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Pottermaniacs Galore

Do you know how many people have read Harry Potter?
Nor do I.
If I had to guess I’d say somewhere about 39.4% (and I think I’m being optimistic here- if only for the sake of the reference).

That coupled with the fact that I’m a huge Potterhead and fellow Potterheads are my favourite kind of people in the world, I suppose you can imagine what it feels like to sit in a room full of Potterheads- a room which can occupy at least 400 people.
Yes it was a humbling experience- and a joyful one too.

The place where I went last Sunday, was full of people, and it was so much fun, knowing that wherever you looked there were only Potterheads.
And you could be as crazy as you wanted, because a lot of them were probably crazier than you.

It was like the internet- but IRL!

Nothing beats an experience like that.

The passes for the event were made to look like Hogwarts Express tickets.


The quiz they conducted started at 11 a.m.- the time the Hogwarts Express leaves.

There was another room where they were simply showing all the Harry Potter movies in order, a movie marathon.

People all around were dressed in robes, others in fandom T-shirts (the fandom, of course, being only Harry Potter this time).
A few especially had cosplayed really well: dressed up as Luna Lovegood, Tonks, Lucius Malfoy and Quirrel- complete with the turban.
And as if that wasn’t enough, the Quirrel guy came running into the room, shouted “Troll in the dungeon!”

Everyone cheered real loud.
Felt weird to know that everybody got the joke, usually this is what happens:


The whole day’s experiences were actually surreal- I am not used to being among my kind so much- on the internet, sure. Real life? Not so much.

The entire place was decorated wonderfully.
It was very detailed; little things which you wouldn’t even have noticed were placed around the whole building, such as golden snitches hanging in the air at a few places or all the floating candles in a room, also the envelopes with various addresses of Harry.

The entrance was designed to look like the barrier of Platform 9 and a three quarters.

We were sorted while we entered- yes I got sorted into Ravenclaw!!! 😀
(I sort of asked for it, but the kind girl said she would’ve sorted me that way regardless.
My friend remarked “The Sorting Hat takes your choice into account”)

The merchandise they sold and we bought!!!
French the Llama! Words won’t do it any justice, I’m simply going to put up pictures.





Bookmarks! 😀


So MANY of them!

There was Butterbeer to drink too. Frankly it could do with a bit of improvement, but I suppose it is the thought that counts.

[While on the topic, I must mention how my friend and I had once prepared Butterbeer for the Harry Potter themed birthday party (The Hugest Surprise Birthday Bash Ever™) I’ve mentioned somewhere before. It was delicious… I still wish I had had a glass more- after at least 3 of them :P]
Here’s a picture of the one we prepared (I assure you it tasted better than it looks):


Coming back to this fest (it was called Pottermania as is obvious from the pass-that-looked-like-a-train-ticket), it had various other events like Horcrux Hunt and Ground Quidditch, neither of which I participated in.

I, along with my Petites Potterheads, was planning on participating in the Horcrux Hunt but it turned out to be a city wide thing and I thought that I wouldn’t be any good at it and we all were also very hungry [Yes, Harry Potter comes before food and therefore we went hungry till around 4 o’clock- save for the tiny glass of Butterbeer each- and then my friend also reasoned that chronologically food came first so we should eat- while this logic was flawed, we didn’t argue much] and in all of this, we missed the Ground Quidditch as well.

I suppose that was all there was to it, I didn’t exactly make new friends- I had more than 10 of them with me.

This was the second time I spent a Potterific day. This was grander, with more friends, more people and more of everything in general, but somehow it was different.
I realized how much had changed in the last 9 months- since the previous event.

I would say that the first time was more fun, but I’m not very sure myself.

I’ve been saving the best for the last.

One very magical thing happened.

We added a new girl in our group of Petites Potterheads (It is being called “The Fanvergent” right now. Petites Potterheads is the name I lovingly call them) a month or so ago.

And just like with every other person who is added, I started talking to her.
And I must tell you, that girl is awesome! 😀
She writes and she reads, her writing is amazing and- well I could go on but you get the gist. So for a while, we had been talking about lots of things, mostly books.
I absolutely adored her already and I was excited to meet her for the first time at Pottermania.

Before I narrate what actually happened I’d like to take you back to one of my older posts. Remember how I had written about meeting 3 awesome girls in a single day and how happy I was about it?

So the girl in Point #2, the ‘It’s Leviösa’ girl, you’ll notice how I’ve not mentioned her name- that is because she never told me, nor did I ask. Names hold little importance when somebody is a Potterhead- this is something I’ve noticed time and time again.

And yes you guessed it!
Turns out it was the same girl!!!
The exact same one I had been talking to all these days and was excited to meet at Pottermamia- not for a moment did I think it could be her- or anyone I had already met.
I had seen her picture but I didn’t really recognise her. She had seen my picture but she didn’t recognise me either.

It was only when I saw the ‘It’s Leviösa’ T-shirt did I make the connection.

I couldn’t believe it at all!
I kept saying that too “I can’t believe it is you!”

“Oh my God! I can’t believe it is her!” (This to a friend who knew exactly whom I was talking about).

It was serendipity in the true sense of the word.

I’d like to end it on this high note.

There is something of which I deliberately left out the details up there.
I do wish to discuss it.
But that’s what I’ve been procrastinating about since the past few days. I am not sure what I wish to say, or if I wish to say it at all.
Thus the delay.

Maybe I’m not supposed to write about it.
Maybe not yet.

Or maybe I’m just lazy.
Either ways, I’m not ready for it.

If it is procrastination, I promise I will get over it.
Anyway just forget I wrote this last part and feel elated (like I am feeling) about the way serendipity works its magic, it is not one of my favourite words for nothing. 😀

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