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Random Recreations #1

Like I have said before, I am a hoarder.
I hoard literally everything. Physically as well as virtually. And in this age of internet, where there’s information in your face all the time, I hoard stuff even more.
I look at a picture, I think it’s cute or awesome or sad or thought-provoking, I’ll download it. And then I’ll keep it. Forever.
If I’m talking to a friend (or a bunch of them) and I’m loving this conversation, I’ll take screenshots of it and preserve it for getting nostalgic about later.
If I find a funny and/ or relatable post I’ll save it so that I can use it later in a conversation or a blog post.
My cell phone memory is always too crowded.

And I’d be okay with it (years of hoarding has taught me to live in this cramped way without any room for moving, or breathing even) but the worst part about all of these pictures is that I never (NEVER EVER) find them exactly when I need them.

And thus saving all the pictures just seems like a waste. So from now on, I have decided to get rid of pictures that I’m not sure I’ll ever need but I might just need. Then again, getting rid of your hoarding tendencies ain’t so easy! (Is that a pun? I’m not sure if it’s a pun!)
Here’s what I decided to do instead, I’m gonna post some of the pictures here on my blog for you to enjoy.
They’re not necessarily all of those pictures that I’m gonna delete (Let’s admit it, most of them, I’m never gonna let go of, unless they get accidentally deleted). They’re simply some really interesting and exciting and funny pictures I found in my phone and haven’t looked at for ages!

(P.S. Sadly, because these pictures have been in my phone for too long and also because most of them were sent to me by friends, I have no idea whom to give credit to. Sorry for that. Hope you enjoy them!)




About this one, this is actually a picture I downloaded from the internet after reading about it in the Dan Brown book, The Last Symbol. It is a small part of a sketch by Albrecht Durer (which is the next picture here) and the concept really fascinated me. You can read more about the painting here, if you’d like to. (the link is just a start, explore as much as you want later)


Albrecht Dürer, Melancholia

Books- exactly how they work


Being a Grammar Slammer, this one really got me!




Funnily enough, This paragraph perfectly describes my relationship with TFiOS and that’s what I was telling a friend about.

That’s all for today.
There will probably be more to come (partly depending upon whether or not you want me to do more of this).


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