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What’s My Name?


“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” said Juliet, while insisting that names of things do not matter, what matters is what things “are”. Maybe she had good reason to say that and maybe it’s even true.

But as for me, I do not believe it. Because I feel, especially in case of people, that a name not only gives you an identity but in a way goes on to define you.

I was named ‘Samruddhi’ by my Dad.  It means ‘prosperity’. I’ve never asked him but I think that it sort of shows his expectations towards me, how he wants me to do great things in life and prosper a lot.

As a result, I try my best to live up to my name (quite literally). My name has got nine letters in it which is my favourite number as well- but that is just a co-incidence. A co-incidence which made me love my name as soon as I figured it out.

So following are two of my theories as to how (if really) my name influenced the person I am today:

  1. My name being so long (nine letters is longer than the average, I assume) it might have been difficult for me as a child to remember the spelling. Maybe it took me a while to learn it but that might just have been the reason why I am so good at spellings right now. Because right from the spelling of my own name I had trained myself to learn long and difficult spellings. (Or okay, that might be only because I read a lot, but c’mon- it sounds cool, and as far as theories go, this one isn’t even that far-fetched.)
  2. As an inquisitive kid I used to wonder what my name meant and when I realized that the English meaning is ‘prosperity’ I started loving that word too and thus a huge wish to prosper was instilled in me.

I feel that a name greatly influences a person and I don’t say this only because of my own name.

I’ll give a few other examples from the top of head.

So I have this friend called ‘Nupura’ which sort of means ‘anklets’ or more precisely a pair of ornaments which girls usually wear around their ankles, especially while doing a traditional Indian dance. Nupura is a really talented dancer; even her day-to-day movements are really graceful, right from her walk to the way she holds a piece of sandwich. Yes, of course, her name isn’t the sole reason – that’d be greatly undermining and disrespecting all her own efforts and dancing skills, but in a way, that might have, in a small way, influenced her personality.

Then I have another friend called ‘Anushka’, she told me that she is named after a Russian princess ‘Anoushka’. Anushka carries herself in a way which makes you wonder if she was, in fact, a princess in her previous life. Everything about her spells royalty, you wouldn’t see her in anything other than a neat and perfect attire, with not a hair out of place. (Oh yes! I’ll not recognize her the day she decides to let her hair out of her long braid- even Katniss and Tris must’ve ditched that look at some point.)

Also, I had a teacher while in school who taught English. Her name is ‘Kavita’ which means poetry. She used to write beautiful poems and was in general very poetic (theory one- maybe her name influenced her to learn literature and poetry!)

When I put it like that and you read it, somewhere during the third paragraph (fourth at the most) you start agreeing with me.

But do you really feel it too? If not, what’s your opinion?

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