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Friday Picture

Friday Picture



Friday Picture (I think I’m Getting The Hang Of This!)

Friday Picture (I think I'm Getting The Hang Of This!)

Nightwalk, Dublin

This picture I found on Tumblr. And although it is very beautiful- no doubt about that- the reason I am actually posting it is because it is Dublin and I feel like I have a very special connection to Ireland. No I’ve never visited but I feel the connection because of reading a lot of Marian Keyes and Cecelia Ahern! Two of my beloved Chick-lit authors. 😀

P.S. I suggest you go look at the other pictures by the person who has posted this- most of the pictures are very beautiful! ❤

Saturday Pingback on Friday Picture

I posted a photograph in yesterday’s Friday Picture and then today I found a picture that one of my Petites Potterheads had clicked while she was about town.
And the similarities in both the pictures are so eerie…

So I present to you the awesome artwork of the terrifically talented (Ha- that’s the end of my quota of alliterations for the day!) Mehek Cazi, my Petite Potterhead who’ll soon-really soon, like less than a week soon- turn 16 and is a budding photographer- as is evident from the picture that follows:


Even if you keep aside the fact about it looking a lot like the Tunnel of Love, isn’t it beautiful? 🙂

P.S. Just in case any of you were wondering it is taken at the University of Mumbai, Mumbai (:P) .


Friday Picture! (Just Like I Promised :P)

Friday Picture! (Just Like I Promised :P)

Tunnel Of Love, Ukraine, Klevan

I would really love to be here one day… 🙂
The best part is- It is natural!


Friday Picture (I still do not give any guarantees about its regularity!)

Friday Picture (I still do not give any guarantees about its regularity!)

Merry Christmas, Everyone! 😀

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