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My friend said something the other day and didn’t bother to explain at the time.
But then she wrote a post about it to put her point across (which itself makes her a writer if you think about it: the utilisation of the medium of writing to express yourself better instead of stammering your way while conversing face to face).

So I have written this post as a response to hers.

Dear Diplomat (you couldn’t have chosen a better username really),

Yes. I hadn’t fully understood your reply, but I am glad you made it clear now, it really was a revelation. 😛

So writer’s block!
I hadn’t really thought of it like that. Writer’s block is just a term I had come to associate with this block that placed itself in my mind due to which I couldn’t write anything, or anything creative, to be precise.
The “block” part was so accurate that I almost ignored the “Writer” part.

So am I a writer?

Yes I am.
I write. Because I have stories to tell.
I think everyone who has a story to tell and takes substantial efforts to put it down on paper (or, in these modern times, on a computer, a tab or some such device) is a writer.
In that context, I’d say you are one too.

But am I a good writer?

Now that is a question you made me wonder about.
The answer I came up with after a lot of analysis is: No. I am not.

I am better than I was, say, a year ago. But I’m still not good enough. I don’t know if I ever will be.

As for the “confidence” to call yourself a writer, I think it comes over time.
Even I couldn’t pinpoint the exact moment when “I like to write” changed to “I am a writer” in my case. It was a gradual transition and if you continue writing even semi-regularly, you would gain the confidence too, I’m pretty confident. But keep it confidential until you are pretty sure, lest you lose people’s confidence. Okay I got carried away. :/

P.S. I realised that I calling it a blogger’s block instead would’ve made things easier for both of us, but I’m glad I didn’t. Who wants easy after all! 😀


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