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Words I find beautiful

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before but I have always loved lists.

Today (just now in fact) I discovered this blog Moorea Seal and the writer has started a project called 52 lists in which she will post one list per week. She encouraged a lot of people to do it too.

Now I am not saying I’ll be doing it, saying that and not doing it will kill me, but I might do it occasionally.

Her list topic for the first week is “Words that touch your soul”.

It was like a writing prompt for me. But instead of words that touch my soul, I’m listing the words that I find beautiful. Beautiful the way they are pronounced, the way they sound or perhaps their meanings are beautiful.
They are basically my favourite words.

Here I go:

1. Serendipity
2. Nostalgia
3. Entwine
4. Camouflage
5. Panache
6. Enigmatic
7. Paraphernalia
8. Silhouette
9. Flamboyant
10. Pandemonium
11. Atrocious
12. Luscious
13. Effervescent
14. Sumptuous
15. Crestfallen
16. Cashmere
17. Epiphany
18. Glisten
19. Zenith
20. Tranquility
21. Dulcet
22. Resplendent
23. Demure
24. Ingénue
25. Felicity
26. Labyrinth
27. Quintessential

I deliberately stopped at 27 because of my obsession with the number 9 and all its multiples- also it is my birthdate (probably the reason for my obsession).

Tell me which ones from these you like too, and don’t forget to add yours to the list, I’d love to know!

P.S. I actually discovered Moorea Seal’s blog when I read about it on OddTaylor’s blog so I guess she deserves a mention.

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