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The Awesomeness of Green Brothers and Maureen Johnson…

… From way back in 2010!
I had no intentions of blogging right now.
I am unofficially and involuntarily on a blogging sabbatical because most probably I am getting addicted to Brain Crack.

But trust the aforementioned people not only to let me know about this concept of brain crack but making sure I get over it too.

So I started watching 2010 videos recently (meaning yesterday) and I came across these two scenes in two consecutive videos (Patience Grasshopper! I’ll be linking you to them).

In the first one, there’s Maureen Johnson being the substitute vlogger since John is on paternity leave (and yes, I know it was 2010 but since I am in between those years now I am going to talk like it is all happening now until I finish 2010 videos. At which point, I’ll start talking as if 2011 is happening right now).
Maureen Johnson is talking about why she is doing this and wondering if she can do this well and then she goes..
“And honestly this wouldn’t even be an issue if only John could.. well… keep it in his pants.”
At which point I laughed harder than I should have.

And no, you don’t get it!!
She invented those “In your pants” jokes.
And so, this coming from her is even funnier!!

And the next video, it is Hank’s of course.

He talked to John on the phone, John changed diapers and everything XP

Hank says “John and Sarah are very tired. And they have decided to… keep Henry”
And I was like “What!?!?!”

God I love them! And Maureen too. 😀

So here are the links:

1. ThisIsNotJohn
2. Name My Dog!

P.S. Maureen Johnson shows us this side to John which we’ve never seen before- she calls it Actual John and it is hilarious!!

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