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Had The Most Potterific Day Ever!

[Caution: Too many exclamation marks (!!!) and more importantly, too much fangirling over Harry Potter. Continue at your own risk!]


The unexpected happened (the good kind) – and I hadn’t anticipated it!

After a really bad math test in the morning- which I’ll probably fail but Muggle things like that are the last thing on my mind right now so I’ll just continue- I went to this Harry Potter Quiz event aaaand…

*cue for music*

Made. New. Potterhead. Friends.


Five of them!

I finally found my species!

 I feel like the swan who felt like an ugly duckling for the better part of his life but at last he found his own kind.

Those girls speak my language. We not only share our love for Harry Potter but many other fandoms as well. Not only that- We love the same kind of things-  music, movies,blogging, food, procrastination and the like.

So here’s how I met each of them.

(For the sake of convenience and because I’m not sure they’re comfortable with me revealing their true identities- you know kickass people like us need to take care of that so as to not be flanked by our fans while we are chilling out 😉 – let’s call them Potterhead#1, Potterhead#2 etc.)

Potterhead#1 (a Ravenclaw just like me) is sort of an acquaintance from before but we became actual real true best friends today. So we had basically decided to meet today- the quiz being just an excuse. She has hair like Helena Bonham Carter does as Bellatrix Lestrange- Oh yes! She fell in love with her hair all over again after I made the observation known.

Then I met the remaining four in pairs. While leaving from the venue of the event, we recognized two of them (Potterhead#2 and Potterhead#3) as the ones who were present at the event as well and started talking since Potterheads, after all, Unite! We just stood there, four of us now, and talked about the quiz and Harry Potter in general and kept quoting one or the characters every two minutes. The amazing part was that one of them would start a quote and the rest of us completed it along with her! One of them is a Gryffindor and the other a Slytherin.

Sadly, they had some prior engagements and therefore we couldn’t keep on chatting forever since they had to go another way- but yes, we did exchange our contact numbers and said our (temporary) goodbyes with a promise to go crazy on social networking sites and occasionally meet up to share Butterbeers. 😀

Whoever said that something good comes out of every bad thing that happens to you is very correct.

A lack of vacant cabs on the road made us get into a crowded bus and that’s when we met Potterhead#4 and Potterhead#5. I was just talking to #1 about how I would give anything to be in The Knight Bus right now, and I mentioned Stanley Shunpike and voila- two girls turned around and exclaimed “Potterheads too?!?!?”




We nodded enthusiastically and went on chattering nineteen to the dozen for the next quarter of an hour without so much as introducing ourselves. We talked of OTPs, canons, and just about everything that had even a remote connection to Harry Potter.

 The conversation went on and on for- I don’t know- was it two hours? It hardly felt like half an hour, that’s how quickly time passed- yes, I can so see the Horace Slughorn hourglass reference coming.

Once in a while, we went astray from the topic of Harry Potter but in less than five minutes a reference popped up! For example-

Potterhead#1 and I were once crossing the road looking for a cab and talking about random stuff when she held my hand and said, you know that just reminded me of-


And I’m like- Dude! That’s just the thing I was about to say!

That happened a lot too – the whole that’s-what-I-just-thought and that’s-what-I-was-about-to-say.

All in all, the day just couldn’t get any better. We kept saying that again and again but we weren’t surprised when it did.

I’m just so euphoric that I’ve found great friends and it’s a beginning of something really mind-blowing with all of them that I can’t help but show them off.

Here are some of their blogs, check them out, you won’t regret it!

Potterhead#1 –


Umm… One or two of the others blog too, but I don’t have their URL and they are unavailable for comment right now, so later.

 P.S. Not talking about the quiz now for a reason, will write about all that after a few days.


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