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Keep Calm and DFTBA!

In my introduction post I said I’ll be writing about all of my fandoms and I wrote my first post about Harry Potter.

Today’s is a very unique fandom: Nerdfighteria.

I say unique because while it does have its basis in the YouTube videos by the vlogbrothers, the fandom itself also exists exclusive of the videos.
It is more of a community than a fandom, I suppose.

Now, for somebody who has no idea what Nerdfighteria is, it is really difficult to explain.
Let me do my best in the form of a Question Tuesday (which, aptly, isn’t happening on a Tuesday)

What is Nerdfighteria?

Nerdfighteria is a community of made-of-awesome Nerdfighters.
If you’re a part of Nerdfighteria, you’re called a Nerdfighter.
You do not fight nerds- that’s not what it means. It means you’re a nerd who fights WorldSuck and increases Awesome in the world.
Nerdfighter is defined as someone who, instead of being made of skin and bones, is made entirely of awesome.
So you are quite literally made of awesome!

That sounds pretty amazing! How do I become a Nerdfighter?

Well, if you wanna be a Nerdfighter, you probably already are one.

Okay! But how do I become a part of this community and understand what they’re talking about?

For that, the best thing to do would be to start watching the vlogbrothers videos on YouTube and participate in all the awesome projects they start.
You should also maybe befriend fellow Nerdfighters and have intellectual discussions with them, or better yet, collaboratively help decrease WorldSuck.

If you start watching Vlogbrothers videos right from the beginning (first video was uploaded on 1st January, 2007), you understand all the inside jokes and references.

If you’re a nerd and/or a geek who loves solving complex math and physics problems, or critically discusses literature and poetry and all forms of art, or gets excited talking about your favourite books, TV Shows, movies and video games, you will especially enjoy being a Nerdfighter and a part of this amazing community.

You keep mentioning “vlogbrothers”. Who or what are they?

They are John Green and Hank Green– two of my favourite real people (as in, nonfictional) in the world!

But isn’t, like, being a nerd a bad thing? Isn’t the word “nerd” an insult?

First of all, being called nerdy is not an insult at all, and anybody who says it is, is an a**hole.
Nerdfighteria, in fact, taught me to be proud to be nerdy and get excited about things.
To quote John himself “Why is being a nerd bad? Saying I notice you’re a nerd is like saying, ‘Hey, I notice that you’d rather be intelligent than be stupid, that you’d rather be thoughtful than be vapid, that you believe that there are things that matter more than the arrest record of Lindsay Lohan. Why is that?’ “

How do I make Nerdfighter friends? Will they even want to befriend me?

You can go sign up on various forums and websites such as Nerdfighteria and Ning, join theFacebook Group, or strike up a conversation with Nerdfighters who comment on YouTube videos- there are loads of ways you can make new Nerdfighter friends!

As for making IRL Nerdfighter friends, you could find out about Nerdfighter gatherings near where you live, make your friends become Nerdfighters, or, the most serendipitous of all, you can approach somebody wearingNerdfighteria merch and talk to them!

As for whether they’d like to be friends with you: Yes! Yes they’d love to! Trust me on this one. You could together decrease WorldSuck by doing collaborative projects or just by increasing awesome in the World!

How does Nerdfighteria help decrease WorldSuck? What do the vlogbrothers do?

Those are actually, at least partly, two different questions.

On the one hand, you have the vlogbrothers who do all these amazing and mindblowing things.
They both have educational YouTube channels called CrashCourseSciShowSciShow Space, and others, where they teach you English Literature, World History, Economics, Biology, Psychology etc.
They also have a yearly thing called Project For Awesome which takes place every December and in these days, they encourage people to donate to charity and do the same themselves.
They also have a yearly video convention calledVidCon started by Hank which is a place for all kinds of YouTube content creators to meet and have a lot of fun.

Then there’s the vlogbrothers where Hank Rickrolls you Carrie Bradshaw styleJohn answers questions while covering his face with Sharpie inkJohn blenderises a Happy Meal and Hank mistakes Denver airport for Isengard.

Without a doubt, both of these parts help increase awesome in the world.

I could tell you so much about Nerdfighteria but nothing will convince you like watching a few vlogbrothers videos yourself.
So go on then, and Don’t Forget to Be Awesome!

I won an Award but this is just puns and gifs really

(Look who’s finally gotten around to doing this)

Special thanks to Leanna at Short Story Long Blog for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award!

It has been a while since I did the Leibster so I was really excited to do it (And the questions are so cool) 😀

The rules for the Sunshine Blogger Award are:

* Answer the 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you.
* Nominate some wonderful bloggers and write 11 questions for them to answer.

My answers to Leanna’s questions:

1. Who is your favourite Youtuber?

I don’t even have to think about this. 
The vlogbrothers. 
No competition whatsoever.




2. You have been captured! The protagonist(s) of the last book you read is coming to your rescue. What are your chances of survival?


The last book I  finished reading was the second book in the How to Train your Dragon series. So that would mean Hiccup and Toothless are coming to rescue me! Consider me rescued.

But also, I’m currently reading a huge-ish book called Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. 
It is a fanfiction, and it is brilliant.

Harry is smarter than Hermione. He is raised by good stepparents. He reads a lot- by that I mean, A LOT.
If this Harry was coming to rescue me, he’d probably ensure that I never get captured in the first place. That’s how much of a genius he is. 
Like I said, it is huge and I’m still reading it, but all you Harry Potter fans out there (and a lot of you follow this blog too): Read this! Highly recommended!

[Shout out to my new-ish friend who made me aware of the existence of HPMoR and who knew that it was just the kind of thing I’d like to read. 
Also a shout out to her for understanding all my feels about the book.]

3. What is your favourite pun?

Could I change the question to “What is your favourite kind of joke?” And then answer with “the kind with clever puns in it”?


Well okay.
Then I’ll do what I do every time I can’t choose, and list as many as I can find.

Ready? Here I go:











4. What was your favourite cartoon as a kid?

The most my brain can go back is to remember ‘Recess’ which was a cartoon series on Disney and I loved it, and I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t marathon it today if given a chance.




I also loved love Phineas and Ferb, but I think I was already at least 12 by the time I started watching it. 
So, while I now think I was a kid back then, my 12 year old would take some major offence at being called a kid.






5. Favourite book-to-movie adaptation?

Ermmm…. Harry Potter?

The movies aren’t without their own faults and they could obviously have done lots of things differently but the entire series is so much more to me now that I can’t not watch the movies whenever they’re on TV. 
I say this all the time actually. 
I should either find another answer, or a different way to put it.

Harry Potter is always a cop-out answer anyway.

6. When you were a kid, what did you tell people when they asked you what you would be when you grew up?

Doctor, I think? For a while it was “Doctor”. 
Although not the Gallifreyan kind- I wish kid-me was that smart for having watched Doctor Who at the age of 5 or whatever.

After the Doctor phase it was scientist. I had my heart set on being a scientist all through childhood, and for a little while as a teenager too. 
I don’t remember when exactly I stopped wanting to be a scientist- but it was around the time I was taught electromagnetism and things like that in physics and I couldn’t comprehend a word of it all… Around this time I had also started taking my reading and writing seriously so then somehow the scientist thing wasn’t too difficult to let go of.

7. What’s your favourite bridge?



8. Do you listen to podcasts? Which ones?

Currently? None.

And a bunch of others, but none of them regularly.

9. What’s your favourite dish to cook?

I don’t really cook, but recently I have started to, a bit.
I like making mashed potatoes or French Fries. Truth is, I love eating them so I don’t mind cooking them as well. And for one thing, I’d never rely on my mother to make mashed potatoes just the way I like them.

[Update: A day after I typed out this answer and saved it as a draft, my mother made mashed potatoes because I was feeling too lazy, and they were the best mashed potatoes I’ve ever had. So guess who’s going to be making the mashed potatoes henceforth?]

10. What was your least favourite class in high school?


11. Favourite thing on your bookshelf?

The books, really.


Most priced possessions would probably be the Harry Potter set, and my signed copy of Gavin Aung Than’s Zen Pencils book (never miss a chance to mention it).

My nominations are:

1. Diary of an Introverted Schmuck
2. Anything and Everything
3. Freedom and Inspiration
4. The power of Dreams
5. The Writing Hufflepuff
6. Something Else
8. Fandom Addict
9. The Vocal Wallflower
10. My Tiny Obsessions
11. The World Past Me

If you’re reading this, and wish to do this challenge and answer my awesome questions, but I haven’t nominated you, this is for you! Consider yourself nominated! Go on, do it! 😀

My questions for you lovelies are:

1. Did you listen to the Hamilton soundtrack? 

2. If your answer to that question is Yes (or ‘OMG YES!’ preferably), which are your favourite songs (I know it’s impossible to choose just one), favourite character, favourite voice to listen to? Go on! Fangirl/ fanboy!!

If your answer to that question is No, what exactly are you even doing with your life?! 
While that question started out rhetoric, now I’m curious. What’s happening? What’s new? What are you excited about in the short term? Tell me.

3. Do you have any tattoos? Would you like any (more)? Describe them. 
If no, why not?

4. If you were a Greek God (or Goddess) what would you be the God of?

5. Why do you think cats can’t fly?

6. If you could hop into a time machine right now, where would you go, past or future? When and where, specifically, and why?

7. Which is your favourite book cover? Why? (Of course attach a picture!)

8. What is your comfort food?

9. Tell me a funny and/or cute story from your childhood. (You can and should ask your parents for help in this one!)

10. Which F.R.I.E.N.D.S. character are you?
(Take this Buzzfeed quiz and post a screenshot of your answer!)


I'd say I did good, wouldn't you?

11. *Bonus question space!* What question do you wish I had asked you? Ask yourself it and then answer.

Good Luck to everyone who was nominated for having undertaken the task of answering questions, nominating people, and finding 11 questions for them!

May the 4th be with you!
(I am posting today- couldn’t give up on the opportunity!)

Edit: Do put a pingback to this post and/or comment with your blog link here so I can go check out your answers! I may act all chill here but I’m so excited to read all the answers. 😛

Keep Calm and DFTBA!


Read more of this post

This is my second fandom post for the blogging competition.
Please do like and share! 😀

(Especially since the post is all about made of awesome Nerdfighters)

On Writing Honestly

I read so many blog posts.
I like some and then I don’t like some.

I recently realized what the difference between the two was.
Which ones I liked and which ones I didn’t.
Reading any piece of writing is simply looking into the innermost heart of heart of the author.
And that’s when I figured out the difference.

If you look at it completely objectively, some of them were so well written really, highlighting all the key points relating to a topic and whatnot.
But they didn’t end up touching my heart. Some of them felt like they were literally a page torn out from a thesaurus, it felt like the author was trying too hard to impress.
Like he was trying to put up a front and wanted us to fall for it.
But like I said, they didn’t appeal to me at all- and this was probably the reason why.

I’m a pretty honest person (I’m in fact Divergent with my second faction being Candor- apparently. A test I took surely thought so. And yes, of course the first was Erudite).
And especially in case of writing I believe you have to be extremely honest.
It should all come from the heart.
All technicalities and thoughts of the implications of your next sentence should be ignored.

Sure, you need to do your homework; learning correct phrasing and grammar, honing your vocabulary skills, and reading about the proper structures and formats of writing essays or letters: all that stuff should be done when you’re learning to write.
But when you’re actually doing the writing you shouldn’t do all of that, it should simply flow.

Write drunk, edit sober, Ernest Hemingway said.

And lately I’ve started realizing how important it is to do exactly that. 

You can’t think about the kind of traffic your blog will get because of this post or whether or not people will admire it. If you do that, it reflects in your writing, it is subtle but yes it does.
And that’s when people don’t respond the way you want them to.

I, for one, always want to read about a person’s thoughts or feelings on different topics. Their very own thoughts and feelings, and then I don’t even care if they’re rambling about something that isn’t even all that interesting.
I still love reading it.
I love reading something when people have loved writing it.
I’ll enjoy an article when the author himself had fun while forming it all inside his head.

And while all of the above is just my own opinion, I’ve noticed during what little I’ve blogged that quite a lot of people feel the same.
It is appparent in the stats part of my blog.

Two of my posts especially come to my mind while talking about this whole process of writing.

So my Petites Potterheads and I were randomly creating an Organic Chemistry/Harry Potter crossover and we were having so much fun that I decided I had to write it all down, because I wanted to preserve this- and it was something really amazing- and one of these days all of us were gonna look back at it and get nostalgic about it- and I wanted that.
That’s why I wrote a post about it.
And the response from around the internet was amazing.
So many people read it and that was the first time my blog got such brilliant views and yes, that made me very happy but it also surprised me because I hadn’t even written with an intention of making people on WordPress read it!
I’d written it because it was a fun activity, I’d written it for my Petites Potterheads.

The second post is pretty recent.
It is actually a short story I wrote.
The idea came to me and I felt that these 3 (yes, only 3) friends of mine would laugh a lot when they read it (it’s full of inside jokes which only those 3 would understand- for the others it’s simply a story) , and others who read it would probably find it lame but I didn’t really care, I had to write it.
And so I did.

One of the 3 friends even commented that all my readers will think I’ve suddenly become a lame-ass storyteller because even she felt that if you didn’t get the inside jokes, the story wasn’t much really.
And she said “What will your readers think?”
And I said, “Hahaha! I was thinking the same but you won’t believe the response it got! A lot of people actually liked it. I can’t believe it either”

That’s another thing in fact, about making gifts for people.

The John Green video is here.

You should never create something because you wanna be rich or famous, he said, but you should create stuff for people, as a gift.

I’ll admit that back when I first watched the video, parts of it didn’t make sense and I thought, ‘What do you mean, gifts for people? That’s so vague- and I don’t even quite understand how it helps.’

But slowly I realized that John Green was right (as usual).

You should watch the video itself actually, I’m not going to elaborate on it. He is so much better at explaining stuff anyway.

I guess that’s all I wanted to say.
All of this actually came to me when I was encouraging a friend to start a blog and she asked me for some tips…
I was like, ‘Tips? I don’t have any tips.
But yes, just remember one thing.
Always be honest in your writing. Rest you shall figure out by yourself.’

Happy Birthday JScribble!

John Green turns 37 today.
And sure, he is one of my favourite authors but this post is more of a full-of-feels post about why I like John, as a person.
He is one of my two favourite people in the world (the other being his brother) and this post is to let you know why.

I say JKR is my favourite author (one of them) but I don’t say she is my favourite person, that’s because I don’t know her as a person.
I know she is nice, smart, kind and generous- but that’s about it.
She is the Queen with an enigmatic aura around her and I’d like to keep it that way.

But John, I obsessively keep track of his life- he is like a friend.
I feel happy for him when his books become movies, I’m proud of him when he writes another book and I feel sad when he isn’t feeling well (like right now! 😦 )
He is the one who gave me a whole island full of people who share the same interests as me and are basically made of awesome (The island, of course, being Nerdfighteria and the people being Nerdfighters).

He is funny without being mean (Oh yes I’m quoting him while writing about him- that’s how I roll!), he tells you random nerdy facts, and wants you to know about the political situation in Nepal- and he will even eat toilet paper if that’ll make you listen.
And don’t even get me started on peanut-butter face and Sharpie face.

With John,  it isn’t like he will always tell you facts you never knew, he won’t tell you profound truths all the time, sometimes he will simply say the things you already knew and felt.
But when he says them, you realize that he has said them in the precise manner they needed to be said in, he has put into words the exact same thing you were trying to put into words but obviously John did a better job.

Another really likeable thing about him is how he knows about the mistakes he made in his past, and he tells all of Nerdfighteria about it- he isn’t scared to admit his weaknesses.
He is extremely modest and never lets all the fame go to his head.
He isn’t self- obsessed (not more than anybody else anyway) and always undermines himself, not so that everyone will tell him just how awesome he is, but because he is just that kind of person.

Hank is my favourite brother, that’s what I tell everybody. And it is true.
But Hank wouldn’t be Hank if not for John.
Elder siblings always influence the younger ones, right from childhood.
And for all his talks of sibling rivalry, he is prouder of Hank than any of us is.
(And God knows we’re all so proud of Hank). The way he talks about their childhood (he does it more than Hank does) is another indicator that he loves his little brother a lot.

John is a very smart guy. He may make us believe that he isn’t or never has been, but it is obvious that he has always been one of those perceptive guys, who’re noticing stuff happening around them. Like the guy who invented the smallpox vaccine (yes I’m stealing from him again, what’s your point?)

He was always supposed to be an author. Little kids throw tantrums, not dejectedly drop the luggage from their hands and calmly announce “I cannot take this anymore”.

All the videos with baby Henry are proof that he is an excellent father too.
He gives The Yeti veto power about so many things in his life, he really and truly loves her.
He respects her wish to not feature on the vlogbrothers channel, so much so that till date there hasn’t been a single Yeti sighting on the vlogbrothers.
(The Art Assignment? Sure. Random YouTube videos? Absolutely. But vlogbrothers? Never!)
He can turn anything into something fun and creative.
He urges everybody to read, to get an education, to know more about their own selves and others too, he even makes sure Henry is empathetic.
He also helps us to read- and ultimately, think- critically. If not for Crash Course Literature, I don’t think I’d have seen all the subtle things in The Catcher In The Rye, thus not understanding so many of thought provoking things the book has to say.

He turned 37 today, but he isn’t really a 37 year old. He is probably more active on social networks than I am (and yet he finds time to read, write and make videos- sometimes I wonder if some people are given more than 24 hours in a day) and is open to all kinds of new things.

Now, if you’ve been reading my post all this while and you have no idea who John Green is (although that’s unlikely, if you’ve hung around my blog enough- or have been on the internet for at least a bit the last two months you have a rough idea as to who he is), I present to you the very man, in gif form:


Truer words have never been spoken


What indeed!


Nom nom nom


You must be!


Happy Dance and a (somewhat) graceful exit!

The Awesomeness of Green Brothers and Maureen Johnson…

… From way back in 2010!
I had no intentions of blogging right now.
I am unofficially and involuntarily on a blogging sabbatical because most probably I am getting addicted to Brain Crack.

But trust the aforementioned people not only to let me know about this concept of brain crack but making sure I get over it too.

So I started watching 2010 videos recently (meaning yesterday) and I came across these two scenes in two consecutive videos (Patience Grasshopper! I’ll be linking you to them).

In the first one, there’s Maureen Johnson being the substitute vlogger since John is on paternity leave (and yes, I know it was 2010 but since I am in between those years now I am going to talk like it is all happening now until I finish 2010 videos. At which point, I’ll start talking as if 2011 is happening right now).
Maureen Johnson is talking about why she is doing this and wondering if she can do this well and then she goes..
“And honestly this wouldn’t even be an issue if only John could.. well… keep it in his pants.”
At which point I laughed harder than I should have.

And no, you don’t get it!!
She invented those “In your pants” jokes.
And so, this coming from her is even funnier!!

And the next video, it is Hank’s of course.

He talked to John on the phone, John changed diapers and everything XP

Hank says “John and Sarah are very tired. And they have decided to… keep Henry”
And I was like “What!?!?!”

God I love them! And Maureen too. 😀

So here are the links:

1. ThisIsNotJohn
2. Name My Dog!

P.S. Maureen Johnson shows us this side to John which we’ve never seen before- she calls it Actual John and it is hilarious!!

Blog views: How they help to decrease WorldSuck (or increase Awesome!)

A friend just mentioned that “in the vast scheme of things, the number of views on your (she meant ‘your’ as in anyone’s, not necessarily mine) blog don’t really matter.”
We were basically discussing how writing and posting is done for so many more reasons than to get views and become popular, so I agreed with her there.
But then she went on to say “It won’t get world peace or find a cure for aids”

And then I suddenly had a moment. In my head I went all, “Whoa whoa whoa! Wait a minute there!”
I was thinking of the vlogbrothers!
I said to her, “On the contrary…”
Sadly though, she had to go just then and now I have these major feels about the vlogbrothers left unattended.
Where should I turn but to my blog?
So here I am!

A bit of a background story first-
I watched 10-15 vlogbrothers videos a while ago.
I’m about to finish all the 2009 videos (just 7 to go) which I have a good mind to go and finish as soon as I post this (This doesn’t count as procrastination. It is in fact, the opposite of that!).
As I’ve been watching them all chronologically, you can figure out that I’m on the month of December 2009.
And what does December equal to in Nerdfighteria?
Yes, of course, the PROJECT FOR AWESOME!!!

And I watched a video a while ago where Hank introduced VidCon- which is one of the most brilliant things the vlogbrothers have come up with (although of course, I’d never get a chance to go… but knowing it takes place every year is enough for me!)

All of which means that I’m bursting with love and praise and respect for the two of them.

So yeah, getting back to the topic at hand.

I believe that views really do matter.
Of course I don’t beg people to read my blog. In fact, I never volunteer my URL to anyone- they have to ask if they wanna know.

On the other hand, I check my WordPress Stats regularly, several times on a day that I’ve posted a blog post.
But I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all.
You feel connected to your blog that way. It is at the forefront of your mind, and everytime you learn about something interesting, you wonder, “Hey! Could I put that on my blog?”

I’ve realized that the time when I don’t check my stats will be the time I might just quit blogging.
It just works that way with me.
I’m into something and I obsess a lot, or I don’t give a damn even if just about everybody in the world loves it.

Now taking the vlogbrothers as an example, I’d like to illustrate how a viewership for the vlog (or readership for a blog) could actually be instrumental in making good happen in this world.
How it helps decrease WorldSuck and increase Awesome in the World!

I think we all agree on one thing which is that the vlogbrothers are awesome.
They are smart, creative, funny, hard working (well, try vlogging every other day for a year), well-informed, innovative and erm…good-looking 😛 .

Now imagine that you didn’t know about the vlogbrothers at all, not because you didn’t know but because they didn’t exist!!!
(I think what I mean is, they didn’t exist on YouTube, and there was nobody vlogging on a channel called ‘vlogbrothers’ and you know, not actually “didn’t exist”)
Yes! I am urging you to imagine a world not without just an easily accessible source of procrastination but a world without VidCon, P4A, CrashCourse, SciShow and more recently, How To Adult (I’m yet to watch the latest video, after this I must!).

God! It just wouldn’t be the same.

If the vlogbrothers never vlogged there’d be so less awesome in the world.

And let’s not underestimate the collective power of the Nerdfighters.

Sure, vlogbrothers are brilliant, but they wouldn’t achieve much of their success without the help of Nerdfighteria.

There’d be no song called DFTBA, no Happy Dance Projects and well… I can’t even count the number of times Nerdfighters have contributed to make this world a really amazing place.

So now, if nobody watched the vlogbrothers videos, it wouldn’t make them any less awesome, but the huge community which sprung up around their videos constantly served as an encouragement for them to do better and better.

A group of people can achieve more things than individuals can, obviously.
The best example I have seen till date has to be the vlogbrothers.

Sure, they didn’t get world peace or find a cure for AIDS (yet), but they’re getting there (at least about the world peace).
And I’m sure that whenever we do find a cure for AIDS and Cancer (I hope it is soon), it’ll be a group if Nerdfighters who finally do it.
They have all the talent and potential, for one.

I myself always try to discover more and more fantastic blogs, vlogs, websites etc around the internet where I also interact with like-minded people. I know I won’t ever be as awesome as John and Hank, but I sincerely hope I can contribute as much as I can and do my little part towards the greater good.

So here’s to me viewing more and more blogs (around WordPress and otherwise) and you guys viewing more of my blog! 😉

P.S. I don’t know if the above qualifies as insightful/ profound or plain-old redundant (and I try to be as non- redundant as possible) so tell me what you feel, because my thoughts are, after all, stars I cannot fathom into constellations.

Nerdfighter Potterhead it is!

This is what my previous blog post was actually supposed to be about.

(I got waaaay distracted when it occured to me that I possibly wasn’t being faithful to Harry Potter but I understand that it wasn’t so)

I MET A NEW NERDFIGHTER POTTERHEAD (We’ll get to the “Nerdfighter Potterhead or Potterhead Nerdfighter?” thing in a moment or I’ll again just go off track) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Suddenly I’m meeting so many of them and it is amazing!
Believe me, I love it!

And the best part about meeting this one was the fact that we got to talk for like 3 hours straight!
We were awake till around 2.30 at night simply talking about tumblr stuff and John and Hank and Dan and Phil and Fandoms (she also told me about a few interesting things that I was unaware of before I met her *cough* Phandom and shipping “Phan” *cough*) and twitter and her favourite bands and just about everything under the sun that we never go out in.

It was just awesome! Like an unplanned mini- sleepover.
And I think I’ve met enough of them now to stop whining about how there aren’t any Potterheads and/or Nerdfighters around my place of inhabitation.

In fact, I think that is the reason I moved on from that to questioning wondering about the kind of people they actually are. I always thought that Potterheads would be these really really brilliant people who could do nothing to displease me.
I’m not saying they aren’t brilliant, especially not my Petites Potterheads- they are the most adorable people ever. But over time I realized that they are just that, people.
They make mistakes, sometimes they do things I don’t necessarily approve of, and we don’t agree on all the things all the time.
(I think at this point you should know that the new Nerdfighter Potterhead wasn’t the only one who read Paper Towns that night, I reread a huge part of it too- thus the talks of misimagining people)
This now happened because I know quite a few of them, earlier I didn’t.
I’m glad I’m learning stuff like this.

And of course, I am thankful to the Harry Potter fandom for being the gateway to this world and then Nerdfighteria to show me how far I’ve actually come.

Sometimes I wish I was a bit different or that I could change a few things about myself, but looking at the bigger picture I really wouldn’t want to have it any other way!

Nerdfighter Potterhead or Potterhead Nerdfighter?

It doesn’t matter.
Its like “Gif” or “Gif” (I love it how most of you will pronounce it in two different ways).
But because I’m not John Green who wouldn’t tell his preference or, alternately, his feelings about some book endings I could mention (but really, let’s not get into that), I’ll tell you what I would choose and why.

Nerdfighter Potterhead
Because: According to me, Potterheads is what people are, Nerdfighters is what they do or become.

Nerdfighter is like the adjective that qualifies the noun “Potterhead”.
It is an added quality. It tells us more about a Potterhead when we say he (or she, if you please) is also a Nerdfighter.

That’s all.

Best Wishes 😀

P.S. If you are reading this, new Nerdfighter Potterhead- I just want to tell you that I really enjoyed the other day and you should totally come over to my place sometime (well, we never bothered with the “Hellos” and “See you laters”, did we?)

Since when did Nerdfighter start preceding Potterhead?

I spent the last 24 hours at my aunt’s place. I was “visiting” (I associate that word only to Jane Austen novels, or perhaps to the dentist).

First I was a bit apprehensive of going because it’d be the first time I was visiting (the word again) and I didn’t want to intrude. Not to mention my own awkwardness.

But somehow my aunt and mum together convinced me to go (come in case of aunt, of course).

And my aunt also mentioned in the passing of this girl two years younger to me (but in the vast scheme of things, my age) who read a lot and would be “visiting” too.

So that helped, sort of. I thought that at the very least I’d get to know a person who read books completely different from my kind and someone who probably didn’t know the meaning of ‘fangirling’ but at least she read and therefore I could maybe get a few recommendations out of her. Or (and this was just the hope talking because, really, what are the odds?) she’d be this awesome fangirl who spent every waking moment on Tumblr and had read just about everything (Everything being Harry Potter, The Fault In Our Stars, The Hunger Games, Divergent Trilogy, Percy Jackson series).


Now, I know lightning doesn’t strike twice… and I know it doesn’t strike twice in a good way either, but this’d be like the 4th or 5th time it struck for me (in a good way).

The beginning of it all didn’t seem very promising, I’ll be honest.

After dinner she took out a book from her bag and I didn’t even let her settle down before I exclaimed “Paper Towns!! I’ve read that book and it’s awesome!!!” (Excuse the exclamation marks, but I did say ‘exclaimed’)

Her face lit up like a Christmas tree (okay no, no, bad metaphor! Never saying that again- it is NOT funny).

Then I asked if she had read TFiOS, she said yes.

Then I asked her if she was a Nerdfighter, she said yes again. But then I thought I should clarify what I meant.

So I asked, “Like, are you a fan of YouTube John Green?” Yes I did call him that. “YouTube John Green”. Don’t ask me why.

Then somehow we moved on to Dan and Phil (she is a huge fan, she likes them more than she likes the vlogbrothers). She does have a tumblr where she does spend every waking moment.

Her twitter and tumblr are called something which is a cross reference from Percy Jackson and Divergent (I’m not sure if she’d want me to tell you what it is) so then I knew that she had read those too.

We then talked about a lot of other stuff and almost on second thoughts I asked, “You’ve read Harry Potter too, right?”

And she said “Obviously!”


Now this could be interpreted in two ways.

The First way:

We took it for granted that when a person has read all those other books, she has most obviously read Harry Potter. It is illegal not to have.

And this shows how Harry Potter is a legendary thing, something that can never be replaced.

The Second way (AKA The Way I Saw It):

For a huge part of what would be considered our first impressions (the part where I really started liking her, and I hope the feeling was mutual, and I mean it in the most platonic way, stop sniggering! This is sirius) the words “Harry Potter” weren’t uttered. The fact that she was a Nerdfighter was enough for me. Does that mean I don’t care about Harry Potter now?
I was so ashamed of myself when I noticed the lack of Harry Potter references in our chat. Even after I had asked her, we still talked about other stuff more than we did about Harry Potter.

(She is also a fan of BBC Sherlock among other things 😀 )

I really hate that. No offence to John, of course I love him and everything- but how could we not have discussed Harry Potter? I mean really?!?!? (As I use the interrobang too, I think to myself “Ha! Mine and John’s favorite punctuation”)

I lightly said that to her too, “If not for John Green, we’d be having this conversation about Harry Potter” and I meant it very lightly too. Only later did I fully comprehend the implications of that one sentence.

I’m torn. I really love John and I love all my other fandoms. And everyone in them, but somehow I feel like I’m not being faithful to Harry Potter and JKR!

It was the gateway fandom: how could I not start the conversation from there?
But then again, now that I think of it, we wouldn’t even have had the conversation if she wasn’t reading Paper Towns, a book that I love. So it was all for the best.

And anyway, I’m always gonna call her a Potterhead Nerdfighter even if she likes 394 other things.


P.S. I mentioned that this was the fourth or fifth time that it happened to me (this randomly meeting a Potterhead thing). I’ve mentioned two other times here (the beginning of it all) and here.


P.P.S. I’ve written a blog post (a pretty long one) two weeks ago but I haven’t posted it yet, because I have to edit it. Please hope for my sake that I do it soon. It’s about books, in case you want to decide whether or not you should hope and pray. 



Meet Me In The Middle… Will you?

27th September, 2014:

“Believe me, there are more chances of you meeting someone there than me meeting someone here! You gotta trust me, I’m not seeing somebody else.”

“I do. I trust you… I think. But it could happen to the best of us. And then there is the thing about you not calling anymore… I mean, when was the last time we talked? Really talked? When was the last time you did not disconnect abruptly because you had someone else to attend to… or worse, when was the last time you did not fall asleep at the other end of the line?”

“Hey that was just once. Although you are right. I don’t know what to do!
I’ve been really busy with work lately. But that’s all. It is not because I’ve been busy shagging someone senseless while you spend your nights alone wishing I was there with you.”

“Would you do something then? Something for me? For us?”

“Yes. Yes I would!”

“You remember the very first art assignment?”

“You mean The Art Assignment? The Yeti’s Art Assignment?”

“Yes. Just that.”

“Wasn’t it the one about meeting in the middle? And we had done it, do you remember? Wow! Wasn’t it amazing??? And that was almost six months ago and oh my God! It was fun!”

“How could I forget?
Oh I miss you so much. And I miss those days! When you had just left a couple of months ago and i thought you’d be back in no time…

Well, are you willing to come halfway for me?”

“Of course I am! I’m leaving as soon as we disconnect… the same little park we met last time.. okay? The exact spot too. The perfect mid-point!”

“Whoa!! It is close to midnight… the trip will take us around 4 hours or so.
I miss you but I could definitely wait till morning… And what about your work? I thought you’d have to go!”

“I am coming.
And isn’t that what loving and trusting is all about? Meeting the other person halfway- trusting them to be there in spite of not saying a word throughout the journey. And I’m willing to take the leap of faith… are you?”

“You betcha!”

“I love you”

“I love you too”

You can watch the first Art Assignment here.

This story came to me a few days after I first watched it while I was sitting there cursing my exams for existing- because it meant I couldn’t do it for myself. I remember being all depressed because I had an exam the very next day and more than half the textbook to cram… and I was so angry and frustrated.
But then I thought to myself (after that one exam, that is)
Oh c’mon! Be creative! Are you just gonna sit there putting all the blame on your exams and not do anything? I mean, you are a writer!!!

*cue lightbulb moment*

Oh yes!!!! I am a writer. All my life I’ve written about things I couldn’t do. All those scenarios in my mind, I put them on paper to make them that much more real.

So I made up this story.

Of course the story doesn’t have any resemblance to any person, living or dead, and least of all myself. But you could say that The Art Assignment was like a writing prompt.

Oh and 27th September is my birthdate.
I figured if John could make Paper Towns happen on Hank’s birthday then why not me?

Before you start with the ‘Hank is his little brother, you are your own self and that makes you self-centered’ thing, let me tell you that my brother’s birthday is on the 5th of May and here are the reasons I rejected it (*underhand, if I may add* TFiOS movie reference people!!) :
1. It isn’t 6 months after the first Art Assignment
2. It is the same as Hank’s birthday (you cannot imagine how happy that makes me!!!) so that would be like a rip-off of Paper Towns without me wanting it to be.

I hope you enjoyed the story. I don’t think I did such a good job after my previous one (if any of you thinks that it was better- way better- than this one, then I agree with you wholeheartedly), but well, this is just my second attempt at a short story- I’ve got a lot to learn.
Somehow, while writing these two stories, I realized that writing short stories is more difficult than writing long ones.

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