too (which he actually did, I wasn’t just saying it because he complimented me).
And then he smiled and said “Thank you!”
He looked genuinely happy that I complimented him.
I’m also pretty sure I wasn’t the first one to do that.

After that, I kept thinking to myself what an idiot I was.
What kind of a person responds to a compliment with an “I know”
A “Thank you” should come out of my mouth automatically right?

I still regret not saying Thank You to the guy and still feel like the biggest idiot in the whole wide world.

He quite possibly definitely doesn’t remember the conversation.
Heck! He probably doesn’t remember me!

So is this going anywhere?
You bet it is!

Last night, another guy complimented me… he said something similar.

Actually, wait let me quote him.

“Yes, I thought you were intelligent.
And sufficiently well-read”

I didn’t reply.

No wait! I don’t think you get it.


Oh yes!
And now, since the last 24 hours (pretty much) it’s been bothering me.

So here’s what I decided, I’ll go and say “Thank you” to him.
I’ll explain what for.
He’ll think I’m weird.
Which is okay.
But I need to do it.

1. Why did I write this post?
2. What has any of this got to do with all you readers out there?

1. Because I’m a procrastinator— that’s what I do.
2. Nothing, obviously. I have no idea why you even read my posts.

Before I go though, I must say this (Nope. Not trying to procrastinate even further. I mean it) :

It feels so good to be rambling on the blog (of course I’m talking about myself, don’t know about you guys).
Lately I’ve been doing too many posts that were either pre-planned or pre-written and had something to do with something else.
After ages today, I simply started typing, was done with that, and am gonna hit “Publish” and this post is not in relation to anything I’ll ever mention on the blog again. It is purely random.

So there’s that!


Friday Picture (I still do not give any guarantees about its regularity!)

Friday Picture (I still do not give any guarantees about its regularity!)

Merry Christmas, Everyone! 😀

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