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Keep Calm and DFTBA!

In my introduction post I said I’ll be writing about all of my fandoms and I wrote my first post about Harry Potter.

Today’s is a very unique fandom: Nerdfighteria.

I say unique because while it does have its basis in the YouTube videos by the vlogbrothers, the fandom itself also exists exclusive of the videos.
It is more of a community than a fandom, I suppose.

Now, for somebody who has no idea what Nerdfighteria is, it is really difficult to explain.
Let me do my best in the form of a Question Tuesday (which, aptly, isn’t happening on a Tuesday)

What is Nerdfighteria?

Nerdfighteria is a community of made-of-awesome Nerdfighters.
If you’re a part of Nerdfighteria, you’re called a Nerdfighter.
You do not fight nerds- that’s not what it means. It means you’re a nerd who fights WorldSuck and increases Awesome in the world.
Nerdfighter is defined as someone who, instead of being made of skin and bones, is made entirely of awesome.
So you are quite literally made of awesome!

That sounds pretty amazing! How do I become a Nerdfighter?

Well, if you wanna be a Nerdfighter, you probably already are one.

Okay! But how do I become a part of this community and understand what they’re talking about?

For that, the best thing to do would be to start watching the vlogbrothers videos on YouTube and participate in all the awesome projects they start.
You should also maybe befriend fellow Nerdfighters and have intellectual discussions with them, or better yet, collaboratively help decrease WorldSuck.

If you start watching Vlogbrothers videos right from the beginning (first video was uploaded on 1st January, 2007), you understand all the inside jokes and references.

If you’re a nerd and/or a geek who loves solving complex math and physics problems, or critically discusses literature and poetry and all forms of art, or gets excited talking about your favourite books, TV Shows, movies and video games, you will especially enjoy being a Nerdfighter and a part of this amazing community.

You keep mentioning “vlogbrothers”. Who or what are they?

They are John Green and Hank Green– two of my favourite real people (as in, nonfictional) in the world!

But isn’t, like, being a nerd a bad thing? Isn’t the word “nerd” an insult?

First of all, being called nerdy is not an insult at all, and anybody who says it is, is an a**hole.
Nerdfighteria, in fact, taught me to be proud to be nerdy and get excited about things.
To quote John himself “Why is being a nerd bad? Saying I notice you’re a nerd is like saying, ‘Hey, I notice that you’d rather be intelligent than be stupid, that you’d rather be thoughtful than be vapid, that you believe that there are things that matter more than the arrest record of Lindsay Lohan. Why is that?’ “

How do I make Nerdfighter friends? Will they even want to befriend me?

You can go sign up on various forums and websites such as Nerdfighteria and Ning, join theFacebook Group, or strike up a conversation with Nerdfighters who comment on YouTube videos- there are loads of ways you can make new Nerdfighter friends!

As for making IRL Nerdfighter friends, you could find out about Nerdfighter gatherings near where you live, make your friends become Nerdfighters, or, the most serendipitous of all, you can approach somebody wearingNerdfighteria merch and talk to them!

As for whether they’d like to be friends with you: Yes! Yes they’d love to! Trust me on this one. You could together decrease WorldSuck by doing collaborative projects or just by increasing awesome in the World!

How does Nerdfighteria help decrease WorldSuck? What do the vlogbrothers do?

Those are actually, at least partly, two different questions.

On the one hand, you have the vlogbrothers who do all these amazing and mindblowing things.
They both have educational YouTube channels called CrashCourseSciShowSciShow Space, and others, where they teach you English Literature, World History, Economics, Biology, Psychology etc.
They also have a yearly thing called Project For Awesome which takes place every December and in these days, they encourage people to donate to charity and do the same themselves.
They also have a yearly video convention calledVidCon started by Hank which is a place for all kinds of YouTube content creators to meet and have a lot of fun.

Then there’s the vlogbrothers where Hank Rickrolls you Carrie Bradshaw styleJohn answers questions while covering his face with Sharpie inkJohn blenderises a Happy Meal and Hank mistakes Denver airport for Isengard.

Without a doubt, both of these parts help increase awesome in the world.

I could tell you so much about Nerdfighteria but nothing will convince you like watching a few vlogbrothers videos yourself.
So go on then, and Don’t Forget to Be Awesome!

The One with the Teeny-tiny Announcement!

What do you do when you’ve been planning on doing something for a really long time, like, longer than a year, and then you finally do it?

What do you do?!?

I’ll tell you what you do guys- you write a blog post about it!

(My first time embedding so I hope this works)

You should maybe watch the first 20 seconds of this video so you know how to read the above paragraph.
And then you should watch the rest of it because Hank! Singing! 
Foetus Hank, at that! (Fairly foetus-y, anyway)

The writer of A Blast of Random now has a Facebook page!


I now present to you my glorious Facebook page:

*sweep of hand*

*curtains rise*

(I’m unveiling it, get it? 
Never mind, I’m trying too many things and it’s just too difficult because it’s all online)

RavenclawSam 😀

This is the profile picture- which I clicked and I’m really proud of: 


Now you’re probably wondering, What’s she gonna do on there?

Worry not, I brings answers.

Here are a few choice examples of what happens on the page:

There’s me trying to be funny (and punny)


When other people are funny, I post that:


I make you wonder if I might be a psychopath:


I post stuff when I’m bored:


I post my art because well…


I post things like this (because there are so many social media platforms!!)



I fangirl over Hamilton because I’m Hamiltrash (This is a relatively new feature) :


When all else fails, there’s always Tumblr to rely on. 
And you can always rely on me to rely on Tumblr.

Now I had also said (if you go deep down enough on the page, you’ll find a post where I welcome you and promise all these amazing and ambitious things on the page) that I would post about new and interesting projects I do, but that hasn’t happened yet.

Even then, I try and post wonderfully inspiring stuff I find on the internet became everybody else is so creative!


It is good stuff. 
I’d say it was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

What that means is, you should go “Like” it!

There’s also a small box right here on the blog on the right hand side (where there’s also all that other stuff) which leads to the page, you’ll spot it easily enough.
Clickity-click, you won’t regret it!

P. S. Drop in a message for me on the page if you’re one of those people who read and like my blog (well, the latter is questionable)- I’ll have something special ready for you.
I don’t know what yet, but I’ll think of something! 😛

Punny, musicky stuff and then some

Been a while since I blogged and a lot has happened in all that time.
Now I may or may not actually do a catching up post later, but I could always mention things randomly when I’m talking about something that’s related.
In that spirit, here’s a sort of funny thing that happened during this in-between time.
It’s something I would’ve blogged about immediately if I was doing the blogging thing regularly then.

Although maybe not immediately, since I realised the thing while I was in the shower.
What’s it with shower thoughts anyway?
How is it that they’re always quirkier/deeper/more epiphanous (don’t you love the word “epiphanous”? Lately I’ve started liking it more than “epiphany” even)/in general very different from and often better than the thoughts we have outside of the shower-time and -place?
I’m sure somebody has conducted a study on this and I could find it if I bothered to Google, but eh!

Actually wait…
Let me!
Because if I don’t procrastinate, who will?


Here we go BTW:

Why our best ideas come to us in the shower

Having rambled enough, let me tell you the thing now.


I realised that the line in the song “The Bird and the Worm” by Owl City that goes

Then we’ll take a long walk
Through the cornfield
And I’ll kiss you
Between the ears


I literally facepalmed at my stupidity!
I’ve heard that song at least 99 times before this time that I realised the pun thing. Like wow! 
In spite of knowing that Owl City has songs like Rugs from me to you and Dental Care (So many puns! So many of them!), I did not catch this one before.

Also, ever since I realised it, I haven’t been able to listen to the song without going “PUN!” everytime the line is sung in the song. And it’s been a lot of times now.
But nope!
I haven’t stopped.

Now every time the song comes on, in the beginning itself I’m like, “I’m going to point out to myself that the cornfields thing is a pun, aren’t I? This is not going to be the time I actually stop doing that, is it?
Thought so!”

When I overdo things, like this, I’m worried I’ll stop liking the song, or worse, the artist.
But that hasn’t happened this time round, I still love The Bird and The Worm.
In fact, I’m mostly just excited to hear the song.

And I obviously love Owl City a lot.
Adam Young is my go-to artist.

Like, you know, when random people ask me what music I listen to, and they’re going to, very specifically, either see if we have something in common, or maybe judge me based on the music, I tell them Owl City.
I usually avoid telling generic people the obscure stuff I listen to.
I’m not ashamed, that’s not it.
They’re not going to be interested in knowing that I listen to Hank Green songs, or every single song from the AVPM trilogy- so I might as well not tell them.

Speaking of punny stuff and nerdy stuff and musicky stuff, I can’t not mention Hank Green’s Mules are so half-ass (I especially love the way he’s made the video. Hank just never fails to amuse me).

This is my favourite punny song!
I honestly don’t know why people don’t like puns very much, I love them!
It’s wordplay and it’s funny!
What’s not to like!

I feel there should be more nerdy music in the world!
I need more geeky, nerdy music for myself!!

Do suggest artists and/or songs that you know of, who have loads of nerdy music- I’ll be forever grateful.

I guess that’s all for now.
I’ve done a fair bit of rambling in this post… Aah well! It’s been a while.

How have you been?
Good to see you still hanging around here.

Don’t be that person who’s reading everything in a group chat and not saying anything.
That guy (or girl) is always creepy.

Leave a comment!

Have a conversation with me down below so I know I’m not just shouting furiously typing into the void or whatever.

(But then again, aren’t we all?)

Keep Calm and DFTBA!


Read more of this post

This is my second fandom post for the blogging competition.
Please do like and share! 😀

(Especially since the post is all about made of awesome Nerdfighters)

The Awesomeness of Green Brothers and Maureen Johnson…

… From way back in 2010!
I had no intentions of blogging right now.
I am unofficially and involuntarily on a blogging sabbatical because most probably I am getting addicted to Brain Crack.

But trust the aforementioned people not only to let me know about this concept of brain crack but making sure I get over it too.

So I started watching 2010 videos recently (meaning yesterday) and I came across these two scenes in two consecutive videos (Patience Grasshopper! I’ll be linking you to them).

In the first one, there’s Maureen Johnson being the substitute vlogger since John is on paternity leave (and yes, I know it was 2010 but since I am in between those years now I am going to talk like it is all happening now until I finish 2010 videos. At which point, I’ll start talking as if 2011 is happening right now).
Maureen Johnson is talking about why she is doing this and wondering if she can do this well and then she goes..
“And honestly this wouldn’t even be an issue if only John could.. well… keep it in his pants.”
At which point I laughed harder than I should have.

And no, you don’t get it!!
She invented those “In your pants” jokes.
And so, this coming from her is even funnier!!

And the next video, it is Hank’s of course.

He talked to John on the phone, John changed diapers and everything XP

Hank says “John and Sarah are very tired. And they have decided to… keep Henry”
And I was like “What!?!?!”

God I love them! And Maureen too. 😀

So here are the links:

1. ThisIsNotJohn
2. Name My Dog!

P.S. Maureen Johnson shows us this side to John which we’ve never seen before- she calls it Actual John and it is hilarious!!








This is all it started with.

A Nerdfighter (I presume a relatively new one) asked these two questions on the Facebook group called ‘NERDFIGHTERIA’

And well, all the Nerdfighters instantly started with the replies. The first time I read the questions, before I had read the comments I started racking my brains for all kinds of definitions I knew.
But then I saw all the comments and I was amazed how everyone was doing the job pretty well 😛


Then I realized how I had to put it on my blog because it was too brilliant a thread to let go of.


And so, I present to you the responses of all kinds of awesome Nerdfighters- Some of them are just fantastic!!!














It makes me really happy to see so many people across the globe forming a community, having the same hobbies, likes and dislikes and discussing the same kinds of things- actually having inside jokes in spite of never having met each other.

The internet is unbelievable, of course.

But I feel Hank and John did this thing- they created all this and I can’t help but feel very, very proud of them.

I hope and pray that they never stop- they fill me with wonder, inspiration and hope everyday.
They truly revolutionized the way the world looks at YouTube too (or at least, the way looked at it- which was as a website where you can watch videos of songs and at times some really crazy stuff that people do).


On a parting note, after the previously mentioned (and elaborated upon) thread, another awesome Nerdfighter started this new one. 😉





While there were some replies to this one which simply substituted Hank to John, I feel like this question should be answered differently. What do you think, Nerdfighters?

And how? Any ideas?

P.S. You know you’re a Potterhead when you look at the full moon and say to your friend ” It is that time of the month for Remus Lupin”

No but really, I can’t think of anything else that I associate with the full moon. 😛


P.P.S. Hank, if you’re seeing this, consider it a late birthday present.
The procrastinator has finally gotten around to acknowledging you on the blog Hank.
Also know, Hank, that you are the more loved brother.
Never FTBA!!!

The Case of The Disappearing Comb and Other Stories

This blog post comes to you in three parts:

Part I:  The Case of The Disappearing Comb

I have this pink comb which I use to comb my hair. I’ve been using it since forever now. Because it is the best comb ever. It understands my hair and it’s goal in life is not to yank them away from my scalp, among other things. I had chosen it when I was, I don’t know, around 10-11 and so it is pink. But it is a nice pink.
All in all, what I’m trying to say is, I love my comb.
But there is something mysterious going on which I think you guys should know about about which I think you guys should know.

Let me tell you, this has been happening for years. But only recently did I realize that it might not be a co-incidence after all.

My comb disappears of its own accords and (this is the more intriguing part) reappears of its own accord!
And when it reappears, it turns up in places that are in plain sight.

For e.g. this afternoon, I couldn’t find it (yet again) so I checked every corner of my desk. I picked up all my books to see if it was under them- I even moved my laptop by picking it up and no! I couldn’t find it anywhere.
Just as I was about to give up and assign the task to my mum I saw that it was on the top of my laptop!

Now, see, I had literally picked up my laptop and everything. Agreed, there was a notebook on the laptop as well and it was slightly hidden under it- but when I found it, it was more out than in.

And now this mystery is bothering me.

Time to call Sherlock Holmes!

[To all those who think I just invented all of it just so I could call Sherlock, I’ll have you know that I’d atleast do a better job of making up a mystery-I am
a writer you know. At the very least, I’d include three serial suicides and a note, so Sherlock’d feel it was Christmas!]

In the meanwhile, do you have any ideas about unraveling this mystery?

Part II– Don’t read this part if you don’t want to get sucked into something addictive.

Oh and as an afterthought, you might not want to watch one of those videos if your parents are around.

Since morning, I’ve been singing This Isn’t Hogwarts to myself because I watched the video yesterday. And frankly I got a bit bored singing the same song over and over again. (Even if it is Hank)
So I decided to watch a few (read: as-many-as-I-could-until-my-battery-died-out) vlogbrothers’ videos and maybe sing another song instead.

And then came this song.
Looking at the title, I knew roughly what to expect. (Yes I’m quoting Hank’s Tumblr because I’m cool like that)

The music is very catchy and it still amazes me how much of a fantastic dancer Hank is (among so many other things).

But as Hank actually started singing, I started repeating in my head:
Oh God! Please don’t let me sing this! Don’t let me sing this! Don’t let me sing this…

But guess what? I am singing it!

Why did the tune have to be so catchy???
This is embarrasing.
I don’t even realize how I suddenly start singing it out loud!!
And I’m at home, for Heaven’s sake- my parents are around!


So I decided to do a cruel thing- to make sure that you guys start singing it too.

Yeah go on then!
Don’t click on the link.

But you are missing out on something… I laughed a lot!
And at the end of the song Hank is being so cute… (not to mention he dances)

But nah! You won’t be clicking, will you?

Part III: Reminder

This part is a reminder that I have my last exam tomorrow!!!!
And then I have holidays!!!!
For 4 days!
And at the end of those, classes for 7 hours daily.

In retrospect I should’ve stopped at “And then I have holidays!!!!” The following sure puts a dampener on things.


P.S. Okay guys, I’m not so cruel after all.
I got rid of the song from my head by listening to John’s What Could You Do With a Poe Bust?!
So if the previously mentioned song is stuck in your head and you don’t want it to be, you can go and watch this, like, 4-5 times. 😛

Oh! Or you could watch Numa Numa Hank Dance– it is one of my favourites.
On second thoughts, I’ll watch it again too.

See you then. Got a few videos to watch (once I watch Numa Numa, I must watch Denver Airport via Isengard, I must also watch World Wide Web Girl and then Hankroll’d so it’ll be a while before I do anything else now.)

(If you want to watch all the others, look for the links yourselves lazybums- I gotta watch them too. Let me go already!)

I am having a hard time digesting the fact that John Green wrote TFiOS…

When I think authors, I have this certain image in my mind. If I know what they look like, then it is the author photo at the back of the book where they are looking their most dignified selves. Well they need to, and have every right to, they just wrote a book after all.
That is how I remember them.
I have a huge amount of respect and admiration for all kind of writers.
I believe they are these really smart and intelligent people, whose social events consist of meeting and talking to other authors, discussing various books and the finer points of literature, poetry and the art of writing.
I am not saying that I believe they do not have fun. I just assume that this is their idea of fun.
And actually it would most definitely be my idea of fun, if given a chance to be among the elite few. I like having intellectual conversations where I challenge my brain and there are people to talk to who know as much as- or perhaps even more than- I do about the stuff that writers should know about.

I also always take the full name of my favourite authors.
I would never ever say just “Jo” while talking about J K Rowling. At the very least it is JKR. Always Dan Brown, never just Dan or something.
Also, Dan is supposed to be Daniel Radcliffe. 😛

In general, what I am saying here is, for me, Authors= Sophistication.

I fell in love with John Green after I read The Fault In Our Stars. It is the kind of falling in love that is reserved for writers and artists, when I fall in love with their creations and therefore, by implication, them.
I had no idea who John Green was, I had only heard about the book.
But a few weeks after I finished it, I couldn’t contain my curiosity, I had to know what he looked like, what kind of a guy he was and, obviously, which other books had he written that were this good.
And thus, I got introduced to the Vlogbrothers on YouTube.

Now it is a couple of weeks that I’ve been watching their videos.
They are this awesome duo, which makes me laugh, shows me the difference between good and bad, restores my faith in humanity and inspires me.

And well, all I can say is, Brotherhood 2.0 has shattered whatever image of John Green I had in my mind.
Especially the part that he was an intellectual being and talking about philosophy and metaphors all the time.
Although, to be fair on him, he does make up a lot of metaphors while talking. And needless to say, he is really smart, and whatever I think, he did write ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ and ‘Looking For Alaska In My Pants’ (Haahahahahahaa – Never! Never ever in my life will I tire of those).

But you know, there is him writing all those novels and then there is him stuffing marshmallows in his mouth like crazy, Happy Dancing on the streets of a place where he does not even liveputting colorful stuff on his head while singing about it, doing a shirtless Happy Dance wearing a bow tie, waxing his leg, or worse, his chin!

Somehow my brain is having difficulties merging those two guys together.
In fact, I’ve come to calling John just John.
Because I could never address the one in the vlogs as John Michael Green-he is just John, and the author has to be called John Green. It gets very difficult because they are, essentially, the same person.
So John Green has become an exception to the rule.

P.S. This was a second Johntastic post in a row. So now it is probably Hank’s turn- he is so awesome I can’t even…! (That was me being a fangirl, for those of you who didn’t get it)
Hank if you are reading this (which you obviously aren’t- you have better things to do!), I just want to tell you that you and The Katherine are my OTP now! 😀


John Green did his Happy Dance!!!

Good morning people, it is Sunday. (Just go with it!)

I had written this post about the movie ‘Stuck in Love’ three (or so) weeks ago in which I, quite strongly I might say, put forth my views about how people should react when their story gets selected for publishing. Or just, you know, things like that.
I have become an official Nerdfighter since a week now (or maybe more- I’m really not good at timelines, am I?). I have been obsessively watching Brotherhood 2.0 videos by both John and Hank Green.
French the llama! Why didn’t someone tell me about them on January 1, 2007???
I feel like I’ve missed out on a lot now and am trying to catch up quickly. And whatever actually!
It is just so much fun!
I’ve got quite a lot of favorite videos now, and I was planning to post one on my blog. But just one! The choice was killing me. And therefore I didn’t do it.
But now I am going to- not as a vlogbrothers video but because it is about one of the posts I have written. I must do it for the benefit of the readers. (That is how I am justifying it, because this is by far not the last one I post- there are so many more to come!)
So yes, getting back to the topic, this is the video of a video of when John Green got the call telling him that his book “An Abundance Of Katherines” was selected as a finalist for the Michael L. Printz Award.
And well, his reaction is flawless. This video is the perfect example of how, according to me, people should react (also what their spouses should do when such a moment arrives- because honestly, if not for The Yeti, we wouldn’t have this video right now!).
This is IT- the video after watching which, whatever little doubt I had of adding John Green to the-most-awesome-people-I-know list has vanished. (There is no such list, but I’m going to make one now, just after watching one more vlogbrothers video. What? Don’t look at me like that! Have I never mentioned I majored in Procrastination?)
P. S. I finished reading Looking For Alaska last night (or early morning? I think it was around 2 a.m.).
All I can say is *spoiler alert* :
Take a deep breath.
It is okay.
Calm down.
No need to turn into a giant squid of anger now.
You finished the book.
It was beautiful.
And you love John Green.
It is okay. (Yes pathetic that you are, you can’t help thinking of TFiOS every time you say ‘okay’)]

P. P. S. Might I just add? Watching all the videos I realized that maybe, just maybe, I like Hank better than John Green. Not really. I mean, I can’t choose between the two, but sometimes I do feel that.
And also, there is an author-reader loyalty at stake here, so I cannot, on principle, say that.
It isn’t even true. But at times, I feel Hank is much more hilarious. And Hank and The Katherine are on the way to becoming my OTP really soon.
Anyway I gotta go watch at least 394 more awesome videos by the duo!
I’ll see you next time and DFTBA!

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