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Calling all my blog readers!

Recently I realised (all over again) how amazing it is to have regular readers on one’s blog.
I don’t really have to worry about views at all.
Of course I don’t blog so that I get views; but every time I post, I know I’ll have at least a small bunch of people who will read it.
Over time, I have started counting on you guys to read my posts and give me feedback and moral support.
It helps me continue blogging.
Thank you so much!

In fact, some of you will start pestering me about not posting if I’m absent from the blogosphere for a long time.
I can’t thank you guys enough- you all are literally the reason I didn’t quit blogging and go back to journal writing, it’s because I know there are people who are genuinely interested in reading what I write.

So why did I realise this all of a sudden?
Well, recently I signed up for a blogging competition where I’m supposed to blog for a whole month and they’ll judge me based on various factors such as the content of the posts, vocabulary and promotion techniques.
Now, up until I actually started posting I had this notion in my head that there’s these bunch of people who’re reading no matter what.
Except they’re not! Because it’s on a whole different website using a different account and you guys do not follow me there (nor can you)!

But I really need you guys to be reading my posts, now more than ever.
I get points for the number of likes, comments and shares on my posts and I hope you guys read all my posts and ‘Like’ and comment if you like them- also do share (but I don’t know, that just feels like asking too much XP)

I don’t generally ask readers to do anything for me. I write, you read if you wish to and comment if you like, but this time I need you people to do this for me!

This blogging contest is really fun but it’d be supermegafoxyawesomehot if I won!


This is my first post for the competition, do tell me what you think of it (it was really weird to write, because in it, I’m essentially introducing myself to strangers.. I think I was really awkward in the beginning but then I pretended I was talking to all of you, and then I think I nailed it! Hehe…)

What I will do from now on is that I’ll share a link to every post on my blog here, and then you guys can go over and read it. 😀

Hope you guys do a lot of sharing, liking and commenting!

Thank you in advance and DFTBA!

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