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An explanation.. of sorts!

Yes, me being me, I didn’t go through with BookBlogWriMo.
I quit before I was even halfway.
To be fair though, I do have an incomplete post which was to be posted way back on the 20th November or something.
In any case, I intend to complete it soon and post it.
Then again, I intend to do a lot of things and we’ll get to that part in the later half of this blog post- along with an explanation about BookBlogWriMo.

Before that, I need to tell you something.

My True Love Gave To Me: Twelve Holiday Stories

Read this book. Just read it.
It is an anthology of short stories by various YA authors such as Rainbow Rowell, Stephanie Perkins, David Leviathan etc.
Actually wait, I’ll list down all the author names because all of them did an amazing job writing those stories.
I’ll also list the titles of their stories.


1. Midnights- Rainbow Rowell
2. The Lady and The Fox- Kelly Link
3. Angels in the Snow- Matt de la Peña
4. Polaris is where you’ll find me- Jenny Han
5. It’s a Yuletide Miracle, Charlie Brown- Stephanie Perkins
6. Your Temporary Santa- David Leviathan
7. Krampuslauf- Holly Black
8. What the Hell have you done, Sophie Roth? – Galye Forman
9. Beer Buckets and Baby Jesus- Myra Mcentire
10. Welcome to Christmas, Ca- Kiersten White
11. Star of Bethlehem- Ally Carter
12. The Girl Who Woke The Dreamer- Laini Taylor

I’ve highlighted the ones that made me feel all warm and nice inside. 😀
I loved all of them but I specifically restricted myself to highlight only about 5.

And since most of the stories are about Christmas, you could probably read them all before Christmas to get into the festive mood.
There’s 12 stories so you could read one in two days each and you’ll be done by the time Christmas arrives (although all of them are so short that you will, in fact, read two in a day rather than one in two days).

So since I’m in the middle of recommending things I fell in love with recently, you might also want to try out 1989.
Taylor Swift’s latest album.
It is brilliant! I wasn’t particularly eager to listen to the songs because for some reason I had thought I wouldn’t quite like the songs.
I was very much into nerdy music (mostly by Hank Green) these past few months but then I somehow ended up listening to a few songs from 1989 and loved them.
Highly recommended!
Especially these songs: Blank Space, Style, Welcome to New York, and Bad Blood.

If any of you have read the book or heard the songs or both (especially if both) do leave a comment- I’d love to know your thoughts and opinions on both the things! 😀

Okay, so the second half I promised:
BookBlogWriMo was about blogging daily for 30 days but I ended up doing it only for 14 days.
(To be honest with you guys though, I’m actually very happy and proud of myself that I did it for 14 days at least. I was afraid I wouldn’t get through more than 3-4 posts.)
The prompts were awesome and I really wanted to write all of them but then I didn’t. Because I’m lazy, and I procrastinate and it’s like quicksand, the more I don’t do something the more I get sucked into the state of never doing it (especially if there’s catching up on the missing parts involved).
And I think I have only a limited amount of creativity assigned for each month; like, there’s always a saturation point. I physically am not able to write more posts after that point.
All of that is sort of what happened.
But here’s the thing, I really do want to complete BookBlogWriMo and so I have decided to do it slowly.
Once in a while, I’ll pick up the next prompt and write about it. No pressure. That way, I don’t scare myself into not doing things I’m meant to do.
It’s just an experiment- I’m trying out various methods to see how I actually work (no I am sirius, I was going through my old diaries the other day and I realized that I’ve always been like that. About everything. There has to be a solution right?).
This should work, I think.

Moving on to more exciting things, there’s something I’ve been planning on doing for a while now.
Before BookBlogWriMo came around, I was all set to do it in November but anyway I’m going to do it this month.

There’s a little bit of details to work on and also a little bit of planning and scheduling of posts to be done, so I’ll be posting an official announcement in my next post (which will be up very soon).

So I’m really excited about it.

All I can say is, it is gonna be legen-wait for it

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