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Keep Calm and DFTBA!


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This is my second fandom post for the blogging competition.
Please do like and share! 😀

(Especially since the post is all about made of awesome Nerdfighters)

What the eff is Nerdfighteria?

This is a totally unplanned post.
Like, it’s not even a real post, but I need to get this out there on the internet somewhere and my blog is perhaps the only place where I’m even semi- active.

A friend asked me about Nerdfighteria, because she has read a few John Green books and I always tell her how awesome John Green is as a vlogbrother as well.

This is what happened:


Okay so there might be a typo or two in there, but you know what I mean!
And I could probably say a lot more except that I realized she won’t understand any of it and I might just put her off instead of recruiting her to Nerdfighteria.

The picture used as a wallpaper is this picture of __ in case you’re wondering:


Now you can stare at him for eternity...

The best part though, is her reply (My friend’s, I mean) 😀

She said:


Potterhead that she is, she spells “Siriusly” as “Siriusly” too.

(Well, don’t expect me to spell it the Muggle way just so you’re clear! 😛 )

So yeah, what I’m announcing in this post is that a new Nerdfighter will soon join us all- just let her watch a few videos.

Although, as John says, if you wanna be a Nerdfighter, you probably already are a Nerdfighter.

See you soon (Hopefully. Sometime.)


Happy Birthday JScribble!

John Green turns 37 today.
And sure, he is one of my favourite authors but this post is more of a full-of-feels post about why I like John, as a person.
He is one of my two favourite people in the world (the other being his brother) and this post is to let you know why.

I say JKR is my favourite author (one of them) but I don’t say she is my favourite person, that’s because I don’t know her as a person.
I know she is nice, smart, kind and generous- but that’s about it.
She is the Queen with an enigmatic aura around her and I’d like to keep it that way.

But John, I obsessively keep track of his life- he is like a friend.
I feel happy for him when his books become movies, I’m proud of him when he writes another book and I feel sad when he isn’t feeling well (like right now! 😦 )
He is the one who gave me a whole island full of people who share the same interests as me and are basically made of awesome (The island, of course, being Nerdfighteria and the people being Nerdfighters).

He is funny without being mean (Oh yes I’m quoting him while writing about him- that’s how I roll!), he tells you random nerdy facts, and wants you to know about the political situation in Nepal- and he will even eat toilet paper if that’ll make you listen.
And don’t even get me started on peanut-butter face and Sharpie face.

With John,  it isn’t like he will always tell you facts you never knew, he won’t tell you profound truths all the time, sometimes he will simply say the things you already knew and felt.
But when he says them, you realize that he has said them in the precise manner they needed to be said in, he has put into words the exact same thing you were trying to put into words but obviously John did a better job.

Another really likeable thing about him is how he knows about the mistakes he made in his past, and he tells all of Nerdfighteria about it- he isn’t scared to admit his weaknesses.
He is extremely modest and never lets all the fame go to his head.
He isn’t self- obsessed (not more than anybody else anyway) and always undermines himself, not so that everyone will tell him just how awesome he is, but because he is just that kind of person.

Hank is my favourite brother, that’s what I tell everybody. And it is true.
But Hank wouldn’t be Hank if not for John.
Elder siblings always influence the younger ones, right from childhood.
And for all his talks of sibling rivalry, he is prouder of Hank than any of us is.
(And God knows we’re all so proud of Hank). The way he talks about their childhood (he does it more than Hank does) is another indicator that he loves his little brother a lot.

John is a very smart guy. He may make us believe that he isn’t or never has been, but it is obvious that he has always been one of those perceptive guys, who’re noticing stuff happening around them. Like the guy who invented the smallpox vaccine (yes I’m stealing from him again, what’s your point?)

He was always supposed to be an author. Little kids throw tantrums, not dejectedly drop the luggage from their hands and calmly announce “I cannot take this anymore”.

All the videos with baby Henry are proof that he is an excellent father too.
He gives The Yeti veto power about so many things in his life, he really and truly loves her.
He respects her wish to not feature on the vlogbrothers channel, so much so that till date there hasn’t been a single Yeti sighting on the vlogbrothers.
(The Art Assignment? Sure. Random YouTube videos? Absolutely. But vlogbrothers? Never!)
He can turn anything into something fun and creative.
He urges everybody to read, to get an education, to know more about their own selves and others too, he even makes sure Henry is empathetic.
He also helps us to read- and ultimately, think- critically. If not for Crash Course Literature, I don’t think I’d have seen all the subtle things in The Catcher In The Rye, thus not understanding so many of thought provoking things the book has to say.

He turned 37 today, but he isn’t really a 37 year old. He is probably more active on social networks than I am (and yet he finds time to read, write and make videos- sometimes I wonder if some people are given more than 24 hours in a day) and is open to all kinds of new things.

Now, if you’ve been reading my post all this while and you have no idea who John Green is (although that’s unlikely, if you’ve hung around my blog enough- or have been on the internet for at least a bit the last two months you have a rough idea as to who he is), I present to you the very man, in gif form:


Truer words have never been spoken


What indeed!


Nom nom nom


You must be!


Happy Dance and a (somewhat) graceful exit!

Three good news and a bad one (not for you though)

Okay so I am slightly pissed off now but let’s get to that later. :/
I’d rather start with happy stuff.

So it has officially been a week since holidays started and so far, I am having a lot of fun!

Here are the three good things I’ve got to tell you about out of the many:

1. On the very first day of my holidays, I did something damn amazing and it is that I painted this T-shirt:


Isn’t it quite a beauty? 😀

Earlier I thought that I’d write a whole How-To post about it but then I realized how I am probably the last person on the planet to paint a T-shirt and just about everybody knows how to do it!
So yeah- not doing it.
Oh unless some of you really want me to, in which case leave a comment and I’ll do it for you guys- because, in spite of my popularity, I love you guys and like to do stuff for you.

So yeah, now you know my outfit for the TFiOS movie.
This T-shirt, my Always locket and I’m good to go.

And of course, there’s pants!
I mean, obviously I’m gonna wear pants- despite the T-shirt having the capability of being passed off as a mini-mini-mini dress, I’d rather wear pants.
I tend to feel cold in theatres.

2. This weekend (hopefully- unless the world ends or the sun decides to die out or something) I’ll be watching THE FAULT IN OUR STARS!!!!!!


I have been very excited about it, as you already know.
If you don’t then you can find out by clicking here and here.

I will be, most probably, watching it with my new Nerdfighter pals.
I’ve never met them and I am VERY excited about meeting them.

So when my mum said that I might not be able to go with them, they wrote a letter for my mum, it is very sweet (though the reasons for my mum saying no were completely different and nothing to do with opposition to meeting them- by now she is used to me meeting random people off the internet just because they are in my fandoms- but it is the thought that counts right?). Here’s it:

Dear Sam’s mom,
We’re kids just like her and not axe murderers. Your daughter is in no immediate danger. We promise to hold her hand every time we cross a road. Please understand that our parents too were doubtful about letting us meet up but it turned out alright. We’re just a happy group of nerds who want to cry together at a movie screen and we’d like for Sam to join us. In all honesty, you’re welcome to join us too! Please do consider allowing Sam to come watch TFiOS with us.
Thank you.


3. Okay so this is perhaps the most interesting piece of news so far because it does not concern only me. You can enjoy it too and I’d love it if you do!

My penpal Leanna (from Canada- see what I meant about random people on the internet? But she is no longer a random person :D) and I have collaboratively started a new blog on WordPress: The World Is Our Sandwich.

It is exactly what it sounds like- funny, with a side dish of witty (or so we hope) and a sprinkling of food references (who doesn’t like food anyway?).

All I can say is: Dig in!  😀

P.S. The thing I was pissed off at is that all my local drafts that I had saved in my WordPress app have disappeared.
I don’t know how it happened, or what I did- as far as I know, I haven’t done anything to anger anybody even remotely related to WordPress.
And I’d still be fine if it was one or two half written posts, but we are talking about close to TWENTY posts!!!

Also, I have no idea what half of them were about- at least if I knew exactly what they were I could assess the damage- but nope!
And while writing this post as well, I had to rewrite a few paragraphs because they didn’t get saved and nothing pisses me off like my hard work being deleted but all I can do is cry! 😥

So what did we learn today?
Always have back-up, as much as you trust an app and also, don’t have 20 drafts- What was I thinking anyway?








This is all it started with.

A Nerdfighter (I presume a relatively new one) asked these two questions on the Facebook group called ‘NERDFIGHTERIA’

And well, all the Nerdfighters instantly started with the replies. The first time I read the questions, before I had read the comments I started racking my brains for all kinds of definitions I knew.
But then I saw all the comments and I was amazed how everyone was doing the job pretty well 😛


Then I realized how I had to put it on my blog because it was too brilliant a thread to let go of.


And so, I present to you the responses of all kinds of awesome Nerdfighters- Some of them are just fantastic!!!














It makes me really happy to see so many people across the globe forming a community, having the same hobbies, likes and dislikes and discussing the same kinds of things- actually having inside jokes in spite of never having met each other.

The internet is unbelievable, of course.

But I feel Hank and John did this thing- they created all this and I can’t help but feel very, very proud of them.

I hope and pray that they never stop- they fill me with wonder, inspiration and hope everyday.
They truly revolutionized the way the world looks at YouTube too (or at least, the way looked at it- which was as a website where you can watch videos of songs and at times some really crazy stuff that people do).


On a parting note, after the previously mentioned (and elaborated upon) thread, another awesome Nerdfighter started this new one. 😉





While there were some replies to this one which simply substituted Hank to John, I feel like this question should be answered differently. What do you think, Nerdfighters?

And how? Any ideas?

P.S. You know you’re a Potterhead when you look at the full moon and say to your friend ” It is that time of the month for Remus Lupin”

No but really, I can’t think of anything else that I associate with the full moon. 😛


P.P.S. Hank, if you’re seeing this, consider it a late birthday present.
The procrastinator has finally gotten around to acknowledging you on the blog Hank.
Also know, Hank, that you are the more loved brother.
Never FTBA!!!

New city, but the same old

New city, but the same old routine.
She thought it was fun, something to add spice to her otherwise dull life.
And you gotta admit, Starbucks was fun.
If only because she did that usual thing of hers where she asked to put her name down on the cup as ‘Primrose Everdeen’ and then shouted ‘I volunteer!’ when it was called out.

She did it all again and triumphantly took her place at her table for one.
(Well… the other chair would remain vacant for the indeterminate future. The empty café chair is quite a metaphor, isn’t it?)

She surreptitiously looked all around the café to see if there were any of her kind.


No one was, apparently.

Aah! Never mind. She had gotten used to so much. She’d get used to this too.


Starbucks was fun.
If only because he did that usual thing of his where he asked to put his name down on the cup as ‘Haymitch Abernathy’ and then shouted ‘I volunteer!’ when it was called out.

He did it all again and was about to take his place at his usual table for one when he heard someone call out “Peeta?”
He turned around.

This girl sitting across the café had stood up now and was walking towards him with an almost empty coffee cup.
She came close enough for him to read it and he uttered “Katniss?”

She placed her cup on the table (his table) and asked, “Okay?”

“Okay” he said.

“Oh my God!” she gasped.
Surely this couldn’t be happening?

“Don’t you mean French The Llama?” he tried.

He could see a hint of a smile playing on her lips, he couldn’t stop smiling himself.

“After all this time?” she asked, crossing her fingers behind her back and waiting for a response with baited breath.
This was it.
The deal maker (or breaker).

“Always.” he said. As if he wouldn’t.

At that, they simultaneously closed the distance between them and kissed as if life around them had ceased to exist.

But for them, it had just begun.


I’ve written fiction before. But never something this short. So tell me what you think of it.


Friday Picture (Should I Be Changing The Title Maybe? )

Friday Picture (Should I Be Changing The Title Maybe? )

I have no clue as to who had this brilliant idea- but as a fangirl, I must make this happen!

All you amazing people out there who are part of some fandom or the other, let’s do this!!!
If I see any of you around my vicinity, rest assured we will become great friends.

The whole concept of Fandoms has given me something I cannot even express in words.

I started last year by believing that- They are not strangers if they belong to your fandom, and that is undoubtedly, one of the best things I did.

Fangirls and fanboys everywhere, Tumblr, Facebook, Ning, are such supermegafoxyawesomehot people: Inspiring me, making me laugh, cry, giving me a sense of security that I am not the only crazy one (In fact now I have started to feel that I am not crazy enough- I NEED MORE CRAZY!) out there- and that isn’t even half the stuff they have unknowingly done for me!

Reblog this, I guess- if you want to spread the message too.

So much rambling! How’s that for a blog post that is supposedly a picture?


John Green did his Happy Dance!!!

Good morning people, it is Sunday. (Just go with it!)

I had written this post about the movie ‘Stuck in Love’ three (or so) weeks ago in which I, quite strongly I might say, put forth my views about how people should react when their story gets selected for publishing. Or just, you know, things like that.
I have become an official Nerdfighter since a week now (or maybe more- I’m really not good at timelines, am I?). I have been obsessively watching Brotherhood 2.0 videos by both John and Hank Green.
French the llama! Why didn’t someone tell me about them on January 1, 2007???
I feel like I’ve missed out on a lot now and am trying to catch up quickly. And whatever actually!
It is just so much fun!
I’ve got quite a lot of favorite videos now, and I was planning to post one on my blog. But just one! The choice was killing me. And therefore I didn’t do it.
But now I am going to- not as a vlogbrothers video but because it is about one of the posts I have written. I must do it for the benefit of the readers. (That is how I am justifying it, because this is by far not the last one I post- there are so many more to come!)
So yes, getting back to the topic, this is the video of a video of when John Green got the call telling him that his book “An Abundance Of Katherines” was selected as a finalist for the Michael L. Printz Award.
And well, his reaction is flawless. This video is the perfect example of how, according to me, people should react (also what their spouses should do when such a moment arrives- because honestly, if not for The Yeti, we wouldn’t have this video right now!).
This is IT- the video after watching which, whatever little doubt I had of adding John Green to the-most-awesome-people-I-know list has vanished. (There is no such list, but I’m going to make one now, just after watching one more vlogbrothers video. What? Don’t look at me like that! Have I never mentioned I majored in Procrastination?)
P. S. I finished reading Looking For Alaska last night (or early morning? I think it was around 2 a.m.).
All I can say is *spoiler alert* :
Take a deep breath.
It is okay.
Calm down.
No need to turn into a giant squid of anger now.
You finished the book.
It was beautiful.
And you love John Green.
It is okay. (Yes pathetic that you are, you can’t help thinking of TFiOS every time you say ‘okay’)]

P. P. S. Might I just add? Watching all the videos I realized that maybe, just maybe, I like Hank better than John Green. Not really. I mean, I can’t choose between the two, but sometimes I do feel that.
And also, there is an author-reader loyalty at stake here, so I cannot, on principle, say that.
It isn’t even true. But at times, I feel Hank is much more hilarious. And Hank and The Katherine are on the way to becoming my OTP really soon.
Anyway I gotta go watch at least 394 more awesome videos by the duo!
I’ll see you next time and DFTBA!

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