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Keep Calm and DFTBA!

In my introduction post I said I’ll be writing about all of my fandoms and I wrote my first post about Harry Potter.

Today’s is a very unique fandom: Nerdfighteria.

I say unique because while it does have its basis in the YouTube videos by the vlogbrothers, the fandom itself also exists exclusive of the videos.
It is more of a community than a fandom, I suppose.

Now, for somebody who has no idea what Nerdfighteria is, it is really difficult to explain.
Let me do my best in the form of a Question Tuesday (which, aptly, isn’t happening on a Tuesday)

What is Nerdfighteria?

Nerdfighteria is a community of made-of-awesome Nerdfighters.
If you’re a part of Nerdfighteria, you’re called a Nerdfighter.
You do not fight nerds- that’s not what it means. It means you’re a nerd who fights WorldSuck and increases Awesome in the world.
Nerdfighter is defined as someone who, instead of being made of skin and bones, is made entirely of awesome.
So you are quite literally made of awesome!

That sounds pretty amazing! How do I become a Nerdfighter?

Well, if you wanna be a Nerdfighter, you probably already are one.

Okay! But how do I become a part of this community and understand what they’re talking about?

For that, the best thing to do would be to start watching the vlogbrothers videos on YouTube and participate in all the awesome projects they start.
You should also maybe befriend fellow Nerdfighters and have intellectual discussions with them, or better yet, collaboratively help decrease WorldSuck.

If you start watching Vlogbrothers videos right from the beginning (first video was uploaded on 1st January, 2007), you understand all the inside jokes and references.

If you’re a nerd and/or a geek who loves solving complex math and physics problems, or critically discusses literature and poetry and all forms of art, or gets excited talking about your favourite books, TV Shows, movies and video games, you will especially enjoy being a Nerdfighter and a part of this amazing community.

You keep mentioning “vlogbrothers”. Who or what are they?

They are John Green and Hank Green– two of my favourite real people (as in, nonfictional) in the world!

But isn’t, like, being a nerd a bad thing? Isn’t the word “nerd” an insult?

First of all, being called nerdy is not an insult at all, and anybody who says it is, is an a**hole.
Nerdfighteria, in fact, taught me to be proud to be nerdy and get excited about things.
To quote John himself “Why is being a nerd bad? Saying I notice you’re a nerd is like saying, ‘Hey, I notice that you’d rather be intelligent than be stupid, that you’d rather be thoughtful than be vapid, that you believe that there are things that matter more than the arrest record of Lindsay Lohan. Why is that?’ “

How do I make Nerdfighter friends? Will they even want to befriend me?

You can go sign up on various forums and websites such as Nerdfighteria and Ning, join theFacebook Group, or strike up a conversation with Nerdfighters who comment on YouTube videos- there are loads of ways you can make new Nerdfighter friends!

As for making IRL Nerdfighter friends, you could find out about Nerdfighter gatherings near where you live, make your friends become Nerdfighters, or, the most serendipitous of all, you can approach somebody wearingNerdfighteria merch and talk to them!

As for whether they’d like to be friends with you: Yes! Yes they’d love to! Trust me on this one. You could together decrease WorldSuck by doing collaborative projects or just by increasing awesome in the World!

How does Nerdfighteria help decrease WorldSuck? What do the vlogbrothers do?

Those are actually, at least partly, two different questions.

On the one hand, you have the vlogbrothers who do all these amazing and mindblowing things.
They both have educational YouTube channels called CrashCourseSciShowSciShow Space, and others, where they teach you English Literature, World History, Economics, Biology, Psychology etc.
They also have a yearly thing called Project For Awesome which takes place every December and in these days, they encourage people to donate to charity and do the same themselves.
They also have a yearly video convention calledVidCon started by Hank which is a place for all kinds of YouTube content creators to meet and have a lot of fun.

Then there’s the vlogbrothers where Hank Rickrolls you Carrie Bradshaw styleJohn answers questions while covering his face with Sharpie inkJohn blenderises a Happy Meal and Hank mistakes Denver airport for Isengard.

Without a doubt, both of these parts help increase awesome in the world.

I could tell you so much about Nerdfighteria but nothing will convince you like watching a few vlogbrothers videos yourself.
So go on then, and Don’t Forget to Be Awesome!

Keep Calm and DFTBA!


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This is my second fandom post for the blogging competition.
Please do like and share! 😀

(Especially since the post is all about made of awesome Nerdfighters)

How My Fandoms Help Me Survive

However bad things get, however lonely I feel, I know, that Hogwarts will always be there to welcome me home.

A witty remark by Chandler can cheer me up any time.

Ted Mosby gives me hope, he makes me believe.

The Doctor tells me that there is so much out there that is yet to be seen, things that are yet to be discovered, yet to be experienced.
He makes me see that humans are brilliant!

Sherlock teaches me how to put my emotions aside and focus on the bigger picture, to use my brain and form a plan. Sherlock teaches me to think.

The Hunger Games show me that it’s never going to be quite that bad and that, in spite of everything, the survivors live. And that it’s always better to have lived than to have died.


Well, this is straight from my diary and so it is also a little unpolished but I didn’t want to change a single word.
It’s something I wrote a few days ago when I was feeling really low and hopeless and demotivated.
It is a little different from what I usually post on my blog.

It’s true though, what I’ve written about the fandoms. And it’s not just fandoms, but the things I do, like write, learn new things, paint, etc. but I suppose that’s for another day!

Just thought I’d put it out there for muggles who don’t understand my fandom obsessions, but more importantly, for my fandom people who may feel the same and understand me, or will feel better after reading this.

P.S. I didn’t add Nerdfighteria to it the other day because I got interrupted while writing, but this is what I wanted to write (it sounds more cheerful now, but I remember that it felt a little solemn when I had thought of it that day, so I guess a few words have changed in the span of last few days) :

And I know that if all else fails, I can always turn to Made of Awesome Nerdfighters for help- my super amazing friends with whom I communicate only via the internet (mostly). 

“…much of what was said did not matter,

and that much of what mattered could not be said.”

It’s February already!

Among other things, it’s time to recommend a book to The Introverted Schmuck for our Book Blog Challenge Thingie.

Good news is that a friend of mine, Tanvi, who blogs at Anything and Everything has also decided to join us.
As for her, she gets to pick whose recommend she’ll go with, mine or Mia’s.

So I don’t know if she’s going to choose the book I recommend or the one Mia makes me read.

Well, the book I am asking Mia to read this month is Behind The Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo.


I happened to read this book because it was the Nerdfighter Book Club book last year around May or June…
And, for once, I thought I’d participate.

The book is amazing. It makes you think and wonder and ponder.

Mia’s review/ thoughts on this will be an interesting read.
(Yours too, Tanvi- if you choose this one)

Well, looking forward to Mia reading it and if anyone out there is looking for a recommendation, read this book. 🙂

What the eff is Nerdfighteria?

This is a totally unplanned post.
Like, it’s not even a real post, but I need to get this out there on the internet somewhere and my blog is perhaps the only place where I’m even semi- active.

A friend asked me about Nerdfighteria, because she has read a few John Green books and I always tell her how awesome John Green is as a vlogbrother as well.

This is what happened:


Okay so there might be a typo or two in there, but you know what I mean!
And I could probably say a lot more except that I realized she won’t understand any of it and I might just put her off instead of recruiting her to Nerdfighteria.

The picture used as a wallpaper is this picture of __ in case you’re wondering:


Now you can stare at him for eternity...

The best part though, is her reply (My friend’s, I mean) 😀

She said:


Potterhead that she is, she spells “Siriusly” as “Siriusly” too.

(Well, don’t expect me to spell it the Muggle way just so you’re clear! 😛 )

So yeah, what I’m announcing in this post is that a new Nerdfighter will soon join us all- just let her watch a few videos.

Although, as John says, if you wanna be a Nerdfighter, you probably already are a Nerdfighter.

See you soon (Hopefully. Sometime.)



Friday Picture (Should I Be Changing The Title Maybe? )

Friday Picture (Should I Be Changing The Title Maybe? )

I have no clue as to who had this brilliant idea- but as a fangirl, I must make this happen!

All you amazing people out there who are part of some fandom or the other, let’s do this!!!
If I see any of you around my vicinity, rest assured we will become great friends.

The whole concept of Fandoms has given me something I cannot even express in words.

I started last year by believing that- They are not strangers if they belong to your fandom, and that is undoubtedly, one of the best things I did.

Fangirls and fanboys everywhere, Tumblr, Facebook, Ning, are such supermegafoxyawesomehot people: Inspiring me, making me laugh, cry, giving me a sense of security that I am not the only crazy one (In fact now I have started to feel that I am not crazy enough- I NEED MORE CRAZY!) out there- and that isn’t even half the stuff they have unknowingly done for me!

Reblog this, I guess- if you want to spread the message too.

So much rambling! How’s that for a blog post that is supposedly a picture?


John Green did his Happy Dance!!!

Good morning people, it is Sunday. (Just go with it!)

I had written this post about the movie ‘Stuck in Love’ three (or so) weeks ago in which I, quite strongly I might say, put forth my views about how people should react when their story gets selected for publishing. Or just, you know, things like that.
I have become an official Nerdfighter since a week now (or maybe more- I’m really not good at timelines, am I?). I have been obsessively watching Brotherhood 2.0 videos by both John and Hank Green.
French the llama! Why didn’t someone tell me about them on January 1, 2007???
I feel like I’ve missed out on a lot now and am trying to catch up quickly. And whatever actually!
It is just so much fun!
I’ve got quite a lot of favorite videos now, and I was planning to post one on my blog. But just one! The choice was killing me. And therefore I didn’t do it.
But now I am going to- not as a vlogbrothers video but because it is about one of the posts I have written. I must do it for the benefit of the readers. (That is how I am justifying it, because this is by far not the last one I post- there are so many more to come!)
So yes, getting back to the topic, this is the video of a video of when John Green got the call telling him that his book “An Abundance Of Katherines” was selected as a finalist for the Michael L. Printz Award.
And well, his reaction is flawless. This video is the perfect example of how, according to me, people should react (also what their spouses should do when such a moment arrives- because honestly, if not for The Yeti, we wouldn’t have this video right now!).
This is IT- the video after watching which, whatever little doubt I had of adding John Green to the-most-awesome-people-I-know list has vanished. (There is no such list, but I’m going to make one now, just after watching one more vlogbrothers video. What? Don’t look at me like that! Have I never mentioned I majored in Procrastination?)
P. S. I finished reading Looking For Alaska last night (or early morning? I think it was around 2 a.m.).
All I can say is *spoiler alert* :
Take a deep breath.
It is okay.
Calm down.
No need to turn into a giant squid of anger now.
You finished the book.
It was beautiful.
And you love John Green.
It is okay. (Yes pathetic that you are, you can’t help thinking of TFiOS every time you say ‘okay’)]

P. P. S. Might I just add? Watching all the videos I realized that maybe, just maybe, I like Hank better than John Green. Not really. I mean, I can’t choose between the two, but sometimes I do feel that.
And also, there is an author-reader loyalty at stake here, so I cannot, on principle, say that.
It isn’t even true. But at times, I feel Hank is much more hilarious. And Hank and The Katherine are on the way to becoming my OTP really soon.
Anyway I gotta go watch at least 394 more awesome videos by the duo!
I’ll see you next time and DFTBA!

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