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How do I nail this?

Today I discovered something new. Not learnt; I haven’t learnt anything about it yet (just gotten intimidated that there are also things like these to learn), but it was a discovery alright!


This, my friends, is a harmless looking (until you open it, anyway) sleek blue box with tiny instruments in it.

I had been sitting at my desk, studying (or whatever it is I do when I say studying) and mum came in and dropped it at my desk. I picked it up and started pulling out various things.

This is what came out:


I was a bit alarmed.

I asked my mum what the hell I was supposed to do with these weapons of mass destruction (yeah well, I tend to stat away from all kinds of sharp objects as much as possible. One of the reasons I rarely enter the kitchen).

She told me it’s called (and I kid you not!) a manicure set.


I’m supposed to use all of that for my nails?

Like, how do I even use that tweezer thingie?
What do I do with it exactly?
Is it for pulling out my nails if they don’t behave well- which they never do, needless to say!

See, I’m not a total potato.

Most of the times I’m okay dressed.
I comb my hair everytime before I go out, you’ve seen my earring collection, I (try to) wash my face at least twice a day and just like every other girl, I love shoes.

Oh and this is my rubber-band collection:


See, I love color!

But this?

This is a whole new world!

The most I’ve done to my nails is cut them, paint them (occasionally, don’t remember the last time- it’s too much of a hassle for something so temporary) and shaped them (that was once, the incident is kind of funny, I guess I’ll get out of the parentheses and write about it) but I was never very high maintenance.

So like two years ago, a friend of mine (let’s call her Blondie), who is very high-maintenance, she is probably the President of HighMaintenanceVille, had invited me over and somehow we got to the topic of nails (or rather, we always do- but usually it’s her nails) and suddenly the spotlight was on mine.

And I must say I didn’t like that very much, she took one look at it and pulled a complete movie/ book scene on me.

This scene, people, you will have seen in various makeover movies- Princess Diaries, Just Go With It and read about in books like I Heart New York or Glitz.

It’s the scene where the manicurist/hairdresser/ the-person-who-specialises-in-that-small-area-between-your-cheek-and-ear looks at their area of expertise and all but passes out at the sheer neglect you’ve shown towards it!

You find it very funny then, when you watch it on TV, I do too; but try being at the receiving end.

Blondie shrieked “Have you ever even heard of filing??”
(As a matter of fact I hadn’t)

“It’d do you a whole world of good if you got your head out of books and tried shaping your nails once in a while!”

(Well, I don’t know about that! Like I said, nails are so temporary anyway- I’d rather just read.)

I looked a bit shameful and she ran and fetched her filer (or whatever you call it) and did stuff to my nails.
Then she painted them and for all their temporariness they looked so beautiful that I kept looking at them all week until the polish started coming off!

Now I don’t know… what do I do with this mini- toolbox?
Must consult Blondie because I sure as hell won’t figure out anything by myself.

Anyway, I realize that I should try and take more care of my nails and hair and such.

So I suppose I’ll take efforts and paint them today.
And to be honest, I do like my nails a lot.

And isn’t it all about the presentation in the end? The first impressions and all that.
I might be a brilliant conversationalist (I said “might be”) but it’s no use if I have chipped nails and people don’t wanna shake hands after a business meeting.

(Does that even make sense?)

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