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“I don’t exactly know what I mean by that, but I mean it.”

Do you know what time it is?

Well, if you don’t know I’ll tell you….

It’s time to recommend a book!

Yes! Third month of Book Blogging Challenge Thingie and this month I’m making Mia (that is, The Introverted Schmuck) read a novel that I’ve read mixed reviews about.
I, myself, have loved the book- a certain John Green may have had something to do with it, but I loved it.

In fact, I didn’t read it too long ago either. So it’s perfect that I’m recommending it to Mia now because it’ll be a refreshing change after Lipstick Jungle where I was like “Okay.. so did that happen in the book? Really?
I don’t remember!! What was the book even about!?!”
and Behind the Beautiful Forevers “Is Asha the name of the studious girl or her crazy mother?!? At least I remember most of the story though, so thank God for that!”

Anyway, let me tell you the name already!
It is The Catcher In The Rye by J. D. Salinger.


This book requires you to be careful while reading. You must be attentive or you’ll miss out most of the subtleties and then this book is no fun.
Of course you’re not going to like it then.

But it is a great book.

Holden Caulfield, the first thing I noticed was his peculiar name.
I really like it.
He is not at all a likeable guy. Especially not in the beginning.
You may start to like him, or at the very least, understand him as you progress through the book.
And it provides to be a very interesting read.
Something very different from what I- and I’m pretty sure, Mia- usually read.
And isn’t that the whole point of Book Blogging Challenge Thingie?

Actually Mia mentions it in every alternate post, I’m not sure I ever have (because I assume that you read her posts as well), that the point of Book Blogging Challenge Thingie is to diversify our reading.
For me, it is also to help me be regular about at least a few things when it comes to reading and writing (and to practice talking about books) but that’s not relevant right now. I’ll figure out a way to put it in some later post πŸ˜›

All those other things be damned, The Catcher In The Rye usually features on lists of banned books and as we all know, readers feel badass when they read banned books.

Although, if you ask me (which I know you won’t- so I’ll tell you anyway), banning books is one of the stupidest things to do and the first person to have ever banned a book was the biggest idiot in the whole wide world!

Mia and Tanvi (if you’re reading this book), I hope you enjoy the book and looking forward to your thoughts and reviews.

Happy Reading!

A Conversation with Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres is awesome!
For this month’s Book Blogging Challenge Thingie I read ‘Seriously… I’m Kidding’ by Ellen DeGeneres and let me tell you- I love her!

Not that I didn’t before, I always did.
But I realized that I connect better with people when I read something they’ve written- whether a blog/ essay/ short story or even a fiction novel.

That’s what happened with Ellen DeGeneres as well.
And her book was about herself for the most part, so that was an added bonus.


I especially love the format of the book.
It doesn’t feel like you’re reading a book, it seems like Ellen is talking to you (see? We’re on first name basis now!).
The book is a 200 page long (albeit one-sided) conversation.
Most parts of the book are really funny and witty.
Some of them are hilarious.

“She [her wife, Portia] has every kind of lotion there isβ€” and there’s a lot. There’s lotion for your face, lotion for your hands, lotion for your feet, lotion for your body. Why? What would happen if you put hand lotion on your feet? Would your feet get confused and start clapping?”

This quote is the first one that made me laugh out loud. I laughed for two whole minutes before I continued reading.

She makes sure that everybody can read her book- not just a specific demographic.
And how does she do that?

Well, she has put in a text message for all the teenagers (Oh God! After trying and failing to read that message, I realized that I’m no longer a teenager), a short bedtime story for the kids and also, pictures to colour in for the kids (I was reading the e-book so I sadly couldn’t colour in them. But it was tempting, so I decided that maybe I’m a child who hasn’t entered her teens yet- now that’s a thought right?)


Ellen is great at making you look at things differently.
Here’s an example:

β€œIt is exciting to find out what our roots are. Knowing where we come from explains so much about who we are. Plus, it gives us so many more people to borrow money from.”

One chapter in the book basically consists of this:


Make of that what you will!

Recently I watched a few clips with Neil Patrick Harris and Ellen DeGeneres in them because I was looking for Oscar related stuff to watch (since, just like every year, I couldn’t watch the actual Oscars on the actual T.V. that I own and don’t even get me started on why), I came across these two really sweet ones.
Neil Patrick Harris and Ellen DeGeneres are two of my favourite people and they’re both very funny- and therefore, watching these videos is one the best things I did this week! πŸ˜€

I also love the fact that most sentences in the book are like “Siriusly… I’m Kidding” (I’ve been suppressing an urge to spell it like that for you don’t know how long)
By that I mean, they start out all sirius serious and are building up to a profound conclusion but oops… that was a joke!

Ellen has given a slightly different explanation for the title of the book but before I read that, this is what I thought she meant.

I had to restrict myself to adding only a few of the quotes from Ellen’s book- since too many could lead to copyright issues maybe?
I’m new to this writing-about-books-I-read-thing, so I don’t know about these technical rules but then again, I feel like Ellen won’t really mind. πŸ˜›

I highly recommend this book and, in fact, if I could, I would type out the entire book for you guys in one of my blog posts. Just to make sure you read it (yes, I’m assuming you read all my posts. Yes, that’s delusional, I know).

Before I sign off though, this one last quote, because Ellen has some brilliant ideas and in spite of not being a huge fan of reality shows, I’d pay to watch this:

“What they should do to save us all some time is combine every show into one giant reality show. Who wouldn’t watch a show about the next tap-dancing celebrity bachelor apprentice who can survive in the wilderness while singing about losing weight? Ryan Seacrest would host and we would all watch.”

My Top Ten Bookish Problems

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish and this is, I think, the first time I’m doing it.
I’ve always loved reading these posts on my fellow bloggers’ blogs but writing one was really fun too!
It is about the Top Ten Bookish Problems we face and here’s a list of mine.

10. The feels attack you get every time your favourite books are mentioned


Usually it starts with...


When this happens


Followed by...


Ending in tears. It always ends in tears.

9. Lack of social ettiquette after seeing somebody read a book in public that you’ve read and love.

Usually when this happens, I first shriek and let the person know how much I love the book and then start mentioning random words related to the book with “Oh my God”s inserted at intervals.
Let’s say, for example, the book in question is Paper Towns.

“Black Santas!!! Oh god that was so epic! I love her name! Margo Roth Spiegelman’s, I mean! And the road trip is the best part about that book!! Shit it is so awesome!
Remember that scene where she explains the meaning of Paper Towns?? I love it! I love it so much! OMG!! The entire book is supermegafoxyawesomehot!!!! I hope the movie is good. Like seriously! Paper Towns is my favourite John Green book! Honestly”

All of this in one breath.
I wonder how I do it.

8. Inability to hold a conversation for longer than 10 seconds without making book references.


Everyone in the room is like

It’s true what they say about Supernatural.
It does have a gif for everything.

(Are you getting that reference? Do you know what I mean?)


Well okay... 😦

7. Stuck in a reality where book bars aren’t a thing yet…
…. and Bookworms around the world are too busy reading books to do anything about it.


This is what I'm talking about!!! Please make it a thing!!!


Or at the very least-this!!!

6. You can’t have just one favourite book or author or even series.
Maybe you can have one in every subgenre which is then categorized by the year it was released and the gender of the author.

People who are not voracious readers never seem to understand this.
They keep on insisting that you tell them your one favourite book or your one favourite author.
When talking about Meg Cabot, I say “Oh Gosh! She’s my favourite author!” A friend will look at me accusingly and say “I thought J K Rowling was your favourite author.”
Another will be like, “Hey what about John Green?” and I’m like “ALL OF THEM ARE MY FAVOURITE AUTHORS!


5. The uncontrollable urge to enter a bookstore when you see one.


It doesn’t matter whether I buy new books or not.
I must- absolutely must- enter a bookstore, look at my favourite books with those eyes (do you know what I mean?) and stroke their spines and sniff as many books as I can before I get kicked out (or dragged out by friends).


These eyes! These are the eyes I mean!

4. Inability to function in the so-called “real life” because you’re still living in the world of the last book you read.



3. Book hangovers aren’t a valid reason to stay at home sipping coffee.
Also, sadly, the only cure to book hangovers is reading more books or therapeutic buying of more books.


2. The overwhelming need to watch/ read every movie/ musical/ TV Show/ modern adaptation ever made for your favourite book.

Be it The Lizzie Bennett Diairies or A Very Potter Musical or even The Casual Vacancy show.
You know what I mean.

1. Should I read this standalone book that just came out last month (and I bought it on a whim) or the next book in this series that I have been reading for a while now (and am deeply invested in the lives of the characters) or buy a completely different book to read (because I should diversify my reading) or-or– reread my favourite book which I’ve already read 42 times (to make sure I haven’t forgotten the exact wording of my favourite quotes)??

While too many books, too little time is a certified problem with every bibliophile, I also face the problem where I never have a good book to read.
It’s like, yes I did buy this book a month ago just so I could read it someday soon but then again I’d rather read the book I bought last week first. But I’m saving that for after my exams! Suddenly I don’t have any books to read!!!Β 
(By the way, yes, I did write 2 problems under the head of one.. sneaky right?
Well, do you blame me if I have more than ten bookish problems??)


The Introverted Schmuck also wrote a post for Top Ten Tuesday and she insisted that I do (which is why I did actually) and therefore I have specifically not written the problems she has already mentioned. Otherwise really, those are some of the most important ones we all face.

Tell me some of yours and if you’ve written a post already (because really, I’m posting on Thursday, what are the chances you haven’t?), leave a link below- I’d love to check out your post! πŸ˜€

Cold as Ice!

As I had announced earlier, my friend The Introverted Schmuck and I are doing a Book Blogging Challenge Thingie in 2015 (not to be confused with BookBlogWriMo I did in November of 2014. Yeah, some people did get confused) where we recommend one book to each other every month and then write a post about it when we’re done reading it.
It could be anything! A review, a rant- whatever suits our fancy! (I keep mentioning this because I’m not really a review person)

The book she gave me to read for January was Ice by Sarah Beth Durst.


So here are my thoughts on the book:

β˜… First half of the book was fantastic! πŸ˜€

I began reading the book and it was so gripping that I just read on and on and on and I didn’t even realize that I had already finished half of it- and it was only about 2 hours!
Loved reading that.

#Second part not so much! 😦

As quickly as I had read the first half, the second half was just as slow.
It dragged on and on, and got so boring at places that I simply put off reading the book for a while because I didn’t want to read those parts.
One of the reasons for this, according to me, was:

#Too much description

The entire book is full of descriptions of places the protagonist is at, at that time.
In the first half of the book, the descriptions were (or at least seemed) shorter and simpler.
The second half was full of long descriptions that went on for pages!!

I realize that some of it was essential to the plot. Since the protagonist was travelling to various places all the timeΒ  in all kinds of climates and landscapes (especially in the second half), the reader needed to know about her surroundings to better understand the story but it was all a bit drab. I’m sure the writer could’ve atleast done a better job of writing the descriptoons- making them sound more interesting perhaps?

I’m not a huge fan of descriptions of places in the first place, but this book was literally testing my patience.
I did not quit reading the book, nor did I skip a single page but at a few places in the second half of the book I read out the words that described the ice or forest or whatever but I didn’t process it all in my mind. I simply wanted to move forward in the story and get to the non descriptive parts pronto!

β˜… Strong and courageous protagonist

Cassie, the 18 year old protagonist, is shown to be extremely brave.
She is headstrong, doesn’t listen to her dad (when she feels she’s right) and is not even scared of the forces of nature!
Once she makes up her mind about something, there’s no looking back.

#Couldn’t connect to the protagonist

You know how when you start reading a book, you instantly start feeling like the main character is your best friend?
First chapter in and you’re already rooting for him or her.
Well, I don’t know what causes that but somehow that special magic was lacking in this book.
I didn’t root for Cassie.
I wasn’t feeling her feelings.
At no point of time in the book did I go- Ha! I knew she’d do/ say that! Because that’s the Cassie I know.
Truth is, I’m still not sure what kind of a person she was really.
Other than the whole courageous thing, I know nothing about her!
She didn’t even have a good background story.

Bear was interesting

Notice how there’s neither a ‘β˜…’ or ‘#’ before that remark, and my choice of words is “interesting”.

I’m still undecided about how I feel about Bear (that’s the name of the guy Cassie *spoiler alert* eventually falls in love with- if you couldn’t help but read it, don’t worry it wasn’t much of a spoiler, that’s not what the book focuses on)

He is really sweet, apparently also very good looking in his human form, and I adored him at the beginning of the book!
But when I got to the end (something I had been waiting for with baited breath, and something for which I endured all the descriptive parts for)
I was kind of disappointed!
He is barely even there.
He plays no part in the climax scene.

And the book is over so abruptly, I was like, “What??? That’s it?!?! After all the pains Cassie went through (not to mention the efforts I took to read so much of description), that’s the end I get?!?”

But then again, once I was done reading the book I got that nice warm feeling in my heart which I get everytime I read a good book- so I think it was worth it.
I realize that my thoughts about the book are confusing and they probably sound all contradictory to you (even to me they do, now that I’ve written them down) but that’s just the thing.
I’m very confused about this book.

On my Goodreads, I’ll be giving it 3 β˜…β˜…β˜….
Maybe I’d give it a 3 and a half- but that’s not an option right?

Have any of you read the book? What were your thoughts on it?
If not, did my ramblings make you want to read the book or drove you away from it?

I’d really like to get some perspective on this book here.

β€œSo much of being a woman is telling lies”

All of you have heard about Sex and The City. (*gasp* if you haven’t at least heard of it)
Almost all of you know it’s a book too.
Some of you have read the book.
Very, very few of you know that Candace Bushnell is the author and the few of you probably know about the other books written by the author.
Amongst them is Lipstick Jungle.
My favourite book by Candace Bushnell and one of my favourite books in my never ending list of favourite books.

That’s the book I made Mia read for the Book Blogging Challenge Thingie for January. (Past tense because she has finished reading it already. The past couple of weeks were too busy for me to post about the book sooner but from February onwards it’ll be posted a lot sooner. Take my word for it!)


What the book is about:

The book is about Nico O’Neilly, Wendy Healy and Victory Ford who are 3 of the most powerful women in New York.

This book is about their life. Professional and personal.

I won’t be revealing too much because Mia will be writing a post about it soon and I wanna know her thoughts about it instead of telling her about mine.

Why I thought Mia would like it: Because she liked Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger, and Lipstick Jungle is the same genre.
And Mia, just like me, likes strong female characters in her books.
And this one’s got three of them.
I’m appealing to her feminist side through this book.

So yes, that’s the January book.
I hope she likes it, because like I said, it’s one of my favourites.

Also, if anybody would like to join us in our Book Blog Challenge Thingie, by all means do so.
You could read the books we recommend to each other and write posts about them.
If you do that, make sure you leave a link to your post in the comments. We’d love to check it out!
And, if you recommend us a book or two- maybe we’ll read it too! πŸ˜€

P.S. Yes, the title of this post is a quote from the book.
No, I don’t particularly believe in it, but it peefectly fits in the vein of the book.

Let’s get narcissistic!

Today’s BookBlogWriMo prompt is “Top 10 Posts”.

(… is how I originally started this post, but well I should mention now that I’m three days late- or is it more than that?)

Without further ado (because aah.. you never delay such things), these are mine:

(Ha! I find it ironic now that three days ago, I literally wrote “you never delay such things” and then went on to delay it by 3 days! Wow! Just wow!)

10. WHO THE EFF IS HANK!?!?!?!?!
The fact that this post is in the list makes me so happy!
It’s about a Nerdfighter inside joke and is one of the best representations of Nerdfighteria as a whole.
It was really fun to write, if nothing else.

9. Too Much Information- Read At Your Own Risk!

Aah! The TMI Tag! Now wasn’t that fun? I enjoyed answering those questions so much, we need more tags like these (or if there exist others, somebody please nominate me πŸ˜› )

8. New city, but the same old

You know how every writer has this something that they hold close to their heart? Out of everything they’ve written, this one’s extra special (perhaps for no reason whatsoever).
This post is that for me.
It is actually a short story I wrote at 2 o clock in the night.
I enjoyed writing it so much, I even wrote a second part to it.
I don’t think anybody realized that it was actually the second part (and I didn’t expect anyone to) but I think it’s a nice continuation to this one.

7. I am having a hard time digesting the fact that John Green wrote TFiOS

This is the first post I ever wrote about John Green as a vlogbrother. I had just started watching Brotherhood 2.0 and it was an amazing time.
Aah nostalgia! πŸ™‚

6. Tumblr Potterheads FTW!!!

God! I was new to this world of Tumblr and was blown away by it’s sheer awesomeness.
That still hasn’t changed. Everyday I see new things on Tumblr and I’m blown over every time.
Harry Potter is why I first fell in love with Tumblr (just like most things in my post Harry Potter life) and back then I mostly just read stuff on Tumblr by Potterheads.
Now I think Tumblr has it’s own fandom.
In fact I’ve been planning on doing an “Amazing posts on Tumblr” kinda spam but haven’t actually gotten around to it yet.

5. Carbon Potter and The Unsaturated Benzene Hydrocarbon

This one though!
It has such fond memories.

Anyway, I’ll just tell you what it is.

Actually! Even I don’t know- just read to find out.

4. LIEBSTER!!!!!!

I was on Cloud Nine the first time I was nominated for the Liebster award.
So excited that I ended up never writing a post. The second time I was nominated though, I decided that I had to post. And I did.
And loved writing it a lot. Nominating people and asking them questions was the best part!

3. All those little things

Alright, to be frank, this post is third not because of my superior writing skills but because of T Michael Martin (or, as Mike from How To Adult, as most of us know him).


This guy

He reblogged the Tumblr version of this post and, well, loads of Nerdfighters visited to see what all the hype was about and were thoroughly disappointed, I’m sure. (Because those are just the ramblings of a random girl who isn’t anyone special- except she is a Nerdfighter too).

2. About

People actually read this.

1. A poll for readers (not MY readers, book readers! :P)

Octothorpe 1! Wow!
(Yes. Octothorpe. Nerdfighters, do you get it?)

This is a few questions I asked readers around the world because I’m really effin’ tired explaining to non- readers that the things I do are completely acceptable in the social circles I move in.
I mean, if I ever wore a fandom T-shirt and a fan of that fandom didn’t approach me to discuss my T-Shirt ad infinitum I’d be severely disappointed in my fandom.

Thanks to everyone who answered the poll, now I’ll simply shove this blog post in non-readers’ faces the next they tell me not to approach a fellow fangirl (you can still vote, if you’d like to- more proof is always great!)

Everyone who’s not participating in BookBlogWriMo, tell me what your most popular posts are!
Or, you know, chuck the stats! Tell me which is your favourite post out of all the ones you’ve written?
Also leave a link.
I’d love to visit your blog and read it!

I read in paradise

Had a bit of a battery dying out incident with the phone today which is why I’m posting so late.
Another reason being that I had to complete painting this T-Shirt:


So today’s BookBlogWriMo prompt is “Where You Read”

I read everywhere really. If you read yesterday’s post about how I read you’ll know that I am greedy and I take whatever I get.
So, even with the place of reading, anything is welcome.

I read standing up, sitting down, lying down (I’d read upside down if it ever came to that).
Even when I’m in a crowded train and there’s barely space to breathe, let alone actually concentrate on a task such as reading, I manage.

Now I’m going to be all pretentious and holier-than-thou by saying that wherever I read, the act of reading makes the place a paradise.
It’s late at night, I tend to say things like that.
But I have noticed that it is true.
Books transform you to another world.
Reading is a form of escapism (whether we like it or not).

So even if I’m not very comfortable in a particular place, I’ll still continue to read and simply get lost in the story.

And the more interesting the book, the more I lose my sense of self.

Sometimes when I stop reading after a long time it takes me a few moments to think straight.
What day of the week is it?
Why am I here?
Do I need to pee?
God yes! I need to pee! That’s probably why I stopped.

I digress.
If we’re very talking about physical places where I read then I do have two sepcific places at home where I do most of my reading.


That picture up there is where I sit and re-read my diaries or things written by me or old newspaper articles that I’ve cut out and saved for some reason or the other. All the aforementioned stuff is right there in that little cupboard.
Earlier I used to fit very nicely inside that box and could spend hours sitting there and going through old nostalgia-inducing stuff (it also helps that I’m a hoarder).
Now I don’t exactly fit in there but I still sit in the general area.
Reading books, I do that lying down on my bed whenever I’m home.
This is what my bed looks like at night:


Yes, it is like a fort of pillows and blanket.
Yes it is very childish.
No I am never going to grow out of it.

In fact I’m worried about getting married because my husband and I would have to have separate beds.
No ways am I giving up on this!

Laugh all you want, but believe me, it is so warm, cozy and comfy, you need nothing (except a book of course) and nobody when you’re tucked in there.
If that “paradise” metaphor sounded too pretentious, let me just tell you how that bed is a literal paradise.

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