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I like watching the books (??)

This post answers the question for Day 19. I haven’t yet answered the question for Day 17 (and Day 18 is here) because it requires me to embed videos in the blog post, which requires me to switch on my laptop and I might not be able to do that for a while. It didn’t occur to me (until now) that I could just skip a post and come back to it later, which is why I spent all these days not writing a post and trying to find a solution to the no-laptop problem.

Day 19: Do you prefer the books or the films?

Usually? The answer is always books.

In case of Harry Potter though, I see the entire Harry Potter fandom and all of its source material as a gigantic mish-mash of happiness and feels and all good things you can think of.
Which is why it is really difficult for me to choose.

Also, if this question was asked to me a couple of years ago, I’d say books.
Because I was this super-crazy girl who thought movies are just, like, okay and that they don’t tend to impact your lives in the same way that books do. (I mean movies in general, not Harry Potter).
While the latter half of that sentence still holds true to a certain extent, I have realised that movies can be just as awesome as books and can teach you just as much and evoke just as many feelings.
Yes, at moments like these, I realise I’ve grown up quite a lot. But I digress.

If you absolutely held a gun to my head, I’d end up answering this question with “books” but really, that’s just unfair.

Because yes, books were written first and they had the original J K Rowling magic and they contain a part of my soul and nothing could ever come close to this perfect set of book series that started it all for me.

But now, after it’s been years since I first read the books, I happen to be watching the movies more often than reading the books.
The movies help me satisfy my Harry Potter cravings because I’m not much of a re-reader (Harry Potter is still an exception), and a single scene can make me miss the entire series with a new vigour.
I have fallen in love with the actors who play my favourite characters, I’ve grown up with them (although they’ve grown up faster, I think?) and now I feel so proud to see Emma Watson being the ambassador of HeForShe and Rupert Grint owning an ice cream truck and distributing ice cream to children.
I love it when I spot Harry Potter actors in other movies and I will forever associate them with their Harry Potter characters.


Couldn't resist adding a picture

I hope this answers the question.

Until the next post! πŸ™‚

A combined post

Day 13: Your Least Favourite Movie
Day 18: Your Least Favourite Book 

I racked my brains.
This is what my brain came up with:


The question about least favourite book literally makes no sense.
It doesn’t even register in my head for the few moments it would require me to come up with an answer.

The one about my least favourite movie, maybe I can think of if I watch all the movies once now (marathon them, I mean) (Wow! Now there’s an idea!) and then decide which one was not the most interesting.

But right now, I can’t do it for various reasons.
One of them being that I don’t want to.

The Harry Potter movies have now become a thing that I watch parts of every time they come on TV.
I rarely (if ever) sit down by myself to watch them.
Harry Potter movies on TV equals excitement for me.

It doesn’t matter which movie it is, or what scene is on when I watch.
Five minutes of watching Harry Potter is enough to create a torrent of emotions in my mind regarding the entire series and the effect it has had on my life.
Oftentimes it so happens that I watch a particular scene which makes me realise something (be it about the series or myself) that I didn’t know before.
Then I have to sit down and think- once again- about how this series is so brilliant and how it is full of surprises and how I can never stop loving it ever.

I know I didn’t answer the questions asked, but that my response was sufficient for the questions asked.

The book is ALWAYS better than the movie.

After talking about my favourite movies yesterday, I am supposed to talk about the things that annoyed me in the movies.
And just like every Potterhead who has read the books, I have lots of complaints.

Day 3: Is there anything in the film adaptations that annoyed you?

There are two types of things that annoy me about the movies.

One type is that they haven’t included some characters and plot points as part of the movies’ stories.
But this is kind of the less annoying part because the movies are only 2 hours and the books are huge, so yes the directors need to cut out certain amazing parts from the books while making the movies.
But I feel sad nonetheless for the following things:

They’ve left out characters like Charlie Weasley and Winky and Peeves and Teddy!!!!
They’ve left out Hermione’s S.P.E.W.
They’ve left out some extremely funny scenes among the Trio or with Fred and George or other characters. Those scenes needed to be in the movies!!!
Harry’s Sass!! I mean, come on!
Of course they’ve also left out several back stories of characters (especially the Marauders).

Then there’s the second kind of things that annoy me.
This is the kind where they have the characters, they have the settings but for some inexplicable reason, they decide to change the thing that actually was or actually happened to something extremely ridiculous or nonsensical.

Movie Ginny vs. Book Ginny

Yes!! I know right?!?
Everybody is pissed about this.
I just read my friend Leanna’s post. Check it out- it’s awesome. It says everything I feel about the characters!


Voldemort’s Death

He is supposed to die like a human.
He is supposed to fall to the ground and stop breathing and lie there dead.
He is not supposed to disintegrate like he did in the movies.
That is effing stupid!
It portrayed Voldemort as something more than a human. Which he wasn’t. He was simply a human who did evil things. That is the whole point!!

Padma Patil’s and Parvati Patil’s dresses at the Yule Ball

Not enough people seem to be bothered about it. But I am.
Like Tanvi said, “I understand that they have shown the diversity at Hogwarts and I appreciate that” but really???

They could’ve worn this for diversity:
Or this:


Or even this:


The point I’m trying to make is, they could’ve worn literally anything but this:


The colors are gaudy, the design of the dress is so bad, and the clothes don’t even fit them well.
The jewellery doesn’t go with the dress either!
It just annoys me so much!!

I suppose the only thing I can say in conclusion is that, sure, the movies could’ve been better.. But they could’ve also been worst.
They could’ve been Percy Jackson movies.
I’m grateful they’re not.

This could’ve been JKR:


His sass though! πŸ˜€

Movie Magic

Today is Day 2 of the Harry Potter Tumblr Challenge started by Leanna over at Short Story Long Blog.

Here’s my post for Day 1 if you missed it and would like to read.
Now that that’s done, let me start with

Day 2: Your favourite Harry Potter movie

(I told you these get less difficult everyday)

Again, I have two answers for this question.
(Yes, the question is easier to answer but I still couldn’t just pick one!)

Also, because I’m talking about the movies, this post has loads of pictures.
It is almost completely pictures except with words because I need to mention things and fangirl!!!!

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Why this movie is one of the best can be divided into two perspectives.
The perspective of the person watching it for the first time:
Just imagine.
It’ll be so fascinating for that person (as it was to me and each one of us).

All the magical places!!!


Diagon Alley! (I love the entrance for some reason)






The Hogwarts Express


The Enchanted Ceiling. Oh myy!!


Quidditch AKA The only sport I'm even remotely interested in


Which kid didn't think the troll thing was cool anyway!!

Now, for someone who’s watching for like the 394th time because Harry Potter is a way of life:
(This perspective is overflowing with feels. You have been warned)


Mini versions of the Golden Trio! I mean look at them!! Are they the cutest or what?


This!!! Hagrid is the best!


This scene! OMG! I get chills everytime!


The wizard chess scene always makes me want to hug Ron and never let him go


The look on his face mirrors mine when given Harry Potter to read for the first time

This movie means a lot more to all of us as well.
I read somewhere that it is like looking at photo albums of your friends as kids and that’s exactly what it is.
Especially since you know what’s going to happen later, next year, and the next and a few years from now.
I actually find it funny, because Ron and Hermione are so totally not into each other.
Hermione is disgusted by Ron on the train and considers him not-so-cool most of the time. And Ron goes around saying stuff like “She needs to sort out her priorities”
And all I do at the time is shout “You two are going to get married, you numpties!”

Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire

This movie is the most fun to watch because there’s so much of beauty.
Anyway I’ll just let the pictures talk.
(Aah I wish they actually did though)


Yule Ball β™₯


Triwizard Tournament

The two new schools:








Beautiful beautiful Hermione *starts singing Granger Danger*


This madman with a box!

This movie also has some of the funniest scenes ever:


How can I leave out Gred and Forge when I say funny?


This scene was hilarious and infuriating!

Speaking of infuriating, this woman makes my blood boil! Why the hell isn’t she dead??


Hehe.. Remember this scene?


Then we have this one! πŸ˜€

And how can we forget this one??


Or this?


Although this scene is just sad now… Considering this is the only time they see each other as old men.
Them again, so are most scenes.
Because Harry Potter makes me laugh and cry and cry and laugh.
Lately just cry though.
I miss it too much.
Post Potter Depression is a real thing, people.
Why don’t they (muggles I mean) acknowledge it?

Re-engineer your life processes.

Ever since I’ve started learning about business and strategic managements and the economy, I have time and time again felt that doing a business is a lot like living your life (except life is mostly all non-monetary gains as opposed to monetary profits).
You have to make sure you’re getting some returns on all the time and efforts you invest in something, develop strategies to reach your goals and know your opportunity costs for everything you do.

In class last week or sometime, we learnt about this concept called Business Process Re-engineering (BPR).
It is basically like a complete makeover of a business that isn’t performing very well.
Just like your makeover movies.


House Bunny


Devil Wears Prada

And while physically changing your attributes is a part of it, there’s also a lot of other things you need to change, like your attitude, objectives and focus.

BPR has these 3 steps about how you bring about a change in the organization to make it better and more profitable.

While most of the following stemmed from a deeply rooted boredom in class, I think it is something to think about.
Once in a while, our lives might need one of these makeovers too.
And thus, I present three steps to help you re-engineer your life:

β€’ First of all, fundamentally rethink your purpose in life. Why do you do what you do? Do you know the answer to that? If not, why do this? Why not do something else? Why do anything at all, if you have no answer? Find that answer. Work towards it. Focus on it.


β€’ Radically redesign every aspect of your life. Make peace with tye fact that whatever you were doing in the past was all wrong. You need to change juet about everything. Don’t be biased or sentimental about things that aren’t helping. Start afresh. Change yourself. Be yourself, of course, but be your new self; and know that changing yourself doesn’t make you any less of yourself.


β€’ Dramaticize the achievements. 5% and 10% of change leads you nowhere. You feel like you’re going somewhere, but at that rate? You aren’t. You need an 80% to 90% change for people to sit up and take notice. Major improvements and breakthroughs are the key here.
Redefine your life objectives, bring out the finest in you, it will directly affect your performance and end up making you efficient and help you keep up with the times and personal goals.


My favourite movie genre is Romantic Comedy.
I’m not even going to lie and tell you that I like watching documentaries or all those informative and educational movies. And Action is waaaay out of my league.

Here’s a list of the last 10 Rom-coms I watched- starting from the latest to the relatively oldest: (Yes, reading the list you’ll be like- “What?!?!? You hadn’t watched this one already??” – Well what i can i say except ‘Better late than never’)

10. Another Cinderella Story

9. 50 First Dates

8. Never Been Kissed

7. Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past (This one I particularly liked very much)

6. She’s All That

5. Love and Other Drugs (This is one of my most favourite right now!)

4. Life As We Know It (This too!)


(I chose this weird language poster because I really liked the pic!)

3.Valentine’s Day (If you liked this one then you should definitely try New Year’s Eve- I kinda liked it better)


2. He’s Just Not That Into You


1. Just My Luck


Rom-coms or chick-flicks are the best kind of movies ever made!
Of course I love watching Adventure flicks too, in fact there are lots of movies which I love so much and they aren’t Rom-coms. But when it comes to genre, Rom-coms are just my most favourite!
I don’t care what people have to say about them- that they fill a girl’s mind with all kind of romantic crap (since girls are the target audience for these movies), they don’t portray reality, they are just an urban fantasy, they romanticize everything (well duh!)- I’m still going to indulge in them and let the so-called romantic “crap” they feed me go to my head.
There’s this really funny and witty post about why we shouldn’t let movies get to our head. Must read!
I recently started watching them almost daily, like Just My Luck-the oldest- I watched less than a month ago. Maybe that’s because I don’t watch much T.V. otherwise, I can watch them instead.
I usually watch them online, since they don’t really come on T.V. much- except on Valentine’s Day (the real one, not the movie)- that day every movie channel is showing all kinds of chick-flicks and rom-coms for all us single gals out there- or maybe mushy couples sit down together to watch them, but I don’t really know! :P.
But here’s the news- my prompt for this blog post: Today a new channel has been launched in my country- exclusively for Rom-coms!!!
I was so shocked (happy shocked) when I saw it in the newspaper today! I never even imagined that it would/ could happen. I switched on the T.V. and checked if it’s true. And it is!!
It is called “Romedy Now”.
The kind of movies they are showing even today- I feel like spending the whole day in front of the T.V. – but unfortunately I have 4 tests coming up in this week and therefore I have to study. 😦
But now I have my hopes totally piled up on this channel- not only am I expecting them to show me some really awesome (yes-awesome!) rom-coms but also hope that I will get to watch them all.

P.S. It feels so good to click on the “Publish” button after a whole week of not posting anything! πŸ™‚

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