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How To Paint a T-Shirt (My way)

You know how I had painted that TFiOS ‘Okay? Okay.’ T-shirt?
When I showed it to you guys, I did ask if anybody would like to know how I did it, in which case I’d write a post about it. So my friend Somebody Else (Oh yes, his WordPress username is Somebody Else because he’s cool like that) wanted me to do it- and here I am doing it.

Things you need:


This picture looks so good! :')

1. A plain T-shirt of your size (or that of the person you are painting it for)- color of your choice.
2. Acrylic Paints
      Here’s a picture of my box:


      And a picture of all the shades of colors I had (only six of them, it is like a basic kit I bought, because I wasn’t sure of how well it’d go and whether I’d need more colors):


3. Paintbrushes (round ones mostly, but flat ones if you are painting major chunks of the T-shirt in one color; it’ll be easier then)
4. A box of crayons or a pen or a pencil (basically anything you can comfortably draw on the T shirt with- only a rough outline)
5. Newspapers (which you can later throw away. One advice: don’t pick up the one lying on the coffee table, because it is probably that day’s newspaper and you might have to face serious consequences later depending on who wishes to read it after you are done with it)
6. A bowl with water in it (because saying “some water in a bowl” is too mainstream)
7. An old piece of cloth
8. Plenty of time
9. Loads of patience
(No really, the last two aren’t mean to be funny, don’t sit down to do this unless you are absolutely sure you have time on your hands- and well patience too)

How to begin:

First of all, after you’ve taken a deep breath and mustered the courage and patience to do this, clear a small patch of area in the house (preferably in a corner of your room) and lay down the newspapers on the floor. The reason is two-fold: 1. You don’t mess up the floor
2. The T-shirt doesn’t get dirty or dusty on the backside either (in case you don’t have a clean floor- or even otherwise really)
After that, and this is important, before you even so much as touch the paints, take a newspaper sheet and slide it between the T-shirt- this is extremely important, do not forget this.
Then neatly lay down the T-shirt on the newpaper which is on the floor (you have now unknowingly yet successfully created a newspaper and T-shirt sandwich, and that’s how it is meant to stay until you are done with all of the painting).

Now- finally- you can begin work on the T-shirt.
Take your crayon/ pen/ pencil and sketch out an outline of what you wish to do on the T-shirt (make sure it is very very light and faded, you don’t want it to show once you’re done).


This one I did using a blue crayon


For this one, I used a pencil first then a black pen

In this pink T-shirt that I did, the black ink of the pen stayed even after painting but it looked good so I am not complaining; but I regret a few pencil lines which I first did and realized later that I messed up a bit.
I hope they go away after one wash of the T-shirt, but I don’t know yet.
I’ll have to ask the friend whom I painted it for later.

And now comes the fun part, the part I am always waiting for and you probably are too.

Now my dear friends, you can finally hold those brushes, dip them in paint and go forth with your bold strokes on the canvas that is the T-Shirt.

Okay so a few tips for going about the painting:
1. Use thick, non-diluted paint as much as possible- when you add water to it, it tends to get spread and smudge on the cloth.
2. Always keep the T-Shirt wrinkle free, atleast in the area you are painting it.
You do not face this problem while painting on paper but cloth tends to bunch at places too often.
3. Once you’ve painted a small patch it takes a while to dry up, so make sure you don’t start the painting at an awkward place and mess it up later by having to rest your hands on it to paint the adjacent area.
For e.g. I am left handed and this has always been a problem for me.


So what I did with the T-shirt up there is, I painted it in reverse order.
First the last ‘S’ in ‘Some Infinities’ and then the ‘E’, then the ‘I’ and so on..
Same goes for the other two lines of text.

Once you are done with the painting, don’t get the feeling of accomplishment because it isn’t over yet.

You need to let the T-Shirt stay like that for a while so that it dries up but remove the newspaper sheet you have inserted in between the T-Shirt, and after 24 hours this is what you do-
You make sure it is dried (it will obviously be, but just check anyway) and then you turn it inside out.
Then you iron it. 

Now you are finally done!
Wear the T-Shirt at the next opportunity you get so that you can flaunt your artistic skills.

This weekend, along with painting the pink T-Shirt as a gift for a friend, I also did some other painting.
I painted my nails.



Remember what I had said about taking better care of my nails earlier?
Since then, I have painted them at least thrice.
Three times in three months- that’s a good thing, believe me.


This is the picture that inspired my second T-shirt.

And here’s a picture of the first one because I haven’t put it in this post and well, also because I love it 😀


Have you ever painted a T-shirt?
How was the experience?
Am I doing something wrong? Or could I do it better?
Let me know in the comments.
And also, if any of you follow my instructions and paint one- I’d love to know about it, and also see pictures.. so please do tell me! 😀

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