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An Unusual Start

The clock struck 12 at midnight on New Year’s Eve (well, New Year) and my phone pinged with a notification, assuming it was the start of New Year’s wishes from everyone, I checked and saw that it was actually an e-mail. No one e-mails me to wish on the days of any kind of festivities so that was pretty unusual (little did I know that there was a string of unusuals to follow- “unusual” being an understatement here).

It was an unusual e-mail from an unusual person.

He (She? They?) called himself (herself? themselves?) The Watcher.
I’m going to assume it was a man, or I’ll never complete this post. And this one, I must.

The e-mail read:


My father’s fortune was stolen by rebels, but before he fled the country, he stashed millions in an overseas account, and if you would be so kind as to send me $5,000, I would repay you double that. God bless you.

I kid of course, I kid.

But the information I e-mail you with is no laughing matter. The fate of several humans depends upon your course of action after you are bestowed upon the worldly wisdom that follows:

Some say time is just something the humans came up with. We know better. Time is not physical, nor does it normally have an impact on anyone’s life, but it’s out there. Waiting.
Inform people, tell them about us and we will spread the word of time and space. Do not let our sacrifices go waste. Tell them about The Time Travel Project, where information will be. Sometime. Possibly in the future.

The Watcher.

I would generally do the sensible thing and ignore it, just like most of you would suggest I do and in fact, do so yourself. But curiosity got the better of me and I reasoned with myself- Why not just check out what it is? I mean there is no harm in checking out just the one link, is there?

So I did.
What I found is- well, in a word, intriguing.

I will be sure to keep a check on this particular website. Some of the things are pretty… interesting.

Especially that button that says “Do Not Push” (What??? You expected me to obey??).

Well, I leave it upto you to go see it or not.
The Watcher requested me to do this so I did.
(Of course we did have a bit of correspondence after his first e-mail. I am not so naïve to post a link on my blog just because someone asks me to. )

As I have said earlier, I do not write reviews, but this time I would really recommend that you see this thing. It is something revolutionary, or so I think.

P.S. Happy New Year!
Hope you have made a couple of resolutions, I sure haven’t. Yet, I mean.
I just forget them by the end of January so it is futile either ways. But I will make some- that is for sure. And hopefully do whatever it is that I need to in order to complete them. Atleast this one year.

*Fingers crossed*

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