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Planning Your Vacations à la RavenclawSam

Today is the first day of my five week holiday!!!

So yes, I am extremely happy! I feel free for the first time in ages and I’m very excited about the rest of the holidays.

What am I going to do, you ask?
(Well even if you don’t ask I’m going to tell you because I love talking about my vacation plans! I spend so much of my pre-vacation time simply planning every minute detail of my holidays.
Quite a lot of times, I don’t do stuff I’ve planned but the planning is itself so much fun that I do it invariably without fail)

Most of my time will be spent sitting in front of some or the other rectangular screen: my phone, my laptop or- albeit rarely- the TV.

I will be watching loads of movies, catching up on TV shows, watching YouTube videos of my beloved vlogbrothers (and others), having at least one Sherlock marathon because really, how else am I going to cope with the two year hiatus if I don’t do at least 3-4 marathons a year???

But, of course, consuming is not the only way to go and I need to be productive as well.
Generally I tend to be very lazy during holidays- more than usual that is- but then again I’ve earned it, haven’t I?
But I always make these elaborate plans about being more productive and how I can go about doing that.

So this time is no different on that front, but I feel I’m better prepared in the sense that the plan this time sounds very efficient; if I’m smart enough to implement it I could achieve quite a few of my vacation goals.

Here’s how it works then:

There are seven days in a week, I have at least seven different things I need to do- not including all the TV Shows and movies and video watching.
Things for which I actually need to do a lot of clicking around and typing and browsing and reading.

I assign one day of the week to each website- for instance, Monday could be WordPress, Tuesday Tumblr, Wednesday Goodreads etc.

That way, I could log on to that particular website on that particular day and while my episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. or whatever loads, I could go around efficiently updating those particular sites and clicking around them looking all official instead of feeling lost everytime a video buffers and thinking- GOD! What do I do now while stupid movie loads!?!?!

So yeah! That’s the plan.

Also I’m going to be logged on to Gmail all the time because that way I might just read a few of the hundreds of e-mails that I’m supposed to be reading.
Oh yes! I have quite a lot of those unread e-mails.
It is various kinds of blog posts by people I follow or newsletters and stuff that I have subscribed to.

I tend to ignore them in two cases:
1. When my life is too exciting to be reading e-mails.
2. My life is too hectic to be reading e-mails.

It has mostly been Option 2 for a while now and so they’ve piled up- it will quite possibly (and hopefully) be Option 1 for a month or so and I don’t want them to pile up even more.

Also, all the time that I am not spending doing stuff on my laptop and meeting my friends (Contrary to popular belief, I do have friends) (Haha! Actually nobody thinks I don’t have friends, I just feel like since I spend so much time on the internet and everything people might think I’m friendless and lonely, not to mention how I love using the phrase “popular to contrary belief” at every chance I get) (So where was I?) I’ll be doing these little project-y thingies I have planned.
Not quite like OddTaylor’s Summer of Carpe Diem, but I always have too many things on my vacation list and too little time to do them. (Well story of my life).

Also, I’ll be reading books like I said before.

Here are a few of them which I hope to read sooner than the others (they are my latest purchases from Amazon- actually the first two are gifts but yeah- and I can’t wait to show them off):





This last one I am supposed to be reading for my book club.
Yes that’s right! I am in a book club now- I will tell you more about it later but it is basically a group of friends and  friends of friends and we finally decided to do this Book Club Thing.

The Great Gatsby is our first book actually. We had to start somewhere, why not the great American novel, we thought?

The reading has to start today, I am yet to take the book out of it’s plastic, I am cherishing it’s newness really… Although I love the cracked spine and folded pages (but really, do not dog ear the pages of a any book! Just don’t!)

Amazon also gave me these two bookmarks (because they love me and I’m so adorable):


Yeah… I technically didn’t do much of what I had planned yet- I watched a few episodes of TV shows but that’s about it. I made a little progress on one of my projects (read: bought the stuff I would be needing)
I am writing this post now, and once I post it I’ll be (hopefully) making a little more progress on that project which I will be telling you about once it is complete.
And I plan to start on The Great Gatsby too.
That’s about it, I suppose!

See ya then!

P.S. RavenclawSam is something I assume you guys know me as- because that’s how I remember my fellow bloggers. I do know OddTaylor’s name is Taylor and yet I have always called her (and like to call her) OddTaylor.

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