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Which is the perfect song for Paper Towns?

You know what’s the perfect song to listen to while reading Paper Towns???
Especially while reading around the last 60 pages or so which is their road trip? 

It is Dreams And Disasters by Owl City.

[I wanted to embed the video in the post but I am not using my laptop to be able to do that 😦 ]

Oh my god the song is so perfect!!!!
I always thought so and I meant to post it here on the blog but completely forgot and now that I remembered (only because it started playing on my phone and I’m listening to it right now. On replay.) I figured I must post it before I forget again.

We were alone on the road driving faster,
So far from home we were chasing disaster
Hard on the gas till the car caught on fire 
We had to laugh as the smoke billowed higher

And that’s just the beginning.

If any of you Paper Towns fans is planning on rereading the book before the movie comes out (like me) do listen to this song.
And then there’ll be people who’ll read the book only because it’s the new cool thing to do or whatever. Like they did with The Fault In Our Stars.

Aah anyway who am I to judge?
If it gets them to read more books, why not?
John Green is as good a place to start as any.

Also, Paper Towns or no Paper Towns, this song is so awesome!

And tell me in the comments what other songs you feel are apt for certain books.

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