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Why I don’t review

The BookBlogWriMo prompt for Thursday (the 13th of November) was “Your Review Process” and frankly I didn’t know what to write.
Mine isn’t really a book blog (if you haven’t noticed yet).
I’m just a girl who likes to read and likes to blog but who doesn’t blog about books she reads. (Yes I did realize that it would be a problem when I decided to do BookBlogWriMo because it was essentially for Book Bloggers, but then thought, “What the hell! I’ll wing it. And here I am, winging it).

For some reason I never actually reviewed books I read. I always discussed them with friends, fangirled with the rest of the fandom- but no technical reviews! Nope.
Then one of these days in January 2014 when I was in a very resolution-making kinda mood, I decided to “Never Say Never” and one of the things I decided to do was write more reviews.
Or at least try to.
Because it wasn’t such a good idea to let an opportunity of trying something new pass.
And so I wrote two.
One was a review of the Divergent movie (yeah not a book review, technically) and the other was a really awesome (I say so myself, but yes it is!) review about the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy Series by Douglas Adams.
Both the reviews were so good that I wondered why I didn’t do more of this and here are the reasons why:

1. One of the biggest reason (and the only one I could think of before I gave reviewing a thought) is that I am extremely biased towards the books I read. Once I have read a book and if I have liked it, then the chances that I’d be willing to overlook its flaws are pretty high.
It’s like having a dog, or a baby, you always think yours is the cutest and would never point out its imperfections for the world to see.
Also, if it’s my favourite authors- Whoa! There’s a whole logic behind that one which I’ve already written about in the aforementioned post.

2. Another reason could be that I read books for pleasure. I read a book, the experience forms a part of all my other experiences. It is my own to treasure. Most of the times I would rather not dissect the experience and describe it in words for everyone to read and form opinions about.

3. One of the most non-selfish reason on the list is that I don’t agree with the general idea of people reading my reviews and forming opinions about the book even before they’ve read it.
I don’t think I have the right to manipulate influence somebody, when it comes to books, especially if it’s in a negative way.
Only you can be the judge of your likes and dislikes and I wouldn’t want to put you off a book which you would otherwise have enjoyed, if not for my review.

4. I’ve said so much about writing reviews (or not writing, to be precise) but I think one more of the reasons is that I myself never read any book reviews. They spoil books for me. Even spoiler free reviews: they do mention funny scenes or emotional scenes right?
And then when I read the book I wonder if I laughed because I knew it was coming (or found it lame for the same reason) and whether I’m feeling those emotions because I really am, or because I’m meant to.
This constant wondering is tiresome.
And therefore I don’t read reviews either (if I do, I read them only after I’ve finished reading the book and formed my own opinions on it.)

5. Here is perhaps the most insightful point stating why I don’t write reviews:

I’m lazy.

Writing reviews is too much work.
You have to be precise.
You have to go through the book again and again to confirm that you’ve gotten it all right (either that, or you take notes while reading, but that’s unwelcome interruption!)

6. Lastly, I don’t write reviews unless I have something different or something of importance to say.
Because if I’m simply going to repeat what everyone else has already said, then why write it?
There’s plenty of those reviews out there- why should someone read them on my blog??

None of these are meant to offend any reader and/or reviewer of books out there.
All of these are just my personal opinions and feelings.
All of you who do write reviews do a great job- like I said, it’s hard work, and I am constantly in awe of everyone who manages to do it.

(They especially gain my respect when they read books and write reviews and yet, they end up reading more books than I do!!! Do you guys own a Time-Turner or something?) 

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