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“…much of what was said did not matter,

and that much of what mattered could not be said.”

It’s February already!

Among other things, it’s time to recommend a book to The Introverted Schmuck for our Book Blog Challenge Thingie.

Good news is that a friend of mine, Tanvi, who blogs at Anything and Everything has also decided to join us.
As for her, she gets to pick whose recommend she’ll go with, mine or Mia’s.

So I don’t know if she’s going to choose the book I recommend or the one Mia makes me read.

Well, the book I am asking Mia to read this month is Behind The Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo.


I happened to read this book because it was the Nerdfighter Book Club book last year around May or June…
And, for once, I thought I’d participate.

The book is amazing. It makes you think and wonder and ponder.

Mia’s review/ thoughts on this will be an interesting read.
(Yours too, Tanvi- if you choose this one)

Well, looking forward to Mia reading it and if anyone out there is looking for a recommendation, read this book. 🙂

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