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I won an Award but this is just puns and gifs really

(Look who’s finally gotten around to doing this)

Special thanks to Leanna at Short Story Long Blog for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award!

It has been a while since I did the Leibster so I was really excited to do it (And the questions are so cool) 😀

The rules for the Sunshine Blogger Award are:

* Answer the 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you.
* Nominate some wonderful bloggers and write 11 questions for them to answer.

My answers to Leanna’s questions:

1. Who is your favourite Youtuber?

I don’t even have to think about this. 
The vlogbrothers. 
No competition whatsoever.




2. You have been captured! The protagonist(s) of the last book you read is coming to your rescue. What are your chances of survival?


The last book I  finished reading was the second book in the How to Train your Dragon series. So that would mean Hiccup and Toothless are coming to rescue me! Consider me rescued.

But also, I’m currently reading a huge-ish book called Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. 
It is a fanfiction, and it is brilliant.

Harry is smarter than Hermione. He is raised by good stepparents. He reads a lot- by that I mean, A LOT.
If this Harry was coming to rescue me, he’d probably ensure that I never get captured in the first place. That’s how much of a genius he is. 
Like I said, it is huge and I’m still reading it, but all you Harry Potter fans out there (and a lot of you follow this blog too): Read this! Highly recommended!

[Shout out to my new-ish friend who made me aware of the existence of HPMoR and who knew that it was just the kind of thing I’d like to read. 
Also a shout out to her for understanding all my feels about the book.]

3. What is your favourite pun?

Could I change the question to “What is your favourite kind of joke?” And then answer with “the kind with clever puns in it”?


Well okay.
Then I’ll do what I do every time I can’t choose, and list as many as I can find.

Ready? Here I go:











4. What was your favourite cartoon as a kid?

The most my brain can go back is to remember ‘Recess’ which was a cartoon series on Disney and I loved it, and I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t marathon it today if given a chance.




I also loved love Phineas and Ferb, but I think I was already at least 12 by the time I started watching it. 
So, while I now think I was a kid back then, my 12 year old would take some major offence at being called a kid.






5. Favourite book-to-movie adaptation?

Ermmm…. Harry Potter?

The movies aren’t without their own faults and they could obviously have done lots of things differently but the entire series is so much more to me now that I can’t not watch the movies whenever they’re on TV. 
I say this all the time actually. 
I should either find another answer, or a different way to put it.

Harry Potter is always a cop-out answer anyway.

6. When you were a kid, what did you tell people when they asked you what you would be when you grew up?

Doctor, I think? For a while it was “Doctor”. 
Although not the Gallifreyan kind- I wish kid-me was that smart for having watched Doctor Who at the age of 5 or whatever.

After the Doctor phase it was scientist. I had my heart set on being a scientist all through childhood, and for a little while as a teenager too. 
I don’t remember when exactly I stopped wanting to be a scientist- but it was around the time I was taught electromagnetism and things like that in physics and I couldn’t comprehend a word of it all… Around this time I had also started taking my reading and writing seriously so then somehow the scientist thing wasn’t too difficult to let go of.

7. What’s your favourite bridge?



8. Do you listen to podcasts? Which ones?

Currently? None.

And a bunch of others, but none of them regularly.

9. What’s your favourite dish to cook?

I don’t really cook, but recently I have started to, a bit.
I like making mashed potatoes or French Fries. Truth is, I love eating them so I don’t mind cooking them as well. And for one thing, I’d never rely on my mother to make mashed potatoes just the way I like them.

[Update: A day after I typed out this answer and saved it as a draft, my mother made mashed potatoes because I was feeling too lazy, and they were the best mashed potatoes I’ve ever had. So guess who’s going to be making the mashed potatoes henceforth?]

10. What was your least favourite class in high school?


11. Favourite thing on your bookshelf?

The books, really.


Most priced possessions would probably be the Harry Potter set, and my signed copy of Gavin Aung Than’s Zen Pencils book (never miss a chance to mention it).

My nominations are:

1. Diary of an Introverted Schmuck
2. Anything and Everything
3. Freedom and Inspiration
4. The power of Dreams
5. The Writing Hufflepuff
6. Something Else
8. Fandom Addict
9. The Vocal Wallflower
10. My Tiny Obsessions
11. The World Past Me

If you’re reading this, and wish to do this challenge and answer my awesome questions, but I haven’t nominated you, this is for you! Consider yourself nominated! Go on, do it! 😀

My questions for you lovelies are:

1. Did you listen to the Hamilton soundtrack? 

2. If your answer to that question is Yes (or ‘OMG YES!’ preferably), which are your favourite songs (I know it’s impossible to choose just one), favourite character, favourite voice to listen to? Go on! Fangirl/ fanboy!!

If your answer to that question is No, what exactly are you even doing with your life?! 
While that question started out rhetoric, now I’m curious. What’s happening? What’s new? What are you excited about in the short term? Tell me.

3. Do you have any tattoos? Would you like any (more)? Describe them. 
If no, why not?

4. If you were a Greek God (or Goddess) what would you be the God of?

5. Why do you think cats can’t fly?

6. If you could hop into a time machine right now, where would you go, past or future? When and where, specifically, and why?

7. Which is your favourite book cover? Why? (Of course attach a picture!)

8. What is your comfort food?

9. Tell me a funny and/or cute story from your childhood. (You can and should ask your parents for help in this one!)

10. Which F.R.I.E.N.D.S. character are you?
(Take this Buzzfeed quiz and post a screenshot of your answer!)


I'd say I did good, wouldn't you?

11. *Bonus question space!* What question do you wish I had asked you? Ask yourself it and then answer.

Good Luck to everyone who was nominated for having undertaken the task of answering questions, nominating people, and finding 11 questions for them!

May the 4th be with you!
(I am posting today- couldn’t give up on the opportunity!)

Edit: Do put a pingback to this post and/or comment with your blog link here so I can go check out your answers! I may act all chill here but I’m so excited to read all the answers. 😛

Too Much Information- Read At Your Own Risk!

It specifically said to thank the person who nominated me for my Liebster, but Preetha I’m not exactly going to thank you for making me answer these questions as some of them are truly Too Much Information.
I mean just look at the first.

1. What are you wearing?

Whatever I say here, I won’t be wearing that at the time of publishing the post.
It’s gonna take me a while to answer so many questions!
So I think I’ll wait out till I answer all the other questions and then wear something good before I publish, and write about that. 😛

Naa! I couldn’t be damned to get up and change.
So right now, I’m wearing this yellow t-shirt that says “SMILE and the world smiles with you”
And that works- ever tried it?

(Obviously not with creepy people. And also, guys shouldn’t try that with random girls. They’ll think you’re the creep. Unless you’re very cute, in which case, maybe say “Hi!” to go along with it 😉 )

2. Ever been in love?

Several times. Or so I thought.
But then I realized that I wasn’t really.

3. Ever been in a terrible breakup?

Aah well! Depends on your definition of terrible.
If you mean “God! That was so terrible I cried for days on end” then no.
But if you mean “Will he leave me alone already? There are limits to clingy behaviour” then sure.

4. How tall are you?


Yeah… not very tall I know.

But on the other hand:


5. How much d’you weigh?

Somewhere around 50 kgs, I guess.

6. Any tattoos?

Not yet.
Won’t get one unless I’m sure I want it.

7. Any piercings?

One in each ear. And that’s about it.

8. OTP?

Somewhere in all my years of fangirling, I’ve lost the “One” part of One True Pairing.

I ship Hank and The Katherine.
I ship Remus/Tonks, Jily.
But then again I also ship Wolfstar, Drarry, JohnLock, and let’s be honest, what’s more fun? 

9. Favorite show?

For the first time in my life, I have an answer to this one.
And F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

10. Favorite band?

Sadly not to this one yet.

11. Something you miss?

At this point of time, when most of my friends are having the time of their lives while I attend 6 hours of classes it has to be VACATIONS!

12. Favorite song?

Right now? I Write Sins Not Tragedies.

Biggest thanks to my newest Nerdfighter Potterhead friend for introducing me to it.

13. How old are you?

17 years, 6 months and 14 days.

14. Zodiac sign?

The Unique Libra.

(Libra is unique because it’s the only zodiac with a symbol that isn’t a living being. Libra is The Scales)

15. Qualities you look for in a partner?

Not so much a handful of qualities as a foot long list- what can I say? I’m very particular. (Not to mention, single)

16. Favorite quote?

So many of them! I had been planning on dedicating a blog post to quotes.
I’ll add a link here when (if) I do that.

17. Favorite actor?






And him


AND him


Also him


Him too actually


And the there's him

18. Favorite color?

Depends on what I’m combining it with.
As an artist (who hasn’t wielded a brush for around 2 years), I have come to the realization that all colors are very beautiful and what really matters is which other colors you use along with them to enhance the beauty of the creation.

19. Loud music or soft music?

Happy music.

20. Where do you go when you are sad?

The future.
I mean, not literally.
But I think about it. And I tell myself that all this won’t matter in a few years, and then I’ll be better, everything around me will be better- and I won’t have to be sad again.

21. How long does it take you to shower?

20 minutes atleast.

It could stretch over an hour if I’m washing my hair.

22. How long does it take you to get ready?

Who am I meeting?
What’s the occasion?
What am I wearing?
How excited am I?

23. Ever been in a physical fight?

When you have a brother, the answer can never be no.

24. Turn off?

When someone is dumb, I’m turned off instantly.

25. Turn on?


Sapiosexual, that’s me.

26. Major reason you joined WordPress?

To blog?
I never had an agenda when I began.
I did it on a whim.

27. Fears?


(Not because of Augustus Waters. Really. It is in fact more reason for me to love him- we share the same fear)

28. Last thing that made you cry?

Don’t remember. Deliberately forget those kind of things. Helps a lot.

29. Last time you said “I love you” to someone?

Repeatedly to Mikael Blomkvist and Lisbeth Salander (Currently reading: The Girl Who Played With Fire) because they’re both so smartass.

30. Meaning behind your WordPress Blog Name?

The name really says it all.

31. Last book you read?

How long ago was that now?

32. What are you currently reading?

Already answered! I must be psychic.

I’m also reading An Abundance Of Katherines by Guess Who?

33. Last show you watched?

S02 E01
(If you don’t think it is the best episode in the entire series you are lying. To yourself. And everyone else.)

34. Last person you talked to?

Social Media: Les Petites Potterheads because we are planning to go watch Divergent soon.

IRL: Mum. She came into the room to call me for lunch. Again.

35. Relationship between the last person you texted.

We are soulmates- my Petites Potterheads and I.

36. Favorite food?

Foodie that I am, just about everything.

Here’s some food porn for you:








37. Places you want to visit.

Traveling- now that’s one thing I really want to do.
For a girl who has traveled very little, but tends to dream big: the world becomes her oyster.

But I haven’t exactly compiled a list, because what all can I put in it?

I wish to go everywhere.

38. Last place you were?

Classes. ‘-.-

39. Do you have a crush?

Does the Earth revolve around the Sun?
Is John Green awesome?

40. Last time you kissed someone?

My lil cousin. Does that count?

41. Last time you were insulted?

Don’t remember. And anyway, his/ her bad that they failed to see the awesome in me.

42. Favorite flavour of sweet?

Chocolate- hands down.

43. What instrument do you play?

The keyboard. But it has been a while.

(Add that to the List of Things I’ve Stopped Doing because Now I’m Busy Doing God-Knows-What)

44. Favorite piece of jewellery?

My Earrings:


And those, my friends, are just the tip of the iceberg! You should check out all the hoops and loops and dangly-thingy paraphernalia that I own! 😛

45. The last sport you played?


46. Last song you sang?

For reasons unknown to myself, I’ve been humming “It’s raining, It’s pouring, Sherlock is boring. I’m laughing, I’m crying, Sherlock is dying” in the Moriarty sing-song voice.

47. Favorite chat-up line?


Or any Harry Potter chat-up line that anyone would like to use to woo me.

(To do: Find an alternative to “woo me” because Really?!?!?)

48. Have you ever used it?

But have only had the opportunities to do so with girls.

49. Last time you hung out with someone?

Friends at classes.
If that doesn’t count, then it was around a week ago with one of my childhood buddies: talking but mostly laughing, because that’s us- laughing like maniacs for no reason!

50. *LAASTT* Who should answer these questions next?

How many people am I supposed to name here?

There’s Leanna and OddTaylor.
And anybody else who, after reading the questions answered for themselves before reading my reply.
You are definitely interested. Do it!

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