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A little about The Family Business

I don’t know why I’m writing about this show.
I haven’t even watched it.
This might be a bad idea.
Let me continue nevertheless.

Okay so disclaimer?
This post isn’t meant to offend any fans.
I love these characters from your favourite show, I really do.
This post is just meant to be kinda funny.
Do keep in mind that I haven’t watched it, so my facts could be wrong. In fact, they’re probably definitely wrong.

At the end of this post if a Supernatural fan just creases his/ her eyebrows, purses their lips, stays silent for a minute and then says “Well… She’s not wrong“, I will have achieved my goal.

Why am I writing about it though?
I love them and I’ve seen so many!

I often joke now that if and when I do get around to watching the show, it will simply be the gifs arranged in a particular order with sound added to this series of gifs that I’m watching:
Nothing new to watch!
Hats off to your fandom guys, you literally have a gif for everything!
(You have a gif for the prompt “donkeys” Wow!)
You’ve got a really strong gif game going!

Now let me try and summarise what I know about this show (never having watched it) and you tell me if I’ve got it wrong.

Dean and Sam Winchester are two orphan dudes- sorry 😥
Their parents are called John and Mary. Their mother died in a fire on the roof?
I’m guessing it was due to some supernatural reasons!

Dean and Sam hunt for things and save people and it’s “The Family Business”.
There’s a guy called Crowley and he’s an asshole and he’s badass but he’s nice at times.
Satan is actually really nice and people love him? (!!!)
There’s exorcism stuff. There’s a lot of salt stuff too.
Death is a person.

Dean Winchester loves pie- it’s like his #1 bae.
Dean grooved to Taylor Swift once.
He also loves Sammy a lot.

Sam’s hair is like the third main character on the show- if the endless discussions about it are anything to go by.
And not a bad thing at all, considering how good his hair is.

There’s this angel called Castiel.
Oh my God now CAS!
Let me tell you about him.
He is extremely cute and polite and sweet and like a cinnamon roll.
His introduction in the show made him sound very dangerous but it’s this cutie they’re talking about.
He has a brother called Gabriel.

Dean and Cas are in love but they aren’t out of the closet yet. But it is very obvious that they’re in love.
The SuperLock fandom is currently speculating what’ll come out first:
Sherlock Season 4 or Dean out of the closet?

And shit, I ship Destiel so hard and I’m not even in the fandom!
(I once dreamt about Destiel- HOW)

Gabriel and Sam are also in love. Their ship is called Sabriel. But I don’t know much about it.
As you can see, they’re all gay.
The only thing straight on this show is Sam’s hair.
There’s also a guy called Lucifer but I don’t remember much about him- I think he’s the same as the Satan guy, but I could be wrong.
Dean was a demon at one point. (Still is?)
There’s a Chevy Impala and Dean doesn’t let Sam drive it.
(How could I forget the Impala? The entire fandom is irrationally emotional about the car!)
I think that’s all I know.
Although that’s a lot to know about a show I’ve never ever watched.

Oh, and a new season comes out today!
So the Supernatural fandom is going to shine on Tumblr- just you wait for a few hours!! I’m so excited for all of you!!!
Hopefully I’ll watch the show soon- Yes, I am planning to.
It’s not like I have an option anymore.

Fandom is a brilliant concept.
There’s no such thing as, I’m only part of one fandom.
You just have to start with one, the others will suck you in.

It’s like the Mafia (Daniel Radcliffe said that, not me).

The mere fact that you’re a fangirl or a fanboy makes you susceptible to all the Fandoms in existence.
But especially beware the SuperWhoLock fandom. Those people are the most insane. With good reason- you really shouldn’t mess with them.
It’d do you well to keep that in mind!

A little about The Family Business


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This is a unique post because, as you can see by reading what’s in the picture, I’m writing about a fandom I’m not actually a part of- so all you Supernatural fans, I hope you enjoy it, and tell me what’s wrong in the post… A few of my friends have already told me stuff and now I know more about this amazing fandom than I did before.

My Top Ten Bookish Problems

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish and this is, I think, the first time I’m doing it.
I’ve always loved reading these posts on my fellow bloggers’ blogs but writing one was really fun too!
It is about the Top Ten Bookish Problems we face and here’s a list of mine.

10. The feels attack you get every time your favourite books are mentioned


Usually it starts with...


When this happens


Followed by...


Ending in tears. It always ends in tears.

9. Lack of social ettiquette after seeing somebody read a book in public that you’ve read and love.

Usually when this happens, I first shriek and let the person know how much I love the book and then start mentioning random words related to the book with “Oh my God”s inserted at intervals.
Let’s say, for example, the book in question is Paper Towns.

“Black Santas!!! Oh god that was so epic! I love her name! Margo Roth Spiegelman’s, I mean! And the road trip is the best part about that book!! Shit it is so awesome!
Remember that scene where she explains the meaning of Paper Towns?? I love it! I love it so much! OMG!! The entire book is supermegafoxyawesomehot!!!! I hope the movie is good. Like seriously! Paper Towns is my favourite John Green book! Honestly”

All of this in one breath.
I wonder how I do it.

8. Inability to hold a conversation for longer than 10 seconds without making book references.


Everyone in the room is like

It’s true what they say about Supernatural.
It does have a gif for everything.

(Are you getting that reference? Do you know what I mean?)


Well okay... 😦

7. Stuck in a reality where book bars aren’t a thing yet…
…. and Bookworms around the world are too busy reading books to do anything about it.


This is what I'm talking about!!! Please make it a thing!!!


Or at the very least-this!!!

6. You can’t have just one favourite book or author or even series.
Maybe you can have one in every subgenre which is then categorized by the year it was released and the gender of the author.

People who are not voracious readers never seem to understand this.
They keep on insisting that you tell them your one favourite book or your one favourite author.
When talking about Meg Cabot, I say “Oh Gosh! She’s my favourite author!” A friend will look at me accusingly and say “I thought J K Rowling was your favourite author.”
Another will be like, “Hey what about John Green?” and I’m like “ALL OF THEM ARE MY FAVOURITE AUTHORS!


5. The uncontrollable urge to enter a bookstore when you see one.


It doesn’t matter whether I buy new books or not.
I must- absolutely must- enter a bookstore, look at my favourite books with those eyes (do you know what I mean?) and stroke their spines and sniff as many books as I can before I get kicked out (or dragged out by friends).


These eyes! These are the eyes I mean!

4. Inability to function in the so-called “real life” because you’re still living in the world of the last book you read.



3. Book hangovers aren’t a valid reason to stay at home sipping coffee.
Also, sadly, the only cure to book hangovers is reading more books or therapeutic buying of more books.


2. The overwhelming need to watch/ read every movie/ musical/ TV Show/ modern adaptation ever made for your favourite book.

Be it The Lizzie Bennett Diairies or A Very Potter Musical or even The Casual Vacancy show.
You know what I mean.

1. Should I read this standalone book that just came out last month (and I bought it on a whim) or the next book in this series that I have been reading for a while now (and am deeply invested in the lives of the characters) or buy a completely different book to read (because I should diversify my reading) or-or– reread my favourite book which I’ve already read 42 times (to make sure I haven’t forgotten the exact wording of my favourite quotes)??

While too many books, too little time is a certified problem with every bibliophile, I also face the problem where I never have a good book to read.
It’s like, yes I did buy this book a month ago just so I could read it someday soon but then again I’d rather read the book I bought last week first. But I’m saving that for after my exams! Suddenly I don’t have any books to read!!! 
(By the way, yes, I did write 2 problems under the head of one.. sneaky right?
Well, do you blame me if I have more than ten bookish problems??)


The Introverted Schmuck also wrote a post for Top Ten Tuesday and she insisted that I do (which is why I did actually) and therefore I have specifically not written the problems she has already mentioned. Otherwise really, those are some of the most important ones we all face.

Tell me some of yours and if you’ve written a post already (because really, I’m posting on Thursday, what are the chances you haven’t?), leave a link below- I’d love to check out your post! 😀

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