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How To Paint a T-Shirt (My way)

You know how I had painted that TFiOS ‘Okay? Okay.’ T-shirt?
When I showed it to you guys, I did ask if anybody would like to know how I did it, in which case I’d write a post about it. So my friend Somebody Else (Oh yes, his WordPress username is Somebody Else because he’s cool like that) wanted me to do it- and here I am doing it.

Things you need:


This picture looks so good! :')

1. A plain T-shirt of your size (or that of the person you are painting it for)- color of your choice.
2. Acrylic Paints
      Here’s a picture of my box:


      And a picture of all the shades of colors I had (only six of them, it is like a basic kit I bought, because I wasn’t sure of how well it’d go and whether I’d need more colors):


3. Paintbrushes (round ones mostly, but flat ones if you are painting major chunks of the T-shirt in one color; it’ll be easier then)
4. A box of crayons or a pen or a pencil (basically anything you can comfortably draw on the T shirt with- only a rough outline)
5. Newspapers (which you can later throw away. One advice: don’t pick up the one lying on the coffee table, because it is probably that day’s newspaper and you might have to face serious consequences later depending on who wishes to read it after you are done with it)
6. A bowl with water in it (because saying “some water in a bowl” is too mainstream)
7. An old piece of cloth
8. Plenty of time
9. Loads of patience
(No really, the last two aren’t mean to be funny, don’t sit down to do this unless you are absolutely sure you have time on your hands- and well patience too)

How to begin:

First of all, after you’ve taken a deep breath and mustered the courage and patience to do this, clear a small patch of area in the house (preferably in a corner of your room) and lay down the newspapers on the floor. The reason is two-fold: 1. You don’t mess up the floor
2. The T-shirt doesn’t get dirty or dusty on the backside either (in case you don’t have a clean floor- or even otherwise really)
After that, and this is important, before you even so much as touch the paints, take a newspaper sheet and slide it between the T-shirt- this is extremely important, do not forget this.
Then neatly lay down the T-shirt on the newpaper which is on the floor (you have now unknowingly yet successfully created a newspaper and T-shirt sandwich, and that’s how it is meant to stay until you are done with all of the painting).

Now- finally- you can begin work on the T-shirt.
Take your crayon/ pen/ pencil and sketch out an outline of what you wish to do on the T-shirt (make sure it is very very light and faded, you don’t want it to show once you’re done).


This one I did using a blue crayon


For this one, I used a pencil first then a black pen

In this pink T-shirt that I did, the black ink of the pen stayed even after painting but it looked good so I am not complaining; but I regret a few pencil lines which I first did and realized later that I messed up a bit.
I hope they go away after one wash of the T-shirt, but I don’t know yet.
I’ll have to ask the friend whom I painted it for later.

And now comes the fun part, the part I am always waiting for and you probably are too.

Now my dear friends, you can finally hold those brushes, dip them in paint and go forth with your bold strokes on the canvas that is the T-Shirt.

Okay so a few tips for going about the painting:
1. Use thick, non-diluted paint as much as possible- when you add water to it, it tends to get spread and smudge on the cloth.
2. Always keep the T-Shirt wrinkle free, atleast in the area you are painting it.
You do not face this problem while painting on paper but cloth tends to bunch at places too often.
3. Once you’ve painted a small patch it takes a while to dry up, so make sure you don’t start the painting at an awkward place and mess it up later by having to rest your hands on it to paint the adjacent area.
For e.g. I am left handed and this has always been a problem for me.


So what I did with the T-shirt up there is, I painted it in reverse order.
First the last ‘S’ in ‘Some Infinities’ and then the ‘E’, then the ‘I’ and so on..
Same goes for the other two lines of text.

Once you are done with the painting, don’t get the feeling of accomplishment because it isn’t over yet.

You need to let the T-Shirt stay like that for a while so that it dries up but remove the newspaper sheet you have inserted in between the T-Shirt, and after 24 hours this is what you do-
You make sure it is dried (it will obviously be, but just check anyway) and then you turn it inside out.
Then you iron it. 

Now you are finally done!
Wear the T-Shirt at the next opportunity you get so that you can flaunt your artistic skills.

This weekend, along with painting the pink T-Shirt as a gift for a friend, I also did some other painting.
I painted my nails.



Remember what I had said about taking better care of my nails earlier?
Since then, I have painted them at least thrice.
Three times in three months- that’s a good thing, believe me.


This is the picture that inspired my second T-shirt.

And here’s a picture of the first one because I haven’t put it in this post and well, also because I love it 😀


Have you ever painted a T-shirt?
How was the experience?
Am I doing something wrong? Or could I do it better?
Let me know in the comments.
And also, if any of you follow my instructions and paint one- I’d love to know about it, and also see pictures.. so please do tell me! 😀

Three good news and a bad one (not for you though)

Okay so I am slightly pissed off now but let’s get to that later. :/
I’d rather start with happy stuff.

So it has officially been a week since holidays started and so far, I am having a lot of fun!

Here are the three good things I’ve got to tell you about out of the many:

1. On the very first day of my holidays, I did something damn amazing and it is that I painted this T-shirt:


Isn’t it quite a beauty? 😀

Earlier I thought that I’d write a whole How-To post about it but then I realized how I am probably the last person on the planet to paint a T-shirt and just about everybody knows how to do it!
So yeah- not doing it.
Oh unless some of you really want me to, in which case leave a comment and I’ll do it for you guys- because, in spite of my popularity, I love you guys and like to do stuff for you.

So yeah, now you know my outfit for the TFiOS movie.
This T-shirt, my Always locket and I’m good to go.

And of course, there’s pants!
I mean, obviously I’m gonna wear pants- despite the T-shirt having the capability of being passed off as a mini-mini-mini dress, I’d rather wear pants.
I tend to feel cold in theatres.

2. This weekend (hopefully- unless the world ends or the sun decides to die out or something) I’ll be watching THE FAULT IN OUR STARS!!!!!!


I have been very excited about it, as you already know.
If you don’t then you can find out by clicking here and here.

I will be, most probably, watching it with my new Nerdfighter pals.
I’ve never met them and I am VERY excited about meeting them.

So when my mum said that I might not be able to go with them, they wrote a letter for my mum, it is very sweet (though the reasons for my mum saying no were completely different and nothing to do with opposition to meeting them- by now she is used to me meeting random people off the internet just because they are in my fandoms- but it is the thought that counts right?). Here’s it:

Dear Sam’s mom,
We’re kids just like her and not axe murderers. Your daughter is in no immediate danger. We promise to hold her hand every time we cross a road. Please understand that our parents too were doubtful about letting us meet up but it turned out alright. We’re just a happy group of nerds who want to cry together at a movie screen and we’d like for Sam to join us. In all honesty, you’re welcome to join us too! Please do consider allowing Sam to come watch TFiOS with us.
Thank you.


3. Okay so this is perhaps the most interesting piece of news so far because it does not concern only me. You can enjoy it too and I’d love it if you do!

My penpal Leanna (from Canada- see what I meant about random people on the internet? But she is no longer a random person :D) and I have collaboratively started a new blog on WordPress: The World Is Our Sandwich.

It is exactly what it sounds like- funny, with a side dish of witty (or so we hope) and a sprinkling of food references (who doesn’t like food anyway?).

All I can say is: Dig in!  😀

P.S. The thing I was pissed off at is that all my local drafts that I had saved in my WordPress app have disappeared.
I don’t know how it happened, or what I did- as far as I know, I haven’t done anything to anger anybody even remotely related to WordPress.
And I’d still be fine if it was one or two half written posts, but we are talking about close to TWENTY posts!!!

Also, I have no idea what half of them were about- at least if I knew exactly what they were I could assess the damage- but nope!
And while writing this post as well, I had to rewrite a few paragraphs because they didn’t get saved and nothing pisses me off like my hard work being deleted but all I can do is cry! 😥

So what did we learn today?
Always have back-up, as much as you trust an app and also, don’t have 20 drafts- What was I thinking anyway?


So Not Okay!

Are you masochistic?

Do you wish to suffer for the next two months?

Do you want to wait in anticipation and agony, only to have the thing you waited for kill you all over again?

Then this is just the thing for you.

The previous and original trailer– I thought that had killed me.

I had watched it over and over again that night until all the scenes got imprinted on my mind.
I lost count of the number of times I have watched it since then.

And I thought to myself, “If I survive this I can survive anything else, even the two year wait for Sherlock”
(Thanks a lot brain, that’s exactly the thing I wanted right now- a reminder of all the things I’m waiting for and won’t be getting)

I had made it a tradition to watch the trailer at least once every single day.
The reason was two fold:

1. My daily dose of The Fault In Our Stars.

2. The more I watched, the more immune I became to the pangs of longing I felt for the movie.
That’s what I thought anyway.

So that was my plan. Watch the trailer, read the book- rinse and repeat.

But, of course, plans never work.

So this “extended” version came out and I thought “Wow! That’s exciting but really… I’m so used to all this hype now. Let me spend a few minutes watching it and then I can get back to this ‘interesting’ book I’m reading.”

Boy was I wrong!

Used to the hype? I’m dying. I feel suffocated. It feels like the only oxygen I’ll get is in the form of the movie.

Few minutes? I spent more than half an hour watching it over and over and over again.

Interesting book? Well I’ve abandoned it.
I can no longer concentrate on anything at the moment.

I am having problems being coherent here on the blog… but I don’t really have a choice.

It’s either this or spending a sleepless night not having a single thought in my head but at the same time having them all at once.

This post is more for my own sanity than any of my readers out there.

I’m sorry guys, but I….

Oh wow!

….clearly can’t think straight because in the matter of half a minute, I quite literally forgot what sentence I was planning to type.

The worst part is, I’m going to have to go through life after that.

I don’t have the option of crawling under my sheets and not coming out until July (Oh yes! Did I tell you guys the bad news? In my country, I wait till July. So yeah!).

I have to go out there tomorrow. Act like nothing’s wrong.
Not even mention TFiOS because most of my peers have all but branded me insane due to my overload of feels regarding TFiOS, also Sherlock and Harry Potter and- I HATE MY BRAIN FOR DOING THIS TO ME!!! ISN’T TFiOS ENOUGH FOR ONE NIGHT OF TORTURE??!!??!


What is even more unbelievable is- it is all for a movie (Never in my life have I died a little everyday only because a particular movie hasn’t come out)- a movie which will be the end of life as I know it.

Can I just go and stay up there in heaven with Augustus?
I can see no point staying alive.
Oblivion is inevitable, like he rightly said.

I mean, the movie will come out, we will watch it hundreds of times and then what?
What are we supposed to do then, anyway?

I could (and would) discuss the finer little details of the trailer. About how they’ve included the fake ID part, how Hazel is reading An Imperial Affliction in a scene, how perfect Augustus and Isaac and Patrick are.
But it’s not like that will stop you from watching it three hundred and ninety four times and figuring all that out for yourself.
We should start a TFiOS support group.

This blog post really has no point, does it?

I’m simply crying and blabbering to myself and in the end, clicking on the ‘Publish’ button and putting it all out there for the world to read.
(There must be more to blogging that this.)

But well, if this is what gives me (relative) peace of mind, so be it.

To a good night’s sleep RavenclawSam, okay?


P.S. Are you one of those people who scream,
“Okay?? Okay?!?!? What do you mean ‘Okay’ You know and I know that nothing is okay by the end of it.
Neither my own life nor yours Hazel Grace! Then why must you torture me with that last okay???”
at the end of the trailer?

Aaand I watched Divergent…

13th April-

I, along with a few (very few, because some of them are clearly not Abnegation and didn’t even wait for us to make some plans :/) of my Petites Potterheads, am gonna watch Divergent tomorrow evening.
I’m very excited obviously.
But there is still more than 24 hours to go.

The few reviews that I read scattered all over the internet were not exactly scintillating (well far from that). While some believed that Shai’s performance was the only thing that saved the movie, some thought Theo did great.
Then there were some who said Shai’s Tris is no match for JLaw’s Katniss (Do not ask me why there are constant comparisons between THG and Divergent! They are both dystopian with strong female characters but the similarity ends there) while others thought Tris left Katniss far behind when it comes to dystopian heroines.

Well, I’ll form my opinions tomorrow.
My first impressions of Shailene Woodley as Tris weren’t very good (there are several things wrong with the casting, all of it. Their ages to begin with) but she won me over as Hazel Grace Lancaster and now I’m biased towards her.
As for Four, well nothing against Theo James, but my expectations had bordered on Greek God and as far as the trailer is concerned- I’m not all that happy. To be honest, I don’t know if I’d ever be- with any casting for Four.
But I’m gonna go tomorrow with an open mind and hope for the best.

One person I’m waiting to watch in the movie is Ansel… as Caleb. Yeah I know … but Ansel be my Gus, so I love Ansel. *dreamy look in eyes*

My friends are really excited too and they randomly mentioned a few scenes and I was all- Wait a minute! When did that happen?

And that’s when I realized that it has been over 15 months that I read Divergent.
Which means I don’t remember most of the little things.

And that’s a good thing for various reasons.

— I won’t be shouting and swearing at the producers/directors/ script-writers and being generally pissed off at them for changing what’s in the books, because I don’t remember!

— The movie is supposedly not so good, so I might just enjoy it because I don’t remember the books which means I’ll be like one of those people who just watch the movies.

(Although I am getting a feeling, a niggling but persistent little feeling at the back of my mind, that once the movie starts, it’ll all come back to me!
I mean I’m pat with the basics. I know all factions, their colors, their qualities but I’ve sort of forgotten the story line and I don’t know in my head where Divergent ends and Insurgent starts- or who dies in which book)

— It’ll be awesome to get the thrill of Divergent again… because inspite of Allegiant, I had really loved Divergent and Insurgent- in fact, before Allegiant came out I had sort of liked it better than THG (well, I hadn’t been able to stay away from giving an opinion on that THG vs Divergent debate myself).

Okay so all my plans have an uncanny ability of getting cancelled at the last moment.

Fingers crossed and hoping for the best!

14th April [15.30]:

It’s not yet time.
More than an hour to go.
The ray of hope that was the Divergent movie was the only thing that kept me alive in the dark pits (nope, not the Dauntless Pit) of boredom the last 7 hours while in classes.

I am so excited right now!
I wasn’t all this excited until, like 2-3 days ago, but now I am!!!!

Wow! I so cannot wait! 😀

I’ll be back with an update in a while.
Probably after the movie.

An hour and a half for the day to end:

Yes! I watched it!
And for the first time in my life I find myself in the position of writing a review.

Like, an as-close-to-unbiased-as-possible review.

Because…well.. the movie left a lot to be desired.

The first half of the movie– Pretty much by the book.
I only got slightly annoyed when I saw random people wearing clothes in the combinations “red and blue” or some weird shit like that.
And of course they didn’t put some major scenes but I guess that part is always a given.

The second half– Whoa! I don’t know where to begin with the criticisms.

I went from mildly irritated at the scene where Tris shoots people after killing Will when in the book she clearly doesn’t pick up a gun for like the whole of the next book (Insurgent) to being outright pissed off at the scenes where there are too many Erudites openly involved in all the goings-on (especially Jeanine Matthews) to hysterically laughing at the climax.
Yes! Don’t believe me, do you?
I said that I’d go for the movie without any expectations but the least I could expect from it is to not make me laugh during the climax scenes!

After I got used to the fact (somewhere 20 odd minutes before the movie ended) that they have changed major parts of the book (yes, most of it did come back to me) I couldn’t help but find the end hilarious.
I’m sorry but I did.
A Divergent fan who has read the book can have only two reactions to the whole scenario that took place between Tris and Jeanine- they either cried a lot or laughed a lot.

Involuntarily, I went with the “laugh a lot”.

I mean, what else was I supposed to do?

You know what they needed on the sets?


Like FOUR of these!

One of my Petites Potterheads (quite accurately, I suppose) pointed out that the reason that that happened is because Kate Winslet had to be given at least a semi-important role in the movie (owing to the fact that she’s a big star and all), which frankly she wouldn’t if they stuck to the book plot.
But what they fail to realize is that Insurgent (the next part they will- hopefully- make) is pretty much  Jeanine-Tris.

My verdict on Theo James: Although he comes nowhere close to the Four I had imagined, I understand that it isn’t his fault, and I expressly declare that not only is he a good actor but a very very competent Four.

That on Ansel Elgort: Conflicting emotions much?
On the one hand, I know he is betrayal personified and I should hate him with my guts (there are a few things too messed up to be fixed with a Peter Gabriel song).

But then again, that was Ansel Elgort.
All the time I was thinking, ‘that be my Gus’
In a few months’ time, I’m gonna watch him onscreen being one of my favourite fictional guys ever!

How am I supposed to hate him?

In fact, at one point when Tris goes to meet him at the Erudite headquarters I leaned into my friend and whispered “I’d find it perfectly normal if he jus kissed her now!”

My anti- incest friend said “Eww! Shut up!”

But I really couldn’t shake off that feeling.
I guess I was hoping that, with some supernatural help, this movie would gradually fade to black and TFiOS start in its place.

What can I say? I’m dying to watch that movie. Never in my life have I been so excited to watch a movie.

Anyway, back to the movie at hand.

So, Shailene’s performance: For one thing, I really like her voice. It’s a bit nasal, and I like how it sounds.
And her eyes… wow! Her eyes are really amazing. I’m surprised I didn’t notice before.
But today they were splashed across the screen for me to look into them.
42 points for guessing the movie that I really really really cannot wait to watch now.

What else should I be saying?
Tris’ mom? I loved that lady.
I don’t know why- I had imagined someone very different but I prefer the movie one!

Eric? I hate him with every fibre of my body for being such a bully.
No change there then.

Oh and the few quips which were totally not there in the books?
Like Christina saying “What? Like one, two and three were taken?”
Or the mini verbal showdown between Four and Eric about the new rules and old rules?

I loved them.

Conclusion: While I’ll definitely be watching the next movie no matter what I say here (I mean c’mon, who are we kidding?), it wasn’t something to write home about.
Everything was pretty mediocre but to some extent that could be because the book was the more information based itself.
I hope Insurgent will be better- that’s all I can say.

P.S. Since I have mentioned TFiOS numerous times up there, I suppose one more time won’t hurt.

Go watch this if you haven’t already.

New city, but the same old

New city, but the same old routine.
She thought it was fun, something to add spice to her otherwise dull life.
And you gotta admit, Starbucks was fun.
If only because she did that usual thing of hers where she asked to put her name down on the cup as ‘Primrose Everdeen’ and then shouted ‘I volunteer!’ when it was called out.

She did it all again and triumphantly took her place at her table for one.
(Well… the other chair would remain vacant for the indeterminate future. The empty café chair is quite a metaphor, isn’t it?)

She surreptitiously looked all around the café to see if there were any of her kind.


No one was, apparently.

Aah! Never mind. She had gotten used to so much. She’d get used to this too.


Starbucks was fun.
If only because he did that usual thing of his where he asked to put his name down on the cup as ‘Haymitch Abernathy’ and then shouted ‘I volunteer!’ when it was called out.

He did it all again and was about to take his place at his usual table for one when he heard someone call out “Peeta?”
He turned around.

This girl sitting across the café had stood up now and was walking towards him with an almost empty coffee cup.
She came close enough for him to read it and he uttered “Katniss?”

She placed her cup on the table (his table) and asked, “Okay?”

“Okay” he said.

“Oh my God!” she gasped.
Surely this couldn’t be happening?

“Don’t you mean French The Llama?” he tried.

He could see a hint of a smile playing on her lips, he couldn’t stop smiling himself.

“After all this time?” she asked, crossing her fingers behind her back and waiting for a response with baited breath.
This was it.
The deal maker (or breaker).

“Always.” he said. As if he wouldn’t.

At that, they simultaneously closed the distance between them and kissed as if life around them had ceased to exist.

But for them, it had just begun.


I’ve written fiction before. But never something this short. So tell me what you think of it.

I am having a hard time digesting the fact that John Green wrote TFiOS…

When I think authors, I have this certain image in my mind. If I know what they look like, then it is the author photo at the back of the book where they are looking their most dignified selves. Well they need to, and have every right to, they just wrote a book after all.
That is how I remember them.
I have a huge amount of respect and admiration for all kind of writers.
I believe they are these really smart and intelligent people, whose social events consist of meeting and talking to other authors, discussing various books and the finer points of literature, poetry and the art of writing.
I am not saying that I believe they do not have fun. I just assume that this is their idea of fun.
And actually it would most definitely be my idea of fun, if given a chance to be among the elite few. I like having intellectual conversations where I challenge my brain and there are people to talk to who know as much as- or perhaps even more than- I do about the stuff that writers should know about.

I also always take the full name of my favourite authors.
I would never ever say just “Jo” while talking about J K Rowling. At the very least it is JKR. Always Dan Brown, never just Dan or something.
Also, Dan is supposed to be Daniel Radcliffe. 😛

In general, what I am saying here is, for me, Authors= Sophistication.

I fell in love with John Green after I read The Fault In Our Stars. It is the kind of falling in love that is reserved for writers and artists, when I fall in love with their creations and therefore, by implication, them.
I had no idea who John Green was, I had only heard about the book.
But a few weeks after I finished it, I couldn’t contain my curiosity, I had to know what he looked like, what kind of a guy he was and, obviously, which other books had he written that were this good.
And thus, I got introduced to the Vlogbrothers on YouTube.

Now it is a couple of weeks that I’ve been watching their videos.
They are this awesome duo, which makes me laugh, shows me the difference between good and bad, restores my faith in humanity and inspires me.

And well, all I can say is, Brotherhood 2.0 has shattered whatever image of John Green I had in my mind.
Especially the part that he was an intellectual being and talking about philosophy and metaphors all the time.
Although, to be fair on him, he does make up a lot of metaphors while talking. And needless to say, he is really smart, and whatever I think, he did write ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ and ‘Looking For Alaska In My Pants’ (Haahahahahahaa – Never! Never ever in my life will I tire of those).

But you know, there is him writing all those novels and then there is him stuffing marshmallows in his mouth like crazy, Happy Dancing on the streets of a place where he does not even liveputting colorful stuff on his head while singing about it, doing a shirtless Happy Dance wearing a bow tie, waxing his leg, or worse, his chin!

Somehow my brain is having difficulties merging those two guys together.
In fact, I’ve come to calling John just John.
Because I could never address the one in the vlogs as John Michael Green-he is just John, and the author has to be called John Green. It gets very difficult because they are, essentially, the same person.
So John Green has become an exception to the rule.

P.S. This was a second Johntastic post in a row. So now it is probably Hank’s turn- he is so awesome I can’t even…! (That was me being a fangirl, for those of you who didn’t get it)
Hank if you are reading this (which you obviously aren’t- you have better things to do!), I just want to tell you that you and The Katherine are my OTP now! 😀



I’m going to tell you all how incredibly brilliant and mind-blowing John Green is. Or rather, The Fault In our Stars.
Actually a bit of both.

And before I proceed, let me tell you that TFIOS is the only John Green book I’ve read. Yes I’m obviously going to read all the others, but not right away.
Also, I don’t generally read male authors. It’s not intentional most of the times, it is a subconscious thing I guess. Although yes, Dan Brown, Rick Riordan and John Green are such marvelous authors that I wonder a lot of times if I’m missing out on a lot (which I no doubt am but I’d miss out on a lot more if I didn’t read J K Rowling, Suzanne Collins, Jane Austen, Meg Cabot, Sophie Kinsella, Veronica Roth to name a few).

I read TFIOS a month or so ago.
Just the week before I created my blog, if I’m not wrong.
Back then I did not want to write about it at all. It was too special, too personal to do so. In fact, that was the first time I read a really great book and did not continuously blabber on about it to my best friends. As Hazel Grace herself rightly said-


I was completely mesmerized by this book.

My status for a few weeks after that was (obviously!)-


The day I finished it, I read it for 4-5 hours straight. I got a good hearing from both mum and dad about not doing anything the whole day except reading that book. And I was already so emotional because of the book that I cried.

And I thought that I hate our stars. It is unfair. Life is unfair. Everything is so unfair!
It’s been a long time since I cried over a book. The last I remember is actually Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix after Sirius’ death but there must’ve been others after that too.
Oh there was P.S. I Love You.

I just don’t usually actually cry over books and movies with real tears- all the sadness just gets buried somewhere deep within my mind.

Thus that made TFIOS even more special and John Green so legendary.

There’s a reason why I haven’t read any other John Green book yet. I’m afraid that (this is going to sound stupid. So stupid.) I might just start liking him more than I like J K Rowling. And I thought that was impossible. Which it is, believe me. But as soon as I had read “I do, Augustus. I do.”, I was so overwhelmed for a while that I almost started believing that. Although it is not true, I can’t believe I actually admitted I felt like that. It won’t happen ever!

So I guess I’ll just stop here. And I am definitely going to read a book by him as soon as possible.

What do you guys think?

Which one should it be?

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