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Three good news and a bad one (not for you though)

Okay so I am slightly pissed off now but let’s get to that later. :/
I’d rather start with happy stuff.

So it has officially been a week since holidays started and so far, I am having a lot of fun!

Here are the three good things I’ve got to tell you about out of the many:

1. On the very first day of my holidays, I did something damn amazing and it is that I painted this T-shirt:


Isn’t it quite a beauty? 😀

Earlier I thought that I’d write a whole How-To post about it but then I realized how I am probably the last person on the planet to paint a T-shirt and just about everybody knows how to do it!
So yeah- not doing it.
Oh unless some of you really want me to, in which case leave a comment and I’ll do it for you guys- because, in spite of my popularity, I love you guys and like to do stuff for you.

So yeah, now you know my outfit for the TFiOS movie.
This T-shirt, my Always locket and I’m good to go.

And of course, there’s pants!
I mean, obviously I’m gonna wear pants- despite the T-shirt having the capability of being passed off as a mini-mini-mini dress, I’d rather wear pants.
I tend to feel cold in theatres.

2. This weekend (hopefully- unless the world ends or the sun decides to die out or something) I’ll be watching THE FAULT IN OUR STARS!!!!!!


I have been very excited about it, as you already know.
If you don’t then you can find out by clicking here and here.

I will be, most probably, watching it with my new Nerdfighter pals.
I’ve never met them and I am VERY excited about meeting them.

So when my mum said that I might not be able to go with them, they wrote a letter for my mum, it is very sweet (though the reasons for my mum saying no were completely different and nothing to do with opposition to meeting them- by now she is used to me meeting random people off the internet just because they are in my fandoms- but it is the thought that counts right?). Here’s it:

Dear Sam’s mom,
We’re kids just like her and not axe murderers. Your daughter is in no immediate danger. We promise to hold her hand every time we cross a road. Please understand that our parents too were doubtful about letting us meet up but it turned out alright. We’re just a happy group of nerds who want to cry together at a movie screen and we’d like for Sam to join us. In all honesty, you’re welcome to join us too! Please do consider allowing Sam to come watch TFiOS with us.
Thank you.


3. Okay so this is perhaps the most interesting piece of news so far because it does not concern only me. You can enjoy it too and I’d love it if you do!

My penpal Leanna (from Canada- see what I meant about random people on the internet? But she is no longer a random person :D) and I have collaboratively started a new blog on WordPress: The World Is Our Sandwich.

It is exactly what it sounds like- funny, with a side dish of witty (or so we hope) and a sprinkling of food references (who doesn’t like food anyway?).

All I can say is: Dig in!  😀

P.S. The thing I was pissed off at is that all my local drafts that I had saved in my WordPress app have disappeared.
I don’t know how it happened, or what I did- as far as I know, I haven’t done anything to anger anybody even remotely related to WordPress.
And I’d still be fine if it was one or two half written posts, but we are talking about close to TWENTY posts!!!

Also, I have no idea what half of them were about- at least if I knew exactly what they were I could assess the damage- but nope!
And while writing this post as well, I had to rewrite a few paragraphs because they didn’t get saved and nothing pisses me off like my hard work being deleted but all I can do is cry! 😥

So what did we learn today?
Always have back-up, as much as you trust an app and also, don’t have 20 drafts- What was I thinking anyway?

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