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Re-engineer your life processes.

Ever since I’ve started learning about business and strategic managements and the economy, I have time and time again felt that doing a business is a lot like living your life (except life is mostly all non-monetary gains as opposed to monetary profits).
You have to make sure you’re getting some returns on all the time and efforts you invest in something, develop strategies to reach your goals and know your opportunity costs for everything you do.

In class last week or sometime, we learnt about this concept called Business Process Re-engineering (BPR).
It is basically like a complete makeover of a business that isn’t performing very well.
Just like your makeover movies.


House Bunny


Devil Wears Prada

And while physically changing your attributes is a part of it, there’s also a lot of other things you need to change, like your attitude, objectives and focus.

BPR has these 3 steps about how you bring about a change in the organization to make it better and more profitable.

While most of the following stemmed from a deeply rooted boredom in class, I think it is something to think about.
Once in a while, our lives might need one of these makeovers too.
And thus, I present three steps to help you re-engineer your life:

• First of all, fundamentally rethink your purpose in life. Why do you do what you do? Do you know the answer to that? If not, why do this? Why not do something else? Why do anything at all, if you have no answer? Find that answer. Work towards it. Focus on it.


Radically redesign every aspect of your life. Make peace with tye fact that whatever you were doing in the past was all wrong. You need to change juet about everything. Don’t be biased or sentimental about things that aren’t helping. Start afresh. Change yourself. Be yourself, of course, but be your new self; and know that changing yourself doesn’t make you any less of yourself.


Dramaticize the achievements. 5% and 10% of change leads you nowhere. You feel like you’re going somewhere, but at that rate? You aren’t. You need an 80% to 90% change for people to sit up and take notice. Major improvements and breakthroughs are the key here.
Redefine your life objectives, bring out the finest in you, it will directly affect your performance and end up making you efficient and help you keep up with the times and personal goals.


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