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First of all, a big Thank You to OddTaylor for nominating me for the prestigious Liebster Award!!!
You have an amazing blog going on there and your comments are always an encouragement. 😀

For all my readers who do not know what a Liebster Award is, it is an award existing on the internet for appreciation of bloggers by fellow bloggers.

The word Liebster is German and it means – beloved or dearest or pleasant (quite frankly, I found too many meanings to put them all here).

While googling about its origin, this is what I found. 

The rules are:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and post a link of their blog on your blog (OddTaylor, I’ll have you know that I’d do this even if it wasn’t a rule).

2. Display the award on your blog.

       Here I go:


3. Answer the questions that you are asked by the person who nominated you.

My answers:

1] Why did you start your blog?

I don’t know. It seemed like a fun thing to do. Only after I had done it did I realize that I did an awesome thing! (This blog was a spur-of-the-moment thing, not a single thought went into it before it was completely ready for the world to see).

2] Favourite book and why?

Wrong question, OddTaylor, wrong question.
You do not really expect me to choose, do you?
I mean, you of all the people should know.

I’ll just list a few out of the 100s that I love.

Harry Potter Series- J K Rowling 
The Fault In Our Stars and Looking For Alaska- John Green
Princess Diaries Series- Meg Cabot
Shopaholic Series- Sophie Kinsella
Percy Jackson Series- Rick Riordan
Pride And Prejudice- Jane Austen (Especially since I watched The Lizzie Bennet Diaries- more about that in one of my upcoming blog posts, hopefully)
The Hitch Hiker’s Guide Series – Douglas Adams (more about this too, and again, hopefully)

Okay I think I should stop although I haven’t listed half my favourite books.

3] Favourite quote or personal motto.

I have many of those too- quite a quote collector I am.

On the top of my head I have ‘Wit Beyond Measure Is Man’s Greatest Treasure’.

Ravenclaw Pride! But I really do believe in it. 
This quote might have made me realize that this is where I belong. Because more than any other quality, I value intelligence, wit and smartness the most.

4] What was the most important life lesson you have learned?

Something I learnt very recently- grab the opportunity with both hands and give it your best.
Sure, that might require you to sleep two hours less every day(because it is necessary that you work hard towards it), but just do it. It is better than regretting the “What-ifs” later. And you might not succeed in whatever it is that you are doing, but you’ll definitely learn a thing or two.

The co-incidental thing is that while I type this, I am simultaneously dealing with the consequences of two of my decisions. One where I just went for it (that’d be the blog- starting it was the best thing I did last year) and then there is this small amount of regret at the other opportunity that I let slip because I wasn’t courageous enough to take action, so I guess what I learnt really and truly applies.

5] If you could live anywhere for a year where would you live?

That’d be Paris!

Parce que Paris Je T’aime. I’d love to soak in every good thing about that city and come back an enriched person. Not to mention, brush up on my French speaking skills while I’m at it.

6] Favorite T.V. Series or Movie?

I haven’t yet started watching any T.V. Series.
Favourite movie keeps on changing. The last movie that made go *sigh* after it ended was ‘The Croods’. I could go on watching that movie forever. But the Owl City song at the end was totally worth it.
(Yes, the reason I started watching this movie was ‘Shine Your Way’)

7] A Pet Peeve?

Grammar nerd that I am:  People who don’t know the difference between its/it’s and they’re /their/there etc.
And won’t even listen to you when you correct them.

8] Top thing to do on your bucket list?

Participate in NaNoWriMo and finish a novel. But wait, that’s November- it cannot be at the top then.

Hmmm… Okay I thought for a while and realized that that is it.
The highlight of 2014 is NaNoWriMo. All my other goals revolve around that (Let’s just forget about the fact that I don’t even have a good story idea yet).

9] If you could have any super power what would it be and what would you do with it?

Photographic Memory. 
I know it isn’t a superpower but that is what I want!

I would remember everything I saw once which would lead to me remembering it forever and not requiring a second glance, thus leaving me more free time to gain some other knowledge.
I am boring thay way. I know you would rather like it if I said “Invisibility! Then I’d stalk my crush endlessly/poke people without them knowing/ some random naughty stuff like that”.
Not to say, however, that the thought didn’t cross my mind 😉

10] Favorite accent?

(10th already??? Just when I was starting to enjoy it too!)

That’d obviously be the British accent. I mean obviously!

But I also like the French accent. Especially when those people talk in English, I love to hear it. 😀

4. Tell some random facts yourself.

A. I am left-handed.
B. Apparently, I am good at convincing people to do something. (Not the devious and charming kind of good. And not the type of stuff that’ll benefit me- but themselves. To better put it, I provide reasonable arguments while taking important decisions, and help people choose the option that’s best for them.)
C. I love numerology (even though I hate Math), astrology (like some of the first few questions I ask people whom I have just met include: Do you like reading? Are you a Potterhead?  What is your birthdate? Your zodiac sign? Oh and BTW, I don’t think I caught your name!) etc. and am a bit superstitious.
D. I love to paint and now that I have mentioned it, I realize how much I miss painting! 😦
E. I am very very greedy when it comes to obtaining knowledge. And although now I do stick to subjects of my liking- more or less- earlier I used to read about everything with wide, hungry eyes (hence the sort of interest in numerology, it was a phase. I’d still like to study it in detail actually.)
I do not know if this has any ill-effects, but there must be some, right?
F. I procrastinate a lot. This is one of the worst habits I have, but it’s the truth. The saddest part is, I have sort of accepted it now, and therefore don’t even get started on stuff I know I wouldn’t complete until the last possible moment.
I agree that it is a slightly defeatist attitude, but I don’t even know what else to do.
G. I love talking about myself, but I’m rarely given the chance.

Hence the blog! Hahaha…

5. Nominate 10 bloggers for the Liebster Award (who have less than 200 followers)

1) OscarPotterhead
2) Anything And Everything
3) My Thoughts, My Views!!!
4) Many-A-Dreams
5) Bongolover’s blog
6) The Diplomat
8) Teen Musings
9) The Ravenous Princess
10) Unidentified

6. Ask 10 questions to the bloggers you nominate.

I. Tell me your blogging story (how it started, why you did it, how different is it from what you thought it’d be, in a good way or bad way etc. Basically I’m giving you space to ramble on about your blog. In fact, throw in the link to your favourite post by yourself as a bonus).
II. What is your idea of heaven? (All you atheists: don’t wriggle out of this one- tell me something!)
III. What, according to you, is the future of books?
IV. If you could change one thing about your country/ society in general, what would it be?
V. Your one big regret.
VI. What inspires you to write?
VII. Your favourite authors (I’m not limiting you in any way- list as many as you want)
VIII. Tell me 3 really funny jokes (Not a question- just making provisions in case the rest of your blog bores me- Haha! I am kidding!)
IX. What would be the title of your autobiography?
X. What do you think is the Ultimate Question to The Life, Universe and Everything?

[Those of you who didn’t get me, the next one is for you: (you could answer both if you like)]

X. Why did the chicken cross the road?

7. Post these rules on your blog (Somebody please remind me if I forget this one! :P)

8. Inform the people/blogs that you nominated that they have been nominated for the Liebster award and provide a link for them to your post so that they can learn about it.

(Won’t be doing this until I click on the ‘Publish’ button. The requirement of the link is the least of my problems, it is because of my thoughts which say ‘What if I never complete this?’)

Edit: Please comment here with the link of your response blog posts so that I can check it out! 😉

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