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Dear Girl With Many A Dreams,

“Never forget that it’s your life and this decision is yours to make. Not your parents’ or your elders’. YOURS.”

At times, things don’t really work out that way, you see. I’m not trying to rain on your parade but you are young sweetie… and naïve- I know you’d rather not be known as a naïve girl right now and would try to prove at every point of your life of being a naïve girl that you aren’t that (God knows I did the same! Still do maybe, trying to act like I am 44 when instead I am a girl of merely 17).

But believe me, being naïve is often better than being jaded.

And do you really think that all our dreams should always get fulfilled?
Imagine, if your dream of becoming a doctor was the one you picked to chase, and you tried really hard but it didn’t work out because in the end, despite your beliefs, Biology wasn’t your thing, wouldn’t you be disappointed (devastated, in fact)?
And all this while, your mum who knows you very well (inspite of whatever you might think) warns you and tries to dissuade you from taking up biology as she just wishes for the best thing for you, and you do not listen to her, and thus end up making the wrong choice.

When they say: Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it- I think that is what they are saying. That sometimes you realize (mostly when it is too late) that, as much as you wished for it, this wasn’t truly the best thing to have happened. Or sometimes it is the opposite, you badly badly badly wish for something, but you don’t get it and then somewhere down the line you realize how it was actually for the best!

I know that when you passionately crave something and are disappointed, things like “Accept good and bad with gratitude” and “Everything happens for a reason” sound like a whole truckload of bullsh*t, but thinking like that and taking it positively does happen to be the best course of action almost everytime.

One of my most favourite personalities once said, “Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.” and I think that is what we should always remember.

(Oh and it is Coco Chanel, in case you are still wondering.)

In the end, life is all about having the right regrets.

You cannot possible have everything-it is not even healthy- you have to choose at almost every point of time in life. You should try your best and choose what is right for you but somehow if that doesn’t happen-maybe, just maybe- life has made the choice for you and there is something bigger and better in store.

You, at this moment, are at the end of an important phase in life but at the same time, at the beginning of another that will go on to define you… but first you have to make a choice.
And whom to quote here but Professor Dumbledore as he says “It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”?

Making the right choice by choosing your way isn’t the only thing to keep in mind here, the choices you make if things do not go your way are also the choices that matter (perhaps more?).

I realise that I got carried away while writing it all, and I do not know how much of the above is for you and how much of it for myself (for I go on learning new things about myself as I write and this has definitely been one of those times).

In any case, I doubt if I told you anything new, anything you haven’t heard before, but me personally telling you all this might just make a difference. To me it would. Because great personalities rambling on about things in their cryptic, quotable language doesn’t touch my heart so much as my friend telling me the same in a much simpler language, speaking from their own experience does!
Not to mention how we often need a reminder of these things. Sure we’ve heard them before, but at times when you actually need to keep them at the forefront of your thoughts, they are buried somewhere in there filed under the “Philosophy to make sense of later” category!

Good luck… About everything.
I hope all your right dreams get fulfilled and things work out in your favor! 🙂

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