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The Case of The Disappearing Comb and Other Stories

This blog post comes to you in three parts:

Part I:  The Case of The Disappearing Comb

I have this pink comb which I use to comb my hair. I’ve been using it since forever now. Because it is the best comb ever. It understands my hair and it’s goal in life is not to yank them away from my scalp, among other things. I had chosen it when I was, I don’t know, around 10-11 and so it is pink. But it is a nice pink.
All in all, what I’m trying to say is, I love my comb.
But there is something mysterious going on which I think you guys should know about about which I think you guys should know.

Let me tell you, this has been happening for years. But only recently did I realize that it might not be a co-incidence after all.

My comb disappears of its own accords and (this is the more intriguing part) reappears of its own accord!
And when it reappears, it turns up in places that are in plain sight.

For e.g. this afternoon, I couldn’t find it (yet again) so I checked every corner of my desk. I picked up all my books to see if it was under them- I even moved my laptop by picking it up and no! I couldn’t find it anywhere.
Just as I was about to give up and assign the task to my mum I saw that it was on the top of my laptop!

Now, see, I had literally picked up my laptop and everything. Agreed, there was a notebook on the laptop as well and it was slightly hidden under it- but when I found it, it was more out than in.

And now this mystery is bothering me.

Time to call Sherlock Holmes!

[To all those who think I just invented all of it just so I could call Sherlock, I’ll have you know that I’d atleast do a better job of making up a mystery-I am
a writer you know. At the very least, I’d include three serial suicides and a note, so Sherlock’d feel it was Christmas!]

In the meanwhile, do you have any ideas about unraveling this mystery?

Part II– Don’t read this part if you don’t want to get sucked into something addictive.

Oh and as an afterthought, you might not want to watch one of those videos if your parents are around.

Since morning, I’ve been singing This Isn’t Hogwarts to myself because I watched the video yesterday. And frankly I got a bit bored singing the same song over and over again. (Even if it is Hank)
So I decided to watch a few (read: as-many-as-I-could-until-my-battery-died-out) vlogbrothers’ videos and maybe sing another song instead.

And then came this song.
Looking at the title, I knew roughly what to expect. (Yes I’m quoting Hank’s Tumblr because I’m cool like that)

The music is very catchy and it still amazes me how much of a fantastic dancer Hank is (among so many other things).

But as Hank actually started singing, I started repeating in my head:
Oh God! Please don’t let me sing this! Don’t let me sing this! Don’t let me sing this…

But guess what? I am singing it!

Why did the tune have to be so catchy???
This is embarrasing.
I don’t even realize how I suddenly start singing it out loud!!
And I’m at home, for Heaven’s sake- my parents are around!


So I decided to do a cruel thing- to make sure that you guys start singing it too.

Yeah go on then!
Don’t click on the link.

But you are missing out on something… I laughed a lot!
And at the end of the song Hank is being so cute… (not to mention he dances)

But nah! You won’t be clicking, will you?

Part III: Reminder

This part is a reminder that I have my last exam tomorrow!!!!
And then I have holidays!!!!
For 4 days!
And at the end of those, classes for 7 hours daily.

In retrospect I should’ve stopped at “And then I have holidays!!!!” The following sure puts a dampener on things.


P.S. Okay guys, I’m not so cruel after all.
I got rid of the song from my head by listening to John’s What Could You Do With a Poe Bust?!
So if the previously mentioned song is stuck in your head and you don’t want it to be, you can go and watch this, like, 4-5 times. 😛

Oh! Or you could watch Numa Numa Hank Dance– it is one of my favourites.
On second thoughts, I’ll watch it again too.

See you then. Got a few videos to watch (once I watch Numa Numa, I must watch Denver Airport via Isengard, I must also watch World Wide Web Girl and then Hankroll’d so it’ll be a while before I do anything else now.)

(If you want to watch all the others, look for the links yourselves lazybums- I gotta watch them too. Let me go already!)

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