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My Top Ten Bookish Problems

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish and this is, I think, the first time I’m doing it.
I’ve always loved reading these posts on my fellow bloggers’ blogs but writing one was really fun too!
It is about the Top Ten Bookish Problems we face and here’s a list of mine.

10. The feels attack you get every time your favourite books are mentioned


Usually it starts with...


When this happens


Followed by...


Ending in tears. It always ends in tears.

9. Lack of social ettiquette after seeing somebody read a book in public that you’ve read and love.

Usually when this happens, I first shriek and let the person know how much I love the book and then start mentioning random words related to the book with “Oh my God”s inserted at intervals.
Let’s say, for example, the book in question is Paper Towns.

“Black Santas!!! Oh god that was so epic! I love her name! Margo Roth Spiegelman’s, I mean! And the road trip is the best part about that book!! Shit it is so awesome!
Remember that scene where she explains the meaning of Paper Towns?? I love it! I love it so much! OMG!! The entire book is supermegafoxyawesomehot!!!! I hope the movie is good. Like seriously! Paper Towns is my favourite John Green book! Honestly”

All of this in one breath.
I wonder how I do it.

8. Inability to hold a conversation for longer than 10 seconds without making book references.


Everyone in the room is like

It’s true what they say about Supernatural.
It does have a gif for everything.

(Are you getting that reference? Do you know what I mean?)


Well okay... 😦

7. Stuck in a reality where book bars aren’t a thing yet…
…. and Bookworms around the world are too busy reading books to do anything about it.


This is what I'm talking about!!! Please make it a thing!!!


Or at the very least-this!!!

6. You can’t have just one favourite book or author or even series.
Maybe you can have one in every subgenre which is then categorized by the year it was released and the gender of the author.

People who are not voracious readers never seem to understand this.
They keep on insisting that you tell them your one favourite book or your one favourite author.
When talking about Meg Cabot, I say “Oh Gosh! She’s my favourite author!” A friend will look at me accusingly and say “I thought J K Rowling was your favourite author.”
Another will be like, “Hey what about John Green?” and I’m like “ALL OF THEM ARE MY FAVOURITE AUTHORS!


5. The uncontrollable urge to enter a bookstore when you see one.


It doesn’t matter whether I buy new books or not.
I must- absolutely must- enter a bookstore, look at my favourite books with those eyes (do you know what I mean?) and stroke their spines and sniff as many books as I can before I get kicked out (or dragged out by friends).


These eyes! These are the eyes I mean!

4. Inability to function in the so-called “real life” because you’re still living in the world of the last book you read.



3. Book hangovers aren’t a valid reason to stay at home sipping coffee.
Also, sadly, the only cure to book hangovers is reading more books or therapeutic buying of more books.


2. The overwhelming need to watch/ read every movie/ musical/ TV Show/ modern adaptation ever made for your favourite book.

Be it The Lizzie Bennett Diairies or A Very Potter Musical or even The Casual Vacancy show.
You know what I mean.

1. Should I read this standalone book that just came out last month (and I bought it on a whim) or the next book in this series that I have been reading for a while now (and am deeply invested in the lives of the characters) or buy a completely different book to read (because I should diversify my reading) or-or– reread my favourite book which I’ve already read 42 times (to make sure I haven’t forgotten the exact wording of my favourite quotes)??

While too many books, too little time is a certified problem with every bibliophile, I also face the problem where I never have a good book to read.
It’s like, yes I did buy this book a month ago just so I could read it someday soon but then again I’d rather read the book I bought last week first. But I’m saving that for after my exams! Suddenly I don’t have any books to read!!! 
(By the way, yes, I did write 2 problems under the head of one.. sneaky right?
Well, do you blame me if I have more than ten bookish problems??)


The Introverted Schmuck also wrote a post for Top Ten Tuesday and she insisted that I do (which is why I did actually) and therefore I have specifically not written the problems she has already mentioned. Otherwise really, those are some of the most important ones we all face.

Tell me some of yours and if you’ve written a post already (because really, I’m posting on Thursday, what are the chances you haven’t?), leave a link below- I’d love to check out your post! 😀

Which is the perfect song for Paper Towns?

You know what’s the perfect song to listen to while reading Paper Towns???
Especially while reading around the last 60 pages or so which is their road trip? 

It is Dreams And Disasters by Owl City.

[I wanted to embed the video in the post but I am not using my laptop to be able to do that 😦 ]

Oh my god the song is so perfect!!!!
I always thought so and I meant to post it here on the blog but completely forgot and now that I remembered (only because it started playing on my phone and I’m listening to it right now. On replay.) I figured I must post it before I forget again.

We were alone on the road driving faster,
So far from home we were chasing disaster
Hard on the gas till the car caught on fire 
We had to laugh as the smoke billowed higher

And that’s just the beginning.

If any of you Paper Towns fans is planning on rereading the book before the movie comes out (like me) do listen to this song.
And then there’ll be people who’ll read the book only because it’s the new cool thing to do or whatever. Like they did with The Fault In Our Stars.

Aah anyway who am I to judge?
If it gets them to read more books, why not?
John Green is as good a place to start as any.

Also, Paper Towns or no Paper Towns, this song is so awesome!

And tell me in the comments what other songs you feel are apt for certain books.

Since when did Nerdfighter start preceding Potterhead?

I spent the last 24 hours at my aunt’s place. I was “visiting” (I associate that word only to Jane Austen novels, or perhaps to the dentist).

First I was a bit apprehensive of going because it’d be the first time I was visiting (the word again) and I didn’t want to intrude. Not to mention my own awkwardness.

But somehow my aunt and mum together convinced me to go (come in case of aunt, of course).

And my aunt also mentioned in the passing of this girl two years younger to me (but in the vast scheme of things, my age) who read a lot and would be “visiting” too.

So that helped, sort of. I thought that at the very least I’d get to know a person who read books completely different from my kind and someone who probably didn’t know the meaning of ‘fangirling’ but at least she read and therefore I could maybe get a few recommendations out of her. Or (and this was just the hope talking because, really, what are the odds?) she’d be this awesome fangirl who spent every waking moment on Tumblr and had read just about everything (Everything being Harry Potter, The Fault In Our Stars, The Hunger Games, Divergent Trilogy, Percy Jackson series).


Now, I know lightning doesn’t strike twice… and I know it doesn’t strike twice in a good way either, but this’d be like the 4th or 5th time it struck for me (in a good way).

The beginning of it all didn’t seem very promising, I’ll be honest.

After dinner she took out a book from her bag and I didn’t even let her settle down before I exclaimed “Paper Towns!! I’ve read that book and it’s awesome!!!” (Excuse the exclamation marks, but I did say ‘exclaimed’)

Her face lit up like a Christmas tree (okay no, no, bad metaphor! Never saying that again- it is NOT funny).

Then I asked if she had read TFiOS, she said yes.

Then I asked her if she was a Nerdfighter, she said yes again. But then I thought I should clarify what I meant.

So I asked, “Like, are you a fan of YouTube John Green?” Yes I did call him that. “YouTube John Green”. Don’t ask me why.

Then somehow we moved on to Dan and Phil (she is a huge fan, she likes them more than she likes the vlogbrothers). She does have a tumblr where she does spend every waking moment.

Her twitter and tumblr are called something which is a cross reference from Percy Jackson and Divergent (I’m not sure if she’d want me to tell you what it is) so then I knew that she had read those too.

We then talked about a lot of other stuff and almost on second thoughts I asked, “You’ve read Harry Potter too, right?”

And she said “Obviously!”


Now this could be interpreted in two ways.

The First way:

We took it for granted that when a person has read all those other books, she has most obviously read Harry Potter. It is illegal not to have.

And this shows how Harry Potter is a legendary thing, something that can never be replaced.

The Second way (AKA The Way I Saw It):

For a huge part of what would be considered our first impressions (the part where I really started liking her, and I hope the feeling was mutual, and I mean it in the most platonic way, stop sniggering! This is sirius) the words “Harry Potter” weren’t uttered. The fact that she was a Nerdfighter was enough for me. Does that mean I don’t care about Harry Potter now?
I was so ashamed of myself when I noticed the lack of Harry Potter references in our chat. Even after I had asked her, we still talked about other stuff more than we did about Harry Potter.

(She is also a fan of BBC Sherlock among other things 😀 )

I really hate that. No offence to John, of course I love him and everything- but how could we not have discussed Harry Potter? I mean really?!?!? (As I use the interrobang too, I think to myself “Ha! Mine and John’s favorite punctuation”)

I lightly said that to her too, “If not for John Green, we’d be having this conversation about Harry Potter” and I meant it very lightly too. Only later did I fully comprehend the implications of that one sentence.

I’m torn. I really love John and I love all my other fandoms. And everyone in them, but somehow I feel like I’m not being faithful to Harry Potter and JKR!

It was the gateway fandom: how could I not start the conversation from there?
But then again, now that I think of it, we wouldn’t even have had the conversation if she wasn’t reading Paper Towns, a book that I love. So it was all for the best.

And anyway, I’m always gonna call her a Potterhead Nerdfighter even if she likes 394 other things.


P.S. I mentioned that this was the fourth or fifth time that it happened to me (this randomly meeting a Potterhead thing). I’ve mentioned two other times here (the beginning of it all) and here.


P.P.S. I’ve written a blog post (a pretty long one) two weeks ago but I haven’t posted it yet, because I have to edit it. Please hope for my sake that I do it soon. It’s about books, in case you want to decide whether or not you should hope and pray. 



Meet Me In The Middle… Will you?

27th September, 2014:

“Believe me, there are more chances of you meeting someone there than me meeting someone here! You gotta trust me, I’m not seeing somebody else.”

“I do. I trust you… I think. But it could happen to the best of us. And then there is the thing about you not calling anymore… I mean, when was the last time we talked? Really talked? When was the last time you did not disconnect abruptly because you had someone else to attend to… or worse, when was the last time you did not fall asleep at the other end of the line?”

“Hey that was just once. Although you are right. I don’t know what to do!
I’ve been really busy with work lately. But that’s all. It is not because I’ve been busy shagging someone senseless while you spend your nights alone wishing I was there with you.”

“Would you do something then? Something for me? For us?”

“Yes. Yes I would!”

“You remember the very first art assignment?”

“You mean The Art Assignment? The Yeti’s Art Assignment?”

“Yes. Just that.”

“Wasn’t it the one about meeting in the middle? And we had done it, do you remember? Wow! Wasn’t it amazing??? And that was almost six months ago and oh my God! It was fun!”

“How could I forget?
Oh I miss you so much. And I miss those days! When you had just left a couple of months ago and i thought you’d be back in no time…

Well, are you willing to come halfway for me?”

“Of course I am! I’m leaving as soon as we disconnect… the same little park we met last time.. okay? The exact spot too. The perfect mid-point!”

“Whoa!! It is close to midnight… the trip will take us around 4 hours or so.
I miss you but I could definitely wait till morning… And what about your work? I thought you’d have to go!”

“I am coming.
And isn’t that what loving and trusting is all about? Meeting the other person halfway- trusting them to be there in spite of not saying a word throughout the journey. And I’m willing to take the leap of faith… are you?”

“You betcha!”

“I love you”

“I love you too”

You can watch the first Art Assignment here.

This story came to me a few days after I first watched it while I was sitting there cursing my exams for existing- because it meant I couldn’t do it for myself. I remember being all depressed because I had an exam the very next day and more than half the textbook to cram… and I was so angry and frustrated.
But then I thought to myself (after that one exam, that is)
Oh c’mon! Be creative! Are you just gonna sit there putting all the blame on your exams and not do anything? I mean, you are a writer!!!

*cue lightbulb moment*

Oh yes!!!! I am a writer. All my life I’ve written about things I couldn’t do. All those scenarios in my mind, I put them on paper to make them that much more real.

So I made up this story.

Of course the story doesn’t have any resemblance to any person, living or dead, and least of all myself. But you could say that The Art Assignment was like a writing prompt.

Oh and 27th September is my birthdate.
I figured if John could make Paper Towns happen on Hank’s birthday then why not me?

Before you start with the ‘Hank is his little brother, you are your own self and that makes you self-centered’ thing, let me tell you that my brother’s birthday is on the 5th of May and here are the reasons I rejected it (*underhand, if I may add* TFiOS movie reference people!!) :
1. It isn’t 6 months after the first Art Assignment
2. It is the same as Hank’s birthday (you cannot imagine how happy that makes me!!!) so that would be like a rip-off of Paper Towns without me wanting it to be.

I hope you enjoyed the story. I don’t think I did such a good job after my previous one (if any of you thinks that it was better- way better- than this one, then I agree with you wholeheartedly), but well, this is just my second attempt at a short story- I’ve got a lot to learn.
Somehow, while writing these two stories, I realized that writing short stories is more difficult than writing long ones.

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