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Nerdfighter Potterhead it is!

This is what my previous blog post was actually supposed to be about.

(I got waaaay distracted when it occured to me that I possibly wasn’t being faithful to Harry Potter but I understand that it wasn’t so)

I MET A NEW NERDFIGHTER POTTERHEAD (We’ll get to the “Nerdfighter Potterhead or Potterhead Nerdfighter?” thing in a moment or I’ll again just go off track) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Suddenly I’m meeting so many of them and it is amazing!
Believe me, I love it!

And the best part about meeting this one was the fact that we got to talk for like 3 hours straight!
We were awake till around 2.30 at night simply talking about tumblr stuff and John and Hank and Dan and Phil and Fandoms (she also told me about a few interesting things that I was unaware of before I met her *cough* Phandom and shipping “Phan” *cough*) and twitter and her favourite bands and just about everything under the sun that we never go out in.

It was just awesome! Like an unplanned mini- sleepover.
And I think I’ve met enough of them now to stop whining about how there aren’t any Potterheads and/or Nerdfighters around my place of inhabitation.

In fact, I think that is the reason I moved on from that to questioning wondering about the kind of people they actually are. I always thought that Potterheads would be these really really brilliant people who could do nothing to displease me.
I’m not saying they aren’t brilliant, especially not my Petites Potterheads- they are the most adorable people ever. But over time I realized that they are just that, people.
They make mistakes, sometimes they do things I don’t necessarily approve of, and we don’t agree on all the things all the time.
(I think at this point you should know that the new Nerdfighter Potterhead wasn’t the only one who read Paper Towns that night, I reread a huge part of it too- thus the talks of misimagining people)
This now happened because I know quite a few of them, earlier I didn’t.
I’m glad I’m learning stuff like this.

And of course, I am thankful to the Harry Potter fandom for being the gateway to this world and then Nerdfighteria to show me how far I’ve actually come.

Sometimes I wish I was a bit different or that I could change a few things about myself, but looking at the bigger picture I really wouldn’t want to have it any other way!

Nerdfighter Potterhead or Potterhead Nerdfighter?

It doesn’t matter.
Its like “Gif” or “Gif” (I love it how most of you will pronounce it in two different ways).
But because I’m not John Green who wouldn’t tell his preference or, alternately, his feelings about some book endings I could mention (but really, let’s not get into that), I’ll tell you what I would choose and why.

Nerdfighter Potterhead
Because: According to me, Potterheads is what people are, Nerdfighters is what they do or become.

Nerdfighter is like the adjective that qualifies the noun “Potterhead”.
It is an added quality. It tells us more about a Potterhead when we say he (or she, if you please) is also a Nerdfighter.

That’s all.

Best Wishes 😀

P.S. If you are reading this, new Nerdfighter Potterhead- I just want to tell you that I really enjoyed the other day and you should totally come over to my place sometime (well, we never bothered with the “Hellos” and “See you laters”, did we?)

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