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Random Ramblings #4: Doppelgangers

Doppelgangers are scary shit, man!

Yes. That’s how I’d like to start this post. Because that is what I realized the other day.
Earlier, I used to think the concept of doppelgangers was funny.
To begin with, I refused to believe that doppelgangers could look so much like some other person. Maybe they’d only remind you of somebody- but not actually look like them, right?

Needless to say, I had never seen anyone who was a spitting image of somebody I knew.
(Celebrity doppelgangers don’t really count)

All that changed a few weeks ago.

I happened to find a doppelganger of one of my friends.
We used to be really good friends earlier but I guess we fell apart in the usual way, and the story’s got dust on every page.

(10 points to whoever gets that song reference!)
(Coincidentally, the next-to-next line is “I see your face in every crowd” and this post is about a doppelganger. Wow! These kinda things never fail to amuse me)

Have you thought about doppelgangers though? Have you really thought about them?

A doppelganger is this person who looks like someone you know (and are perhaps really close to) but he/she is a completely different person and they have no idea about their doppelgangerism (I needed a word like that to express what I meant, but I don’t fancy myself a Shakespeare.)

They consider you to be strangers and have no clue about the kind of impact they could be having on your life right then.
And therefore, if you happen to look (or rather, if they happen to catch you looking) at them a little longer than it’s socially acceptable to look at strangers before it’s considered outright staring, they think you’re either
a) weird
b) interested in them
or both.

And you are, in a way, interested in them. You’d like to know what they’re like. If they have the same habits as the person they doppelgang (maybe I do fancy myself as Shakespeare- going around inventing all these words!) or if looks are the only thing they have in common with the doppelgangee (It’s official!)

If you’re looking at them from a distance; perhaps sitting in an extremely unstimulating and mind numbing seminar (thus giving you loads of time to muse about the way your life is going- how it usually starts- and then about Coco Chanel’s birthdate and the Fermi’s Paradox), you also start analysing your relationship with the original friend/ acquaintance (or, as I so eloquently put it,the doppelgangee).
What could’ve gone wrong?
Did we both really just get busy or maybe we just stopped trying to put any efforts into the friendship?

Were we just lazy or were we simply not interested any more?
Whose fault was it (if anybody’s)?
Why can’t people stay friends forever?
Why is it that we lose more friends than we gain? (Or do we? What you think readers??)

Should you, perhaps, try once again?
Is it worth the effort?

But you don’t want to come across as a desperate friendless person…

Then you look at the doppelganger again and somehow remember the happy memories with your friend.
Maybe it’s worth a try.
Okay then! Youve made up your mind- You’ll go home and call/ email/ message your friend.

You’ve come to a decision.
You’ve decided to do something that, up until that morning, you had no idea you would decide to do. (The particular friend wasn’t even on your mind!)

The doppelganger helped you make a decision.
The consequences are as yet unknown, but whatever!

Now, the question is, what do you do with the doppelganger?

Do you thank him/ her?

(That would just be too much to explain)

Do you simply go over and tell them how much they resemble your friend?

(Too much to explain again.
And they probably don’t care.
And if you show them a picture, they’ll think they look nothing like your friend)

Do you just have a conversation and leave the whole doppelganger part out and perhaps become friends (but mostly not) and that’s it?


Do you do nothing about it and go home? Because it’s not like they’ll wonder about you. They’ll be strangers forever and well, maybe it’s best that way.
Perhaps it was just a sign from the universe and you were supposed to take it and move on…

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