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Nope not the movie!

That’s the number of days I have completed on this blog today 😀

Yes well… Ever since I have started using a calculator, I do all sorts of weird calculations. So I added up all the days and it came to 299 yesterday. I didn’t need a calculator to know that today would be the 300th day.

I realize how it is not even a year and I am proud of myself for nothing much.

But it really is a big deal.

Because I tend to quit things very soon- I don’t particularly approve of that habit, but that’s how it is.

But in the past few months blogging has really become my thing.
I dont know, sometimes I wonder why I never started it sooner.

All thanks to T at Anything and Everything, you gave md the final nudge (unknowingly, but you did).
Also Congratulations!!!!
You completed your 300 yesterday or the day before 😀
Aren’t you ecstatic too?

A big thank you to all my readers as well, A Blast of Random exists because you guys exist.
Also, you don’t know the kind of influence you have on my life.
One nice comment can- at any given time- make my day.
(Try not to abuse your power- but constructive criticism is always welcome)

This is my 77th post! Can you believe that?
I actually, consistently blogged for 300 days!

Sure, quite a few of them are reblogs, but I believe blogging is a community thing. You do your own writing and you do not think twice about appreciating fellow bloggers.
That’s what I try my best to do. Writing my own posts has definitely been amazing but making so many friends was just brilliant!


Yeah well... Not quite as glamorous as Sarah Jessica Parker now, are we?

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