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A poll for readers (not MY readers, book readers! :P)

Today, something happened while I was travelling with two muggle friends of mine (the keyword here being”muggle”) and one of them and I sort of got into an argument about a thing (*ahem* A TFiOS thing)
I have been wondering about the whole deal ever since.

Now, I know that I don’t owe her any kind of explanation, nor do I feel like I have it in me to explain something to someone who will probably never understand it, but I’d genuinely like to know what everybody feels about this.


Please do me the favor of answering the following questions (It’s a poll and everything, so you don’t have to type, lazy bums!)




I think there was one more question that I wanted to ask… but now I don’t remember.
Anyway, looking forward to your responses.
Feel free to rant (one way or the other) about the things I mentioned up there down below in the comments!

Hoping to have an awesome conversation with all of you and finding more of my kind. (It isn’t very difficult to guess what my answers would be, is it?)


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