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Be Brave? Why not Smart?

Disclaimer: I mean no hate to any of the book series mentioned below.
They are all Supermegafoxyawesomehot!! And I’m very much a part of the fandoms which have wonderful people who encourage me to think. And this is the result of my thinking- a thought that’s bothering me for a while.


Why is Katniss brave?
Tris Dauntless?
And why is The Golden Trio a team of Gryffindors?
Why isn’t Percy Jackson Athena’s son instead of Poseidon’s?

I can not answer these questions. Just pose more questions if I try to.

Is it because it’d be difficult to write about smart people?
Or is it because reading about going by your instincts makes a more interesting story than analysing everything and doing the most logical thing?
Or maybe the writers live through their characters- doing rash things they might not do in real life. (Well that’d be me, authors could be brave too- no doubt!)

Granted, Katniss was one of the smartest in the arena. Tris is an Erudite too and Hermione, the brightest witch of her age. And we have Annabeth Chase!

But why not focus on their brilliance more than their bravery?

Maybe listening to your heart leads to events happening instead of brains.

I mean, I’m smarter than I’m brave (which is not to say I’m much of either- but just as a comparison) and my life is really boring.
I observe rather than participate.
I imagine something and then write about it instead of going ahead and doing it.

Will someone want to read about a character who just reads a lot and writes a lot?
I guess not!

Oh! I just realized that in the process of writing all this I partly answered my questions.
So this was an enlightening post (for me…).

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