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Scream!!! For God’s sake, will you at least SCREAM??

I watched a movie a while ago (actually I watched 3 movies a while ago, but that’s besides the point).
It was called “Stuck In Love”. The only reason I started watching it is because it revolves around the story of three authors. They are family- the father, daughter and son- all three are writers. So naturally I felt like watching it. 
Then I came to know that there’s Logan Lerman in the movie- therefore I had to watch it.
I mean- come on, that’s my Percy you are talking about!

So… It’s a nice movie. But I’m not going to review it or anything. I’m really bad at that. (The only reason this hasn’t turned into a book blog is because I’m a bad critic.*cough* too biased! *cough*)

There’s a scene in the movie. Towards the end. The son- Rusty- who is a huge Stephen King fan (and also a writer) is in his room, typing something when he gets a call.

The caller is- you won’t believe this!- Stephen King!


I know, right?

Stephen King calls him!!!

(Well I haven’t read any of his books so I don’t really know- but it is his favourite author! Calling him!)

He is calling to tell him that he basically loved one of his stories and he has sent it to some magazine and they are gonna print it!
So yay!! It’s a big deal!!

Who am I kidding?!?! It’s a huge deal- Stephen King or no Stephen King!

But, and get this, the guy is calm!

Well yes he is happy and he is surprised, but siriusly?

Happy and surprised??

(Is the guy pulling a Kristen Stewart here? What’s wrong with him??)

(All the time I was like, okay now he’ll scream.


Okay maybe now!


“What the hell is your problem??? Scream!! Why won’t you???”)

I’d be shocked and ecstatic!!!
I’d scream!! I’d die!!

Sure, I wouldn’t scream in my favourite author’s ear thus guaranteeing that he/she wouldn’t dial that number ever again; but I’d atleast have a grin plastered on my face while talking.

And after the call is disconnected?
Oh my God!! I’d die…
I’d scream so much that atleast half the city would go deaf!
I would jump around in my room!
I’d dance with happiness!
That’s all I would talk about for the next.. I don’t know… decade- no, century!

Isn’t that normal behaviour?
Well okay, wrong question, it can’t be normal behaviour. But I never said I was normal.
But is it that far-fetched??

Wouldn’t you atleast jump around a bit?

Or am I being too much of a fan-girl?
Shit! Now I started wondering if I’d do this only because of learning to fangirl.

But please tell me that’s not true!
You would be excited about JKR calling you right?
What would I say???
Panic panic panic!!!
I think I’d tell her she is my childhood.
I’d tell her she is my life!
She shaped my life!
The reason I am whatever I am today, it is because of her!

And shit! I can’t believe she’s calling.
And make her promise me that she’d write more!
I want more Harry Potter!!!!

Or anything… the next book after The Cuckoo’s Calling!
Or a second part to The Casual Vacancy!
Or … or maybe a new series altogether!!
Anything, JKR, anything!!
Please write something!

Erm.. well… is it any wonder she doesn’t call me? 😦

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