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It feels so wonderful to sit inside…


It feels so wonderful to sit inside a dimly lit room in the morning hours when it is raining outside. It doesn’t matter that you are supposed to be working. The sound of the rain falling to the ground, washing away all the dust that has settled on the leaves of trees and also the roads and buildings after a hot three months of summer.

Sure, you could curl up with a hot cup of coffee and a wonderful book, but it is not necessary; the rains are enjoyable even if you are solving a few accounting problems.

You feel inspired, fresh and renewed: Quite like the trees outside the window to your left, and the rains haven’t even touched you really, to have the same kind of effect.

You are bursting with creative energy, you feel like writing something- not typing away at the laptop but taking out your favourite spiral notebook and your new pencil and writing and writing, listening to the scratching sound the lead makes on the paper while you concentrate on forming the next words in your mind. How beautiful it is!

You can sit like this for hour marveling at the beauty of the rains- but the mere thought of stepping out wearing a sticky plasticky raincoat into the dirty mud makes you shudder!!!

Funny how it is the nostalgic scent of wet earth in the confines of your own home but germ-infested mud as soon as you’re out… A change of perspective can do so much.

Well, I’d better get back to Accountancy!



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