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God! I love haircuts!

Today I watched Monte Carlo on TV.
The lead actors are Selena Gomez and that hot French actor whose name I do not know but I have a good mind to find out…
*Googles frantically*

Aah yes! Pierre Boulanger

Here’s some eye candy for you:


Mostly it's just the dreamy look that got to me!

The movie was nothing extraordinary.
It was the usual: girls go on a trip to Paris (it’s always either France or Italy) and end up having the time of their lives and of course the lead actress has a look alike who is either more popular or richer or both, so the actress gets to live the life instead of that look alike.

You know, most of you would call it a romanticized cliché.
But I will admit this, and I’m not even ashamed of it, that I love watching these kind of movies.

Of course, while I watch I wonder how it never happens to me!

How I never find myself being forced into wearing fabulous clothes and living in suites.

It could be because I’ve never travelled to a foreign country- maybe that’s the only place where these things happen: in a country that isn’t your own.

You can do anything you like (as long as it is mostly legal), meet new people, talk to anybody you feel like talking to, and they won’t judge you!
The possibilities are endless!

I sort of see the appeal Vegas holds as well.
What with the “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” thing, they practically invite you to go wild.

But at times when I’m thinking about it all- like I was after watching Monte Carlo- I realize how I don’t crave the craziness of Vegas, I’d rather just visit a small Italian village and spend my time with the locals there, soaking in their culture, learning their language and treating my tastebuds to their flavours.

That would be an adventure for me too.

I don’t necessarily want to have a look alike out there who is more famous than me- especially seeing as to how I’m the more awesome one here!

Speaking of doing fun things, I cut my hair yesterday.

That’s not exactly a fun thing to do according to others maybe, but for me it is always exciting.
I am one of those people (or perhaps I’m the only one) who believes that every time you cut your hair it should feel like your cut them.

You should either shorten them considerably or experiment- change your hairstyle, try a new thing- highlights or bangs or highlight your bangs!

This time I decided to do the former.

Now my hair looks like Meg Ryan’s from You’ve Got Mail.


Isn't she beautiful? And the movie is brilliant! 😀

Except mine isn’t blonde.
It’s black.

I got various kinds of reactions today.
Some of them really loved it (after the initial shock “Oh my God! You’ve chopped them off!! Did you have to??”)
While some regret on my behalf (“You really shouldn’t have done them this short”)- which I find very funny.

While I do feel a bit sad every time I have my hair chopped off like this- because now it’ll be a while before they grow out- I feel liberated and confident when I do it.
It is like a newfound power.

And if nothing else, the next few days are absolute fun: Getting acquainted with your new hair, the novelty of looking at them into the mirror each day; you look very different even to yourself.

Do you like experimenting with your hair?
Are you more of a short hair or a long hair person?
(While this question is mostly for girls, guys should feel free to answer it- I’m not sexist like that!)
What was the most bizarre thing you ever did to your hair? How did it turn out?
Did you love it or live to regret it?

P.S. The title of the blog is said exactly the same way as John (Green) says “God! I love rainbows!”
Complete with the running of hands through the (non-existent in case of me) puff.

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