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The (Non Harry Potter) Epic Reads

The Writing Hufflepuff and Leanna at Short Story Long Blog nominated me for the Epic Reads tag (thanks for that by the way!) and I decided to do it as a challenge.
I haven’t yet read any questions. Not a single one (I did accidentally read a part of the first one, but no other) and I’m going to read them right now and answer them BUT, for no question can I answer anything Harry Potter related.
Because I just… well… Harry Potter is basically a cop-out.
So no Harry Potter.
(Unless the question is specifically about Harry Potter.)

Okay here I go:

1. If you could invite one author and one of their fictional characters to tea, who would you like to invite and what would you serve them?

It would be Meg Cabot and the fictional character would be Mia Thermopolis from Princess Diaries.
I have no idea what I’d serve them.

2. Which book do you wish the author would write a prequel for?

Yeah. Not the Marauders.
Of course not.
That’s not my answer.
Because of course I had to say that I wouldn’t say Harry Potter.
So no Harry Potter.
Not like I’m obsessed with the Marauder’s Era (like most of you).

3. Which two characters (NOT from the same book) do you think would make a good couple?

Alright so this is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be.
Not that I thought it’d be easy— but then, I didn’t think that I’d literally have to go through a list of all the books I’ve ever read looking for characters either!

This is what I came up with:
Andrea Sachs from Devil Wears Prada (by Lauren Weisberger) and Luke Brandon from the Shopaholic Series (by Sophie Kinsella).
I know they won’t make a really good couple, but I’d like to see the plot of Devil Wears Prada played out if Andy actually had a workaholic boyfriend who would be more supportive of her job and maybe even help her with a few tips or something.
(Also, it’d only help that Luke worked in PR right?)

4. If you ran into your favourite author on the subway and could only say one sentence to them who is it and what would it be?

To John Green I’d say, “Hello John, I hope you understand my dilemma where I can’t say more than a sentence, and, therefore I’m going to make it as long as possible by saying that you are one of my favourite people in the world (one of the others being your brother), your writing is an inspiration and your books can make me cry and laugh; and your vlogging has basically changed my life for the better (I’ve met so many Nerdfighters who are completely made-of-awesome) and I hope you continue to do so by writing many more books and vlogging about amazing things and encouraging Nerdfighteria to decrease worldsuck and, you finally made French The Llama a thing- I’m so proud of you, I knew you would, one day- and well, it’s a surprise I managed to say all this because I always thought I’d be tongue-tied when (if) I met you and yeah- I should probably shut up now and I will after I say one last thing (which is again something you made into a thing and that is-) Best Wishes!”

I owe this one to brackets and dashes and punctuations.
(It’s a little ill-formed grammatically, but it’ll have to do)

5. What book made you a reader and why?

Enid Blyton books.
I can’t choose a specific book written by her, it’s just all her books in general that got me into reading and then there was no going back.
So thank you, Enid Blyton! You’re the best!

6. Your bookshelf just caught fire. What is the one book you would save?

Oh my God! The horror!!!

All of them. I’d either save all of them or die trying.

7. Which dystopian world would you want to live in and why?

I haven’t read many dystopian novels to answer this question properly.
I’ll tell you which dystopian worlds I’d not want to live in: Panem.
Neither in the districts nor the Capitol (but especially not the districts).

8. What is your most Epic Read of all time?

I don’t know how people can even ask a reader this question!
The basic principle of reading loads of good books is that you’re not going to like one more than the other.

(That holds true for me, at the very least. The moment I choose one book, I think, the guilt of not choosing the others will kill me).

As I answered these questions, I felt like I knew them from somewhere.
My intuition was confirmed at Question 6 when I finally remembered that a few weeks ago, I had watched T. Michael Martin’s video where he answered these very questions. (I especially love his answer to the first question)
So yeah, I knew the questions beforehand but it doesn’t really count since I didn’t realize it until almost the very end.
And I did keep my promise (the more difficult one at that) about not answering with Harry Potter so that counts for something.

Now for my nominations:

The Introverted Schmuck
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Sucheta The Scribbler
The Vocal Wallflower
Little Onion Writes

Anyone else who’d like to do this tag should feel free to do so.
Please leave a link to your post in the comments, so I can check it out! 🙂

The wait is too long

What do you write about when you have nothing to write about?
Or alternatively, have a few very interesting things to write about but can’t write about them now, due to various reasons?

I have at least 3 things at the top of my head about which I want to tell all of you.
One of them will have to wait for the next 3 months at least, another for at least one and the third one I’m going to hold back for the duration of this week. Then I will write about it so much that you will have to stop me from doing so.

That still doesn’t solve my problem. At this point in time, I have nothing to say yet I wish to say something.

I feel like all my life I am only waiting for things to happen. (Warning: Possibility of this turning into a dangerously I-am-reflecting-upon-my-life-and-don’t-feel-like-it-is-going-anywhere post.)
I could make a long list of things that I’m only waiting and waiting and waiting for…

Okay so let me try and figure out if there are as many things I’m waiting for as I think I am:
(Phew! Danger averted)

1. I’m waiting for the Fault In Our Stars movie.

Who isn’t waiting for that one?

2. I’m waiting for this day to get over quickly because I’m going to (hopefully) go cut my hair in the evening.

3. Scientists to invent waterproof phones, iPads and laptops.

What can I say? All my best ideas come to me only when I’m having a shower and it becomes difficult to remember them all after I come out.

4. Isla and The Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins to come out really soon.

Especially after I read the first chapter.
Josh and Isla are awesome!!!!!

5. My aunt to give birth to my little (hopefully) female cousin.

Yeah so the thing is, most of my cousins are boys (not to mention how they are more than half my age- but then I get a cuteness overload when I meet them!)
And my aunt and I both feel like we need a girl in the family now, for these little guys to have a little sister, and so that we can dress her up in cute dresses (all the boys run away at the mention of pink- and the adorable frocks and skirts we see in shops seem like such a waste).




6. I’m waiting for the movie based on Cecelia Ahern’s book Love, Rosie (or Where Rainbows End) to come out.

It is one of my favourite books. I already talked about that in one of my earlier blogs.
The best part though is the actor who is playing Alex Stewart.

It is- wait for it- SAM CLAFLIN!!!!

Yes Sam Claflin, Finnick Odair Sam Claflin! 😀
I watched the teasers and oh god! He is his usual charming self and that movie will be amazing!!!! 😀

7. I am waiting for my exam to get over in June so I will have a couple of weeks of holiday where I can (guilt free) binge on TV Shows, movies and books!!

I do that all the time but end up feeling guilty for not having studied.

To tell you the truth, I’m waiting for all of my formal education to finally get over so that I can start learning things I really want to.
I try to do that now but studies get in the way all the time.

8. I’m waiting for the new Princess Diaries books and the next book in the Mediator series by Meg Cabot!

Yes! For all you Meg Cabot fans who didn’t know- a whole new Princess Diaries series will be coming out next year!!!!!
Aren’t you excited???

9. I’m waiting for this September so I will finally turn 18 and open my own bank account where I will deposit all my savings.

Yeah I know- not only is that a nerdy thing but others generally get excited about finally being able to drive their own car or something.
Yes I do wish to learn driving as well, but I’m sort of saving up for something.
Something that will happen (if it does) in 2017.
But still, hope is all I have to live on.

(I know I am a nerd because: point 7 and 9!
I am a self-proclaimed nerd. Sorry to say but learning a lot and saving my money actually excites me.)

What have you been waiting for since a very long time?
Let me know in comments. 🙂

No Title (Well you’ll know why)

If you guys have been following my blog even a bit, you know that I am reading less and less books as time passes.

Statistics state that:
This year, till date I have read 12 books.
Last year I had read those many by mid- February itself.
And the year before that, I had read those many in January!

It saddens me- this downward trend.
There are several reasons for that, of course.
Increased amount of studies is one but that had never bothered me before.
Also, last year at this time I didn’t have a blog, nor did I watch movies (too many of them, that is) or T.V. Shows
(Oh! I’ve started F.R.I.E.N.D.S. on the insistence of one of my friends and so far I’m loving it).

But it goes beyond that, I think. It also has something to do with the fact that I don’t read books which are really really really good!

Yes, while rating books on Goodreads I am very liberal and many books that I’ve read in the past 2 years have 4 stars, 5 even. (I rarely go below 3). But the thing is, most of those books fail to make me feel for the characters or the story.
They are enjoyable reads, sure. But they don’t have that thing that Harry Potter had. In spite of it not having a particularly witty narrative, you read the first book and you knew there was no going back.
Okay maybe Harry Potter is too much to expect but they don’t even match up to other good books I’ve read.

I’m not being a snob here saying that I’ve now read all the good books that ever existed and there’s nothing left for me to read now.
That isn’t true and I know it too…
It’s just that I’m not reading those kinds of books anymore. Somehow I’m not stumbling across them.

I’ve read a few of those sorts, of course. But their number is just going down.

These are the books that make me cry only because they ended.
It doesn’t matter if it is a happy ending or a sad one (or anything in between). I cry because there is ‘ending’, period. (Also note that I can’t get to the end soon enough). You badly wish that you can un-read them so you can do it all over again. Yes, amnesia is very welcome too!

The characters of these books stay with you forever. You know them like you know your best friends (better, at times). And once you are done with the book (or series) you miss them so much that it literally hurts to think about them.
Especially if they’re dead (as is mostly the case).

So here is a list of books that actually made me tear up only and only because they were no longer ‘unread’ by me:

1. Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix

Notice how it isn’t even the last part.
There is a small story behind that (albeit not an interesting one).
I had the e-books till this one. And I didn’t have the last two books.
And Sirius’ death in the series was the first one that hit me.
Somehow I had watched Cedric’s death in the movie when I hadn’t read the book so I didn’t feel that sad. I mean, I was prepared, in a way.

And Sirius was is my favorite marauder, I can’t really give you reasons but he is. So it was devastating for me and I cried a lot that night. But in between crying about Sirius, my sorrow was laced with the fact that I couldn’t read the next book for the unforeseeable future.
(I read the sixth one six months later… the wait was agony)
So I think OoTP was the first book after finishing which I cried because it was over.

I am not mentioning Deathly Hallows in the list.
Because everyone is suffering from Post-Potter Depression and I am no exception. And what can I say that hasn’t been said before?

2. Where Rainbows End AKA Rosie Dunne AKA Love, Rosie – Cecelia Ahern (I prefer ‘Where Rainbows End’ over the other two!)

(Just realized that I haven’t mentioned the author for the previous one, but siriusly, do I need to?)

This book. It still makes me cry because I miss it so much.
The end isn’t even sad. It is a nice one really. But I wish I could reread it…


I miss this book.

Funny thing is (and I remembered only now) I had read it as an e-book but I had bought a copy after I finished it because I had loved it so much, and it is at my Aunt’s place since forever. She can’t find it now.

Okay, not really funny if you think about it- I feel so sad now…. I want my book! 😥

3. Princess Diaries 10- Meg Cabot

I miss Michael and Mia too much.
These were the characters I thought of when I said it physically hurts when I miss them. My heart starts aching because I want more Mia-Michael!!!!!

Have I mentioned though that I own the boxed set of the whole series? 😀



You can see it there at the upper right hand corner 🙂 


But I haven’t reread any except the first two. That’s because I miss them all too much. In the first two, Michael is barely there and I still cried every time he was mentioned. I’m positive that the third one will all but kill me.
And let’s not even talk about the 10th book.

On second thoughts, I don’t just miss Princess Diaries- I miss Meg Cabot!
I’ve read almost all her books and the ones I haven’t read, I have no idea why I won’t. I miss her books too much now.
It’s shameful but I’ll say it: there was this really small period (say, a couple of months) recently when I had forgotten that Meg C was even my favorite author!
Suddenly I was reminded of her and I felt so bad for days after that- so I read the latest Heather Wells (which I hadn’t before) as compensation.

4. Anna and the French Kiss and Lola and the Boy-Next-Door- Stephanie Perkins

When I finished Anna I didn’t know about the sequel so I cried.
Then I found out about the sequel but I didn’t know Anna and Étienne were in it too. And even though I absolutely loved them, I also fell in love with Lola and Cricket.

So I cried.

And I can cry again because Stephanie Perkins won’t release the next soon enough. It was supposed to be November 2013 and now it is August 2014 (or so she says).

Not very Nerdfighterly of her, is it?
(Oh I died and went to heaven when I found out she was one)

[*psst psst* For those of you do not know about this, get ready to be super-excited! Because the next one (Isla and The Happily Ever After) has Josh as the guy!!!!!!!!!!! 😀
Not to mention there will be Anna-Étienne and Lola-Cricket too. 😀 😀 😀

It is gonna be a real treat!]

5. Dan Brown books

Well, there are just like 6 to begin with. Of course I don’t want to finish them all.
I read only one book of his in a period of six nonths, because otherwise I won’t have any left!
I’ve read all now except Inferno, and there’s a reason I haven’t read it yet.

Hey I remembered something; I had these major exams coming up, back in 2012 and somehow I started reading Angels and Demons instead of studying (books tend to do that to me, I get drunk and don’t realize when that happened) and I was hooked, completely hooked.
My mum obviously got worried so she started shouting at me for not studying and I told her (and they weren’t empty threats- I meant them) that I don’t really care about any exam right now and I don’t care if I don’t even write the exam, I simply have to get to the end of this book.

Dan Brown books- I really cannot put them down until they’re over, but I hate myself for having read yet another one and not saving it for later.

6. Confessions of Georgia Nicolson- Louise Rennison

The end of this series is just a teeny-tiny bit anti-climatic. Or maybe abrupt.

I did not cry about this at all, nor will I ever.

It is supposed to be a series which makes you Laugh Out Loud! So crying will sort of defeat the purpose.

And I laughed so much… really. I wish there was more.

Funny thing is (this time it really is) that I didn’t even give a second thought to these books while reading them. I didn’t ever stop to think if I was liking it or not. And until I finished all ten books I didn’t realize how attached I had become to the series and how much I was gonna miss it.

I mostly just forget that I’ve read a series of books so different from any I’ve read. I don’t include it in any lists (favorite books/ favorite series/ favorite authors etc). It is very unconventional to be in any and I’m still undecided about my overall feelings for it. But when I do think about it, I miss it a lot and I wish there was more.

In fact, the same above paragraph (word to word, except replace ‘ten books’ with ‘five books’) perfectly describes my feelings for The Hitch Hiker’s Series.

Wow! What sorcery is this?

7. Eleanor and park- Rainbow Rowell

This book is too fresh for me to discuss actually. But I must mention it at least.
And I didn’t cry after this one because I didn’t have any tears at 4 o’ clock in the morning- my eyes were too worked up already seeing as to how I finished the book in barely 6 hours.

There are probably a few more. But this post is going on and on.


Also, I’ve deliberately left out John’s books.

But if I had to mention just one, that’d be Paper Towns.

Unlike Paper Towns, Looking for Alaska and TFiOS provided you with reasons for which to cry (this not-ending-with-a-preposition thing makes my sentences sound weird!).

Actually I’ll just shut up, whatever I say now will definitely be spoilers so I shouldn’t.

Notice how most of the books I mentioned don’t even have sad endings, yet I cried.

I guess those “happily ever after”s are what you miss in the end.

Happy books in fact have a way of touching your soul like sad books with dead characters don’t.

I’m looking at all you guys who think that a brilliant book needs dead characters. Think about it, does it really?

Meg Cabot had written about something similar on her blog which are my precise feelings on this topic, but of course she did a better job expressing them than I ever could. This is the link if you want to check it out.


My feeling is this: So many people in this world have lost so much, and need so many things. But the one thing we all really need right now are more stories to make us laugh, with heroes and heroines who exhibit “bon courage.” We need them so that we, in turn, can feel inspired to show “bon courage” in the face of hardship, too.

I’m not saying there shouldn’t be any sad stories, because that would be ridiculous, and fake, and a waste.

But the sweetest endings, the ones that stay with you the longest, are the ones where, after the long, hard battle, the good guys win. Because that actually does happen, sometimes. 

~ Meg Cabot


In the middle of rambling about not killing book characters, I realized that maybe it is not so much the books I miss (as brilliant as they are), but the times I read them.
You know, those good old days.

I used to spend hours on the laptop simply reading books (I had been newly introduced to e-books and I marveled at the amazing technology because of which you could download books on your laptop for free!).
Now I don’t even see my laptop for days on end (mostly because I use my phone, but it’s just not the same).

Back then, I was so full of hopes and anticipation.
I wanted to visit Paris, Dublin, New York- Japan even!
I thought I’d suddenly turn into this amazing, mature and responsible adult who could take her own decisions and it wouldn’t matter what my parents thought!
I could get a tattoo if I wanted to without talking about it with anyone!

Here I am now, I still have a lot of hopes for my future but now it is all planned. I am still gonna be studying for the next 5 years, and I’ll be at least 22 when my formal education is over.  (What happened to those times when specialization in a subject and having at least 2 degrees wasn’t the basic requirement for a decent job?) It feels like by the time I get a job and actually do the job for a while, I’ll be 25.

That’s 5 years away from 30!

The way time flies right now, if it continues that way, I’ll be 30 before I know it!
So when exactly will I visit Milan and shop like crazy? Or go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter like I promised myself?

I am suddenly starting to feel as if time is slipping away and I’m not doing enough.
As for the responsible adult thing, don’t even get me started. I turn 18 in roughly six months and I cannot do anything that “adults” are supposed to do.
And then there is also the side of me that is very mature.
I don’t believe in YOLO, I won’t get tattoos unless I’m absolutely sure I won’t regret them for the rest of my life. I calculate the risks and benefits of every decision I take.
In fact, listing pros and cons and weighing them against each other is really starting to become my thing.
But what about things like taxes and knowing the traffic rules?

I know there’s Elmify and Mike but I cannot help but worry!



Okay none of this is what I had in mind when I started this post.

I was going to write about how I missed reading wonderful books and maybe mention a few and ask you guys if you thought there were some books that I haven’t mentioned and you died a little inside when you finished reading them. Now I have also done the nostalgia thing, the then-and-now comparisons and have ended up being more confused about everything than I was before!
Way to go Sam!

I should really decide on how I’m going to start and end my posts and how much exactly am I going to put in the middle of it.
This is not very professional of me and more than anything it becomes so difficult to give a proper title for such posts.
What do I call this one now?
And more specifically, how do I end it?

Learning From Authors

They say there is a lot to learn from great personalities. As a reader I have come to the realization that you can learn so much from an author too. Not just their books maybe, but from them as people too. 

And that is what I tried to do.

I have my list of “The Greatest Authors Ever”. It consists of only five authors as of now. They are the crème de la crème of all the authors I have ever read, or so I feel. I know I haven’t included some truly brilliant authors in the list; it is either because I am yet to read them or I have a few of my own reasons.
Following is a list of the best things I admire about each author on the list.


Enid Blyton– Her imagination! ‘The Magic Faraway Tree Series’ – No really! Those books were it! Dame Washalot, Moonface, Saucepan man and all the Lands up the tree- who makes up things like that?!?! Then there were the ‘Malory Towers’ and ‘St. Clare’s’ books which inspired me to be a good student. Not to mention ‘Famous Five’ and ‘Adventure Series’ among others which made all of us as little kids to set out on an adventure of our own. 
Enid Blyton made sure that a child would get addicted to reading!


Sophie Kinsella– Her sense of humor! It has no match. None! I have read all her books written under the pseudonym ‘Sophie Kinsella’ and I laughed! A lot! The way she rationalizes Becky’s overspending as “investment” is hilarious.


Meg Cabot– Her consistency! She is just 46 years young and she has already written more than 60 books! I’ve read 50 of them and it is almost as if she competes with my reading- Oh you want to read all my books? I’ll make sure there’s always at least one left for you to read! And don’t I love her for it- she is the one author I can rely on to never disappoint me due to lack of books. 
The lady hasn’t heard of a writer’s block- or maybe brews up a perfect potion to make it go away. 
Her consistency is every writer’s dream come true!

Another thing I really like about her is the variety- she has written children’s books, Young Adult books, chick-lit, mysteries, romance, paranormal stuff; and all of it is as brilliant as it could get!


Dan Brown– His knowledge! Oh my God! The things this guy knows- is it possible for a single man to know so much about so many things?!?!? And it’s all real- be it the inner workings of organizations-secretive or world famous- of the world or the little known facts about most famous men in history! I’ve read all his books except ‘Inferno’ (can’t wait to lay my hands on it!) and I really am wonderstruck by him.


J K Rowling– Well…What do I say?
There’s no ONE term for her. 
I guess I’ll say- Her Supermegafoxyawesomehotness! 
Yes, there have been legendary authors before, and there will continue to be more of them. 
They are the kind who changed the lives of people who read them.
You might argue that you know some author who is way better than JKR! But well, however she is, she was the one who shaped my life. I really cannot compare. 
There is her perseverance, her wit, her kindness, her modesty… and the list goes on. And the accent is, obviously, a bonus. 😉  
If there is one person I wouldn’t mind becoming the exact copy of- it is her!
Yes, she must be having her own flaws, she has experienced failure too, but I do not change my statement.
The amount of power she yields, her influence on young minds- it is purely because of her genius.

I could go on and on about each author in the list but I’ve tried to keep it short (well as short as possible!). 
I could add the names of two more authors here- Rick Riordan and John Green- but I haven’t added them in my own list, so I cannot write about them just yet.

I think I’ll explain it a bit- I made a rule a while ago that if I have read more than one book (or series, if it is a series) of any author and really like him or her, only then I’ll add their name on the list. This was to abstain me from having too many favourite authors- which, believe me, is a huge possibility and was almost a reality. 
[JKR is an exception to this rule (for obvious reasons) but I am reading ‘The Cuckoo’s Calling’ now, so that’s about to change.]

I have read only ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ by John Green and only the ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ series by Rick Riordan so they aren’t on the list- sadly. But I must say that if Rick Riordan was on the list, it would be his knowledge of mythology that I love the best! 😀 

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