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Let’s get narcissistic!

Today’s BookBlogWriMo prompt is “Top 10 Posts”.

(… is how I originally started this post, but well I should mention now that I’m three days late- or is it more than that?)

Without further ado (because aah.. you never delay such things), these are mine:

(Ha! I find it ironic now that three days ago, I literally wrote “you never delay such things” and then went on to delay it by 3 days! Wow! Just wow!)

10. WHO THE EFF IS HANK!?!?!?!?!
The fact that this post is in the list makes me so happy!
It’s about a Nerdfighter inside joke and is one of the best representations of Nerdfighteria as a whole.
It was really fun to write, if nothing else.

9. Too Much Information- Read At Your Own Risk!

Aah! The TMI Tag! Now wasn’t that fun? I enjoyed answering those questions so much, we need more tags like these (or if there exist others, somebody please nominate me 😛 )

8. New city, but the same old

You know how every writer has this something that they hold close to their heart? Out of everything they’ve written, this one’s extra special (perhaps for no reason whatsoever).
This post is that for me.
It is actually a short story I wrote at 2 o clock in the night.
I enjoyed writing it so much, I even wrote a second part to it.
I don’t think anybody realized that it was actually the second part (and I didn’t expect anyone to) but I think it’s a nice continuation to this one.

7. I am having a hard time digesting the fact that John Green wrote TFiOS

This is the first post I ever wrote about John Green as a vlogbrother. I had just started watching Brotherhood 2.0 and it was an amazing time.
Aah nostalgia! 🙂

6. Tumblr Potterheads FTW!!!

God! I was new to this world of Tumblr and was blown away by it’s sheer awesomeness.
That still hasn’t changed. Everyday I see new things on Tumblr and I’m blown over every time.
Harry Potter is why I first fell in love with Tumblr (just like most things in my post Harry Potter life) and back then I mostly just read stuff on Tumblr by Potterheads.
Now I think Tumblr has it’s own fandom.
In fact I’ve been planning on doing an “Amazing posts on Tumblr” kinda spam but haven’t actually gotten around to it yet.

5. Carbon Potter and The Unsaturated Benzene Hydrocarbon

This one though!
It has such fond memories.

Anyway, I’ll just tell you what it is.

Actually! Even I don’t know- just read to find out.

4. LIEBSTER!!!!!!

I was on Cloud Nine the first time I was nominated for the Liebster award.
So excited that I ended up never writing a post. The second time I was nominated though, I decided that I had to post. And I did.
And loved writing it a lot. Nominating people and asking them questions was the best part!

3. All those little things

Alright, to be frank, this post is third not because of my superior writing skills but because of T Michael Martin (or, as Mike from How To Adult, as most of us know him).


This guy

He reblogged the Tumblr version of this post and, well, loads of Nerdfighters visited to see what all the hype was about and were thoroughly disappointed, I’m sure. (Because those are just the ramblings of a random girl who isn’t anyone special- except she is a Nerdfighter too).

2. About

People actually read this.

1. A poll for readers (not MY readers, book readers! :P)

Octothorpe 1! Wow!
(Yes. Octothorpe. Nerdfighters, do you get it?)

This is a few questions I asked readers around the world because I’m really effin’ tired explaining to non- readers that the things I do are completely acceptable in the social circles I move in.
I mean, if I ever wore a fandom T-shirt and a fan of that fandom didn’t approach me to discuss my T-Shirt ad infinitum I’d be severely disappointed in my fandom.

Thanks to everyone who answered the poll, now I’ll simply shove this blog post in non-readers’ faces the next they tell me not to approach a fellow fangirl (you can still vote, if you’d like to- more proof is always great!)

Everyone who’s not participating in BookBlogWriMo, tell me what your most popular posts are!
Or, you know, chuck the stats! Tell me which is your favourite post out of all the ones you’ve written?
Also leave a link.
I’d love to visit your blog and read it!

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