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Do you read more books when you have more books…

…. or do you acquire more books when you start reading them?

This is a question that has been bothering me for years.
Procrastinator that I am, I got around to addressing it now.
What prompted me to finally do it is a few videos by Catriona (known better as LittleBookOwl).

So yeah!

She reads a lot.
But more importantly, she owns a lot of books!!!

The other day I watched a video of her rearranging all her books on her various bookshelves (Yes!! She does not have just one, she has plenty of those too!)

She colour co-ordinated them, arranged them by height, a whole shelf was only full of TBRs!

It was so exciting to even watch her do all that arranging and to look at so many books!

My mum doesn’t let me buy too many books, I do most of my reading with the help of e-books.
I’m not really complaining because I know how pointless it is to argue with my mum about anything, and that’s alright really! I’m fine with not having books; I’ll buy thousands of books when I start earning myself- it’ll be my own money, I can do whatever I want with it- and not feel guilty.

(Oh my God! I can’t wait!)

But I do wonder how it works, does LittleBookOwl read more because she has so many books, or does she have so many of them because she likes to read a lot?

Of course you do have to like reading at least a bit to even buy books the first time, but which way does it work later?

If I had to give my opinion I’d say that you read more when you had more books; since it meant more accessibility, more choices thus less chances of you getting bored and not wanting to read and there’s also that feeling you get, looking at a huge pile of unread books and thinking that you have to read them all and you’d better hurry, because you don’t want to miss out on any!

Ever since I started reading siriusly (which was around 2 years ago, before that I only read for pleasure- without any goals or long term planning or a never ending TBR), I’ve started having more and more and more e-books to read.

I’ve started borrowing more books (from friends or libraries) and even buying more of them (comparatively).

And all this change in spite of not really owning too many books.

So I often feel that I’d read even more if I had more of them.

E-books have really helped me read a lot but they have their disadvantages.
Sometimes I have to stop reading an e-book at a cliffhanger because of low battery or because too much of e-reading (that should be a word if it isn’t already) gives me a headache.
So yeah!
I need to buy more books- and I want to buy more books!!!

(I think you should know that I’m extremely greedy when it comes to books- like I would still be saying that I need to own more books and read more books ten years down the line when I will -hopefully- be having a houseful of books.)

Anyway I love all things books, reading them, talking about them, reading about them, holding them, sniffing them, devouring them or simply even looking at a stack of them.


What is your opinion?
Do you think owning books has any connection to reading them?
If so, what’s your theory?  How does it work with you?

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